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Sheen Sues Warner Bros. & Lorre for $100 Million

3/10/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen  has just filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre, and he's not only demanding he get paid for the 8 scrapped "Two and a Half Men" episodes, he's also suing on behalf of the cast and crew ... and the suit is for $100,000,000 plus punitive damages.

Charlie Sheen Lawsuit

In a scathing preamble, legal pit bull Marty Singer writes in the lawsuit, "Chuck Lorre, one of the richest men in television who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, believes himself to be so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew of the popular television series, 'Two and a Half Men,' in order to serve his own ego and self-interest, and make the star of the Series the scapegoat for Lorre's own conduct."

Singer alleges the cancellation is based on "Warner Bros. capitulating to Lorre's egotistical desire to punish Mr. Sheen ..."

Singer alleges there was a conspiracy between Lorre and Warner Bros. to blame Charlie for the cancellation.

Singer tells TMZ, the suit is also filed on behalf of the cast and crew, based on what's called a "private attorney general's statute."  To view this in the lawsuit, see page 21, paragraphs 70 - 75.

And this is interesting ... Singer alleges the decision to cancel the 8 episodes was made BEFORE Sheen criticized Lorre, because Lorre allegedly wanted out so he could work on his other shows -- and because he hated Sheen.

The suit points out Warner Bros. renegotiated Charlie's contract when he was facing felony charges in Aspen -- charges Warner Bros. thought would land Charlie in jail.

Singer claims they fired Charlie when he was sick, and that's a violation of State and federal law.



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Your suit is right Charlie was/is sick... and by denying medical health... physically and mentally... Charlie broke the contract...

Charlie get help and get a life

1325 days ago


It's hard for Sheen to sue for violation of labor laws (firing him while he was sick) because he has gone public with his denial of mentally illness or being sick. His only comments regarding his health have been positive. Hard to win on that point.

1325 days ago


They claim that Charlie was fired when he was sick but he claims that he's not.
Did he forget to put his teeth in for this photo? Keep the hat on charlie you're going bald

1325 days ago



1325 days ago


He should get NOTHING!


Read some of the lawsuit. You just stated that he's "crazy" and should get nothing. Labor laws protect workers from being fired due to illness, yet it seams you actually want him fired because of this. If the jury or trier of fact feels that he is "crazy" he may just have a good credible claim.

How can ANYONE think Charlie is not ill?

TMZ Cares....???

1325 days ago



1325 days ago


All Chuck has to do is wait it out until Charlie ODs and dies. Denise won't pick up the suit on behalf of her kids-she's got enough money to provide for them. Brooke might, but maybe with the settlement of his estate she won't ask for more.

I'm not praying for Charlie to die, but I'm an RN who's dealt with a lot of crackheads. Most of them OD or code and can't be revived.

1325 days ago


It's real obvious most of you nitwits don't know jacksh*t regarding this lawsuit OR what transpired. To think Charlie will win - you stupid asses!!! Until you actually read the complaint - none of you know what you are talking about.

And if some of you believe Charlie was "sick" because of a hernia and then Lorre suspended the show - get YOUR head examined!! No way!! I think he just had too much crack that night, got scared and hightailed it to the ER. Some of you people are just as insane as Charlie!!

1325 days ago


Team Charlie! I'm sick of the kosher boys in Hollywood hangin em up and bleedin em dry!

1325 days ago


The Defense: " Judge, here is our defense...exhibit A: the last 3 weeks of rants"

Posted at 10:30 AM on Mar 10, 2011 by Manny

Literally not admissible.
You would be a truly pathetic lawyer.

You don't think the judge would allow in videos of Charlies actions leading up to the firing? I would assume that you're not a lawyer either. The case will be based on this.

1325 days ago

Sad sad    

I fully believe he has been acting like this behind the scene for a long time. I doubt the cast is in on this as the show might resume without him. I sure as hell wouldn't have Charlie representing me if I were them. And now he's saying he's sick. I thought he was cured with his mind? I assume the comment of him saying he needs help was a game plan. What idiot. I've had enough of him.

1325 days ago


Well if it is true they claimed he is "sick", then it will be interesting to see how that plays out in the custody case. You can't claim to be perfectly fine in one situation and then claim to be "sick" in another. Seems like his lawyers have played right into Brooke's lawyers hands by this. Stupid move on their part. It will be used against him now for the custody case. (but good thing for those kids sake).

1325 days ago


OH YES, love it, no pulling punches there Marc Singer. It was only obvious that the show had gone as far as it could, its been a caricature of what it was when it started. Chuck Lorre is an egotistical jerk and Warner Bros have some real stupid people working there. In the letter of firing, seemed as if they were taking media opinions and using it as a basis for the firing. Got news, don't believe everything you read. And a personal aside here, Big Bang Theory and the other one, Mike and Molly suck. Watched five minutes of each and they are pure garbage. Hope this cuts Lorre and Warner Bros down to size.

1325 days ago


The more this all plays out the more I think that nothing here is as it seems.
IF it's as it seems, Charlie IS indeed quite ill and should be hospitalized.
IF it's all as it seems then Charlie was fired while sick and will win this suit.
HOWEVER...these guys are all in showbiz and the way it's playing out is not passing the bu!!**** test.
Is Lorre really that stupid as to even react at all to Charlies rants???
Is Charlie really that sick that he can do this for as long as he has and none of his family has sought to have him hospitalized for his own protection?

No to both of the above...which leaves the question...what's REALLY going on??

Just an elaborate publicity stunt?? An elaborate way for two showmen to part company?

I don't know but I DO know it's not what it seems and we are being taken for a ride.

Where and why?

We'll see.

1325 days ago



1325 days ago
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