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'Two and a Half Men' Set -- Sheet Happens

3/10/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Two and a Half Men" set ... is now a really expensive storage unit ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with multiple members from the "Men" production crew ... who tell us the set has been "dead" for more than a month ... with white sheets covering the furniture while the fate of the show hangs in limbo.

But, the studio isn't letting the space go to waste -- we're told the unit, located on the Warner Brothers lot, is also being used as a waiting room for lowly extras working on "The Big Bang Theory" ... another Chuck Lorre production.

As we previously reported, "Two and a Half Men" has been on an indefinite hiatus since January.  We're told execs are still deciding whether to replace Sheen or simply can the show for good. . 


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Can it.

1320 days ago


Let Charlie smoke the set.

1320 days ago


Two and a Half Winners is coming this Fall to NBC.

1320 days ago


Show is done, it's fried, baked, and microwaved. they wont risk ruining the future syndication rights and hype .. a new actor will kill it and they wont risk the millions at stake.

1320 days ago


Bring it back with Stamos!! i love that house! i wanna live there!lol

1320 days ago


Like I said be for don't can the show the other actors are the ones that carried it.Stop and look at it if you watch a show Charlie is only on about 5 min total.Have Herb Divorce Judith and with no place to go move in with Alan and Jake. Having Charlie on a world tour with Mr. Walfals.That way we can still have berta make her smart remarks. Jake can srug his shoulders.Rose can be her what ever, and Elvenly can still put in her two cents worth. And just think about it having alan and Herb try to find woman with Judith on thier backs would be funny.BUT DON"T REPACE CHARLIE THAT WON"T WORK

1320 days ago


You could milk another season out of it. The season left with Charlie and Rose...his goofy stalker. If the network doesn't actually replace Charlie next season, they don't have to pay the Fox clause. Alan becomes a house-sitter. Everyone elses role gets bumped up...and lets face it, they had the better lines anyway...and in the end, Rose and Charlie end up in Haiti with Sean Penn doing humanitarian work. Winning!

1320 days ago


This is a no brainer. Without Charlie Sheen there is NO SHOW. The other actors were simply support for him. Warner Bros has to be one of the dumbest companies on the planet. He was ready to go and they screwed him over big time.

Warner Bros. OWNS TMZ.

1320 days ago


Lorre will have some snide remarks on a vanity card and laugh because he does not care about the actors, show or fans he just wanted to take down Charlie and sadly, Charlie made it easy for him

1320 days ago


jls, this comment is for need a 5150 too....a brain much you been smoking...last time we all checked, charlie sheen is insane, irresponsible, and abusive to the people at work, his exwives, and a host of others. he will be committed to a mental institution, hopefully soon. warner bros and cbs and chuck lorre etc, have been RIDICULOUSLY PATIENT WITH THIS SICKO , MANIC CHILD CHARLIE SHEEN. it is over...and it is great that they FINALLY FIRED HIM...WE ALL HOPE HE IS COMMITTED BEFORE HE KILLS OTHERS INCLUDING HIMSELF. HE HAS 5 CHILDREN AND THIS IS THE END FOR HIM. GET REAL...IDIOT.

1320 days ago


I say, use the whole set for another show. Not just a waiting room for extras. Maybe somebody from one of Chuck's shows can be in the home then they can do an awkward stand in the house as the audience laughs.

1320 days ago


I have a trunk like box made of bone just like the one that sits on that sofa table. I wonder if the one on this set is bone also?

Harvey would come unhinged about the bone part. Ha!

It seems like they would do something one way or the other pretty soon. Viewer sentiment can change overnight.

1320 days ago


WOW...this wholw fiasco has got to be the saddest thing I have ever seen happen in real time.

Not only is Charlie out of an $1.8 million per episode job but he took the jobs of the cast and crew along with him and all he had to do was to go to rehab for a short period of time and get sober the right way. I mean the company even had a jet waiting to take him to rehab and he turned it down.

Well, I guess when you're not ready you're not ready no matter how many people want to help you. Charlie has to want to help himself first and right now he does not believe anything is wrong with him. God help him.

1320 days ago


they should just film the white sheets - be a whole lot better than that ****ty show ever was

1320 days ago


I agree, dont replace Charlie, keep the current cast but just shuffle it around a bit. Like Linda said make Charlie go on tour and substitute him with Herb. No need for anyone else just use what you've got. Will be just as good if not better.

1320 days ago
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