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Charlie Sheen -- The Most Painful Tribute EVER

3/11/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's incoherent ramblings have finally left their bloody mark -- on some random guy's leg in New York.

Charlie Sheen Tiger Tattoo

Sources at South Shore Tattoo in Amityville tell TMZ -- the artist responsible is a guy named Mike Nomy ... who implanted the tiger ink inside an unidentified customer on Wednesday.

Adonis DNA not included.



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Besides it being an ugly tattoo, the "artist" that tattooed him should be ashamed of themselves for doing such an awful job.

1300 days ago


the artist responsible is a guy named Mike Nomy. Artist? Glad to see expectation and quality is low in Amityville. WHERE NOT TO GO FOR A TATTOO...South Shore Tattoo

1300 days ago


What a crappy dime store tattoo. $30.00 worth of work...

1300 days ago


This is the ugliest, most stupid and meaningless tattoo of all time. How could anyone get something this pathetic done on their own body? Ugghhhhh. Yuck.

1300 days ago


It is also an insult to the beauty and majesty of REAL Tigers!
F this.

1300 days ago


Buyer's remorse guaranteed, in less than six months ! ! !

Or , perhaps , tomorrow . . .

1300 days ago


TONS of haters on this! sweet tattoo! props to mike at south shore tattoo. peter peter pumpkin eater

1300 days ago


@ #14 and #18, I like it too. I see it's a lot of Charlie Sheen haters on here, so I'm out.

1300 days ago


TONS of haters on this! sweet tattoo! props to mike at south shore tattoo. peter peter pumpkin eater

Posted at 4:51 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Allan

You got that right about Peter. And all the Charlie Sheen haters would give anything to be in his place. Money and all. But they're not, so they're just hating

1300 days ago


this post is so full of trolls, dont talk about you dont know about people, go tattoo some tribals, maori or other commercial tattoo style that fits better to you

first thing the tattoo was amde on this unknown guys legs, not in yours, not in your mother, not in anybody that you know, so what he do or dont its his problem, not yours

i bet that the tattooer dont tied this guy on a chair and tattooerd again his will, the guy probably asked for it in my humble opinion

the style of this tattoo is "traditional tattoo", its is supposed to look like that and have millions of people around the world that tattoo and like this style A LOT (not with chalies head tattooed) and this style is really classic and historical in ways that your patetic minds cant even imagine, so do some research before talk things taht you dont know

this tattoo dont have any shake, defect in the aplication, the colors are intense, the shadows on the designs face are really well done, and lots of other things that i could say about this tattoo that again your patetic mind would not process, so its not because the tattoo have charlies face that is not good, neither the tattooer or the studio, everything for me looks perfect and well executed

and if this guy will regret, or not, or in we did it by its his problem, not yours, and if by any chance he regret i bet that this same tattooer can do a kick ass coverup, and if not i know tons of others that can...

so resuming, take care of your own unhappy patetic lives people after say anything about other people life, get a life, live your life and spend less time criticizing the other people life, i they are doing something wrong or not at least they are living unlike you

and my user name is real, i'm not a "fake" user and dont hide myself behind a computer screen, its easy to say bad things when no one know who you really are

1300 days ago


this is a really good tattoo but a bad choice of a tattoo. why would you want that dude

1300 days ago


it should be whining cause that's what he is doing whining the big baby

1300 days ago


What??? No f**ked up hair or meth mouth on the tiger?

1300 days ago


of course some douche bag from the south shore of long island would do that..

1300 days ago


....and on the other arm, he should get a tattoo of know, don't wanna break up the set :)~

1300 days ago
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