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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

Take Drug Tests

3/11/2011 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just left a drug testing facility in the San Fernando Valley, and it's part of his custody agreement with Brooke Mueller.

Part of the agreement requires Charlie to get tested.  It likewise requires Brooke to submit to drug testing, and we're told she's on the way to the facility right now for her test.

No test results yet.

UPDATE: Outside the facility, Brooke said she was confident she passed the test.



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The problem is that Charlie NEEDS medication. Not the kind that comes to his house in a briefcase, the kind a psychiatrist prescribes.

1258 days ago



She ran over a little boy and killed him because she tried to pass the car in front of her. Since she is a D-list actress and the little boy was a nothing and a nobody according to the City Attorney and the judge, Gayheart only got a fine and community service.,2933,35713,00.html

1258 days ago


both drug addicts, neither one should have the kids,man he looks older thank his dad

1258 days ago


At least the their 2 kids are better off with Brooke than being at Sheen's place with the 2 porno hooker's(godesses my azz) as "baby sitters". Good Lord.

Posted at 3:52 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Barry Limbaugh

Why do you assume sexual things are happening in front of the kids? I don't how you were raised or what goes on in your household, but sexually active parents don't normally engage in front of their kids.

1258 days ago


This pointed chin ho is as much a druggie as Charlie , she will never pass and is a joke as a mother. Her face looks like sand paper and she looks so hard from years of drugs.I would never be so hard up to go out with her...yucky

1258 days ago


Do these two realize how bizarre their lives have become? Most people just work hard and raise their families. Their life isn't about drug tests, and fighting over children, and drugs and "trolls" (sooo sick of that word). It's like they are all a bunch of disturbed, dysfunctional losers.

1258 days ago


Nicotine is a drug. Test 'em for that. They're pouring tobacco poison into their kids' bodies every hour of the day. Are those kids developmentally on track, does anyone know? They really look zoned out.

1258 days ago

Room Service    

He was in my dentist's office building.
There is also a Marijuana Co-op in there too!!!

1258 days ago

steven katona    

Maybe Sheen will pass the drug test but somebody should take away those energy drinks. Too many a day will totally make you crazy! When I banned them at our health center things quickly came back to normal.

Posted at 4:06 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Sheryl Tilley

bravo sheryl!!!!! charlie should be drinking tea! i heard limpy's got some issues with quitting smoking too. he needs to get his life back in shape. this fan's hoping for the best. quitting smoking is harder than those energy drinks that thicken his blood and raise his blood pressure. charlies two beats away from an attack. he better start eating vegitarian. alternative lifestyles is his thing he should learn how to eat his vegies and choose those drinks that won't put him at risk. good luck charlie brown!

1258 days ago


Sheen looks like Glen Quagmire from Family Guy. He got creepy looking, drugs aside. So says Wendy Williams. So say I.

1258 days ago


Tests should be done in the home of the person with no notice and the person present when sample is being taken. If not, it is easily faked.

1258 days ago

Hey Now    

Charlie is such a character. I almost don't know what to say. How long have we been watching this now? Should I feel guilty for thinking that was all pretty fascinating? The last few weeks? I know he is/was sick for a lot of it but man - the stuff coming out of his mouth was priceless. Who talks like that? lol I thought it was so funny. He did scare me for a bit. There were times when I thought he would die and I just did not want to see that.

Some of the stuff he was saying tho - you could feel that he was really hurt. Even if he expressed it in the worst way possible you could still make out what he was saying most of the time. He made himself very vulnerable and I don't think he even realized it. Nobody can carry on acting that crazy for all that time! lol But you know, there is something I sort of liked about it all. Not just the entertainment I mean but - idk I guess there's just something about Charlie. We wouldn't have all been watching if there wasn't.

I just really hope he he can at least secretly see a therapist and get himself calm and everything. He doesn't have to tell us everything.

And about his looks - I bet he can get them back if he treats himself well. He's naturally not a bad looking person.

I'd still like to sleep with Emilio though.

1258 days ago


Daniel Baldwin was on "Piers Morgan" the other night and said that when he had to give a urine specimen, someone had to be in the stall with him and actually see him PEE into the cup. I think that should be what happens with Charlie and his ex.

1258 days ago


Charlie will stay clean he has to prove a point with the legal battles I honestly believe he's been clean since January...the crazy fast talking is probably how he always talks. Brooke well she just looks crazy.
I agree that he should layoff the energy drinks..what's the red mango drink oh yea...TigerBlood.

1258 days ago


Nothing better than an angry dry drunk, drug addict.
If he is not treating the problem...he is not getting better and he will BLOW again.

1258 days ago
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