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'Two and a Half Men' Set -- Sheet Happens

3/10/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Two and a Half Men" set ... is now a really expensive storage unit ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ spoke with multiple members from the "Men" production crew ... who tell us the set has been "dead" for more than a month ... with white sheets covering the furniture while the fate of the show hangs in limbo.

But, the studio isn't letting the space go to waste -- we're told the unit, located on the Warner Brothers lot, is also being used as a waiting room for lowly extras working on "The Big Bang Theory" ... another Chuck Lorre production.

As we previously reported, "Two and a Half Men" has been on an indefinite hiatus since January.  We're told execs are still deciding whether to replace Sheen or simply can the show for good. . 


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Chuck Lorre disrespecting the show again. Drop Two and a half Men. Give its death a little bit of dignity.Charlie Sheen was the show; the whole premise of the show was built around a moral inept person and a young man. If you keep Chuck Lorre you will be losing 2 other shows, The Big Bang Theory will be his next target,I'm sure he'll find someone on that show he'll pick on...I give that show a shelf life of 5years. Mike and Molly not so funny..Ever noticed that Chuck always seems to have an alcoholic and drug users in his shows? And he always seems to pick on the "mother" characters? Chuck come up with a different angle it is getting stale.

1294 days ago


F*@k you TMZ! Ain't nothing "lowly" about being an extra. There are alot of extras who didn't come from wealthy families, nor have the finances to just audition for speaking roles only. I guess you guys feel that being nosey and getting all up in folks personal lives, make all of you "high and mighty". Who the f*@k are any of call someone who is working instead of killing, robbing, or standing on a bldg waiving a machete.."lowly"?

1294 days ago


Who cares about what Charlie is doing, he at least shows up for work. Lorre seems like one of those people who would just be a prick, like how church goers want you to go to church then eye you the whole time you attend. If they replace Charlie, I know I won't be watching because CBS will make 13 episodes but by the time they get the views back for the first four episodes, it'll get canned. So I say GO FOT IT LORRE, LOSE YOUR MONEY BY TRYING TO REPLACE THE ORIGINAL... it always goes so well when they make unnecessary sequels to movies (Bring It On Again without Kirsten Dunst, American Pie Band Camp, Mean Girls 2, etc...). Yeah replace him Lorre, lose money. People only watched the show to watch charlie... allan's character is way to annoying without Sheen and Cryer is basically the same as his character.... I'd say it'd be worse than all those other shows on tv I DONT WATCH, but I always make time for 2.5 Men.

1294 days ago


What a mess dareI suggest the network should have acted much sooner!!! I never watched the show because of Charlie!! Feel sorry for the out of work crew!!

1294 days ago


Maybe Chuck Lorre is a Troll, maybe not. Maybe Charlie Sheen is truly crazy, or maybe he is brilliant. Maybe Brooke is a drug addicted mommy and Charlie should get the kids, or maybe they should give the kids to Denise Richards! Who cares because the bottom line is this; none of this is new! It has been going on for years, it is now just public!! And while all of this bhavior has been going on behind closed doors for years, Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre have put out one of the best television shows in put Charlie back to work, suck it up Chuck, and be done with this public mania!

1294 days ago


That is the same set from when Lavern and Shirley moved to LA. Look up some old episodes and voila! Lavern and Shirley's LA apartment is recycled.

1294 days ago


I have watched Charlie most all my life. Though I feel he USE to be a good actor now he is just washed up. I don't believe that he gets it just yet. He will have to wake up with NOTHING before he gets it together. I would like to see Two and a half men let "allen" take over all that charlie owns and he can rent out his old room to someone different every episode. That way we can see all sorts of different people and I believe that the show is ready for a huge mix of new blood. I hope that Sheen gets his crap together but right now he is nuts. I feel so bad for his family and kids.

1294 days ago

Jo-Ann Stanton    

Please if charlie isnt going to be on the show let it go.
Its never the same when you replace a main player.
I love this show just the way it is. I am so sorry that cbs cant
work something out. Charlie even though he is having a hard time now think about all the good stuff that happened before.
He needs help. Help him dont fire him.
No matter what we love you charlie and wish you the best.

1294 days ago


#6: I love your idea about having Herb leave Judith & move in with Alan. Ryan Stiles is hilarious. Only problem is the two characters are very much alike, and there wouldn't be much conflict of interest...personality-wise. I do agree with others that should they replace Sheen, the show will be doomed to fail. It's happened way too many times before when a key actor is replaced, especially in this case where we've become accustomed to THIS cast for the past 7 years. As much as I love the show, and as much as I'd hate to see it go. I say end it now before it inevitably jumps the shark.

1293 days ago


Just checked out the latest on the “Two and a Half Men” star:

It’s “A Day in the Life of Charlie Sheen.” On

1293 days ago


Use the set as it is and call it Two and a Half Ghosts. Audio only as the cameras just stare at the room. I bet even THAT would get ratings decent enough to finish the season. But then do us all a favor and cancel the show. Jake grew up. It's not funny anymore. Give Conchatta Ferrell a new role to focus on. She's hilarious and knows more about comedy and timing than all the rest combined.

1293 days ago


If the show had hired a midget for the kid part it would be more believable at this point.

1293 days ago



cigs and std's kill more people than crack - I know, get ambushed by the facts.

Sorry you consider cigs and porn stars "sparks".

Tell me about all the rehab joints that allow such shena****ns.

Charlie tries them all, he will go down in flames, so many ways to die, at least 1000, he is trying, lets see what gets him first, it might be a .38 self inflicted...

1293 days ago


Auction the stuff off for Charity and make some good out of a Sheened situation...

1293 days ago


Didn't they use this same set on Laverne and Shirley when they went to LA?

1293 days ago
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