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Lindsay Lohan -- Take That Deal and Shove It!

3/11/2011 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a gambling problem -- because she is dead set on rolling the dice and going to trial for felony grand theft ... instead of accepting a plea deal offer with minimal jail time.


According to sources, Lindsay told friends after Thursday's court hearing that she is STILL NOT considering copping a plea ... because she doesn't want any jail time.

As TMZ first reported, Judge Keith Schwartz offered LiLo and her attorney Shawn Holley a deal that includes as little as three months in jail ... which due to overcrowding would amount to 19 days behind bars.

We're told Lindsay maintains ... why should she go to jail for something she didn't do.

But considering the possible alternatives -- 6 months jail time PLUS prison time for a theft conviction -- the smart bet for Linds is to TAKE THE DEAL!



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Hmm....I predict that either way, Judge Schwartz or Judge Sauntner, I feel whomever is the one to sentence will add "no early release". Just for her sheer attitude, insolence, and being a repeat offender.
I truly feel if she is sentence to 6 mths, she WILL do 6 mths. And, she should.
*Maybe* she'll learn something if that happens.

1260 days ago


hey lidsey. in the word of the late great redd foxx U BIG DUMMY! enjoy jail and the food. see ya you'll love the taco salad. jam or syrup.

1260 days ago


"We're told Lindsay maintains ... why should she go to jail for something she didn't do."

This only makes me respect her more, not the other way around. There are also many things that make the store owners look like shady, publicity seekers. Like claiming she stuffed the necklace in her purse, then changing their story after video was demanded. Or selling the tape that was meant for court for cash and more publicity. A bit deceptive if you ask me.

If she really and truly didn't try to steal anything, she should stick up for her self. Ok, with in reason. But I'm assuming she and attorney knows things we don't. That said, instead of putting her down for sticking up for her self, I'm going to say I think it's a positive thing.

1260 days ago


LieLow GuiltHands is a pathological LIAR!


1260 days ago


She's got to be going with the 'loaner' defense. It's the only way she can explain why she had possession of a necklace she knew wasn't hers.

Does the DA have evidence showing the store contacted Lohan to get the necklace back? I'm thinking she might - could explain the comment from the assistant who told cops they'd been "too busy" to return the necklace. Which of course implies Lohan knew the necklace had to be returned.

Holly is going to present this as a big misunderstanding that got way out of hand. Lindsay thought the necklace was on loan until she got a call from the store. Because she doesn't deal with the actual loan paperwork, she wasn't aware there isn't any.

Lindsay was surprised to hear the store wanted the necklace back because people loan her stuff all the time worth a lot more than a measly couple grand. But, if the store wanted it back, she was happy to return it. She tried calling the store one night to let them know when she would come by, but no one picked up the phone.

What with her busy schedule and all, she just hadn't had the opportunity to get back to the store before the owner got the police involved.

1260 days ago


Go Lindsay
DO NOT PLEA you will win at trial thanks to reasonable doubt.
It isn't really just 12 days in jail it's more probation and therapy and all that BS.
Once the jury states "we find the defendant NOT GUILTY" on the single count of grand theft
You will be completely free.

1260 days ago


I agree with JLS, she is being led by her arrogance. Her attorney is most likely advising her to take the deal and run but due to her past, she thinks she will get off because she is 'Lindsay Lohan'. The judges in her past her did not give her a proper sentencing are somewhat to blame. But she is mostly led her arrogance as well as Mommy Wrongest whose advice Lilo is probably heeding. Holley is probably advising her to take the plea while Momma is advising her to not take that horrible plea. You have done nothing wrong and if you go to trial the judge will take pity on you because you are Lindsay Lohan. You know she is grooming the 2 up and coming because she needs someone to snort, smoke and drink with.

Lohan = Moron.

1260 days ago


Did Lindsay not watch Thursdays TMZ Live? Can Harvey contact Lindsay and get together and explain it in dumb blonde terms? Door 1 and 2 is perfect.

If she's innocent, which I believe she is, it's still wise to do the very short sentence compared to sitting in jail waiting for the trial to start. Get it over with and move on.

1260 days ago


dimes at #21: "She tried calling the store one night to let them know when she would come by, but no one picked up the phone."

She should get her lawyer to subpoena the phone records if she really did that. If she didn't really do that - I hope the DA subpoenas the phone records ...

She couldn't leave a message? Her phone number mysteriously didn't show up on their caller id? She couldn't call again during the day? She couldn't ask somebody "not so busy" to call them? She couldn't ask her mom to call them? Her sister? Her neighbor Sam? Send them e-mail? They have a web site, she could have contacted them there. Heck, I would have called the police if I couldn't get in contact with the store and had a $2500 necklace they wanted back.

Her assistant who returned the necklace to the police a week later, after the photos came out with her wearing it and the impending search warrant was leaked, said Lindsay intended to return it "the next day" (short loan! actually, no mention of a loan at all, maybe they had shifted to the ditz theory by then) but was "too busy". So she was too busy to pop over to the store with the necklace or just send it by courier, but not too busy to wear it to the dentist's or whatever a few days later, turning it around backwards on her neck as soon as she spotted a camera. (New fashion trend? I can't keep up.)

How can she possibly be that busy? Even the President of the USA isn't THAT busy... All it takes is a phone call to get someone to deliver such a thing for you, dearheart. She managed to do that a week later when the police were gearing up to search her home. Why not the next day?

All those folks on the jury will be wondering the same thing.

1260 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Hang the stupid bitch.

She should face reality and embrace her future porn career.

1260 days ago


let me run a Shawshank on her freckled behind for a few weeks and I guarantee you she won't so much as make a lane change without a turn signal for the rest of her life!!

Lose for Lindsay... Win for me. lol

1260 days ago


What? He is not going to use the probation officer's report? She did something devastating? I am disgusted at the preferential star treatment and someone needs to put an end to it! Any other person would have gone straight to jail the moment they violated the terms of their probation!!!!! How can this be justified? Because she has been on good behavior???? Obviously not!!!!! So why does she even have an option? Why did she even get more time to decide??? This is disgusting! Don't you judges have a backbone??? What are you afraid of??? This stupid little girl who gets away with murder??? If it were your kids...would they be given the same treatment? Are you afraid of this stupid little girl??? Put her in jail now like you would have done to ANYONE else who acted the way she has...sneaking out of rehab...assaulting and causing the loss of employment of some poor person doing their damn job...then blatently stealing a necklace...and she has a history of stealing!!!!! Then showing up to court looking like a prostitute! Being disrespectful to a previous judge by showing up to court with FU intentionally painted on her fingernail...then how about now showing up to court at all!!!! Yeah- remember when she flew to France and lost her passport and couldn't be in court??? Are you kidding me??? Are you people stupid, weak or just crooked??? Your bank accounts should be audited- I want to know who is getting paid to help this skank!!!! Remember your oaths???? Who's side are you on- all of you judges- weak and crooked...

1260 days ago


Are you kidding me? She is just buying time with the judges permission. She WILL take the plea deal, be slapped on the wrist and get about 10 days in a private cell with all the money she wants to spend on "extras". Her lawyer is not that dumb to allow it to go to trial, although it should. This judge is a joke.

1260 days ago


See this what all that fluoride in the water does to your brain. It turns you into a dim witted Troll!

1260 days ago


She's not stupid. She will end up taking the plea deal. Especially since the judge extended the time that allows her to decide what to do. She was trying to play hardball thinking he could be convinced to drop the jail time from the plea deal but since he didn't her lawyer will convince her to take it and she'll do less than 3 weeks and that will be the end of it. Wish I hadn't got my hopes up so high that she was gonna end up in the state pen. That's where she belongs.

1260 days ago
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