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Lindsay Lohan -- Take That Deal and Shove It!

3/11/2011 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a gambling problem -- because she is dead set on rolling the dice and going to trial for felony grand theft ... instead of accepting a plea deal offer with minimal jail time.


According to sources, Lindsay told friends after Thursday's court hearing that she is STILL NOT considering copping a plea ... because she doesn't want any jail time.

As TMZ first reported, Judge Keith Schwartz offered LiLo and her attorney Shawn Holley a deal that includes as little as three months in jail ... which due to overcrowding would amount to 19 days behind bars.

We're told Lindsay maintains ... why should she go to jail for something she didn't do.

But considering the possible alternatives -- 6 months jail time PLUS prison time for a theft conviction -- the smart bet for Linds is to TAKE THE DEAL!



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Obviously Lindsay still thinks she can lie her way out of this. Maybe that's the reason why she's going to court with no bra, low-cut tops, and skin tight dress -- she thinks the Judge is into it.

I've never known anyone to walk out of a store WITH store property, no receipt and no evidence of payment, no credit arrangement, and no loan agreement and NOT be accused of shoplifting.

Nevertheless, she's going to find herself trying to answer for that mink coat she stole from that night club AND for that Rolex she stole, both of which she had to give back to the rightful owners, and I'm sure we can expect both of those people to be subpoenaed to testify AGAINST Lindsay.

1260 days ago


I'd love to see her actually finally do jail time but I have a bad feeling that just like all the other times she'll manage to get away with this AGAIN. She'll either get a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all. So ridiculous and dumb.

1260 days ago


Looks like she's high beaming.

1260 days ago


People that accidentally walk out of a store with a necklace return it as soon as the realize what happened. It would be impossible for her to go any longer than the end of the day when getting ready for bed to notice what happened. That means, at latest, it should have been returned first thing the next morning.

The Garbage song "Stupid Girl" keeps playing in my head every time I see a Lindsay story.

1260 days ago

Kid Chronic    

Harvey may have been a lawyer back in 1992 but now its all he can do to carry around a sippy cup. His legal advice sucks "take the deal." Why the f*ck would you do that, when you have a surveillance video on your side, money to afford a lawyer and your in a celebrity in a LA court to boot. Lilo even with all her faults can beat this case.

1259 days ago


Media Jerk...go take care of your own site we are here because we want to and don't care about yours, stop being such a damn pest.

1259 days ago


#46 I'd let her spend house arrest at my place too.What makes it even better is the fact that she does'nt wear any underwear.

1259 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hope the jury gives her life behind bars. she deserves it.

1259 days ago


Oh come on.. We all know that if she doesn't take the plea deal the judge will give her some more time to reconsider... after all... his job is to settle the case.. until her lawyer finally convinces her to take the deal that's 3 months in jail...sorry 19 days due to overcrowding..oops!!! that's 9 days after all due to good behavior.. oh and because she has spent 14 days in jail already in the past, she will be out by day 2...then the state of California will apologise to her for the inconvenience..

1259 days ago


Domestic security have acoustic transmission records?
Justice is a bloody joke.

1259 days ago


Plea is 3 months and she might get 6 months? So what's that, like 30 days instead? Lol. I wouldnt take it if I was her either. She'll probably beat the charge anyways, it's ridiculous

1259 days ago


"Holly is going to present this as a big misunderstanding that got way out of hand. Lindsay thought the necklace was on loan until she got a call from the store. Because she doesn't deal with the actual loan paperwork, she wasn't aware there isn't any. Lindsay was surprised to hear the store wanted the necklace back because people loan her stuff all the time worth a lot more than a measly couple grand"

Let's go with this for a moment.
Where is her proof it was a loan? Even if she doesn't sign paperwork, she must have SOMEONE do it for her. Does Patrick have it?

What were the terms of the loan?

For how long was the store loaning the necklace to Lindsay? Was she able to keep it for as long as she wanted until they asked for it back?

Was the loan written, verbal, or did Lindsay just assume one existed because they didn't ask for the necklace back when she left the store?

If the loan was an assumption on her part, how did she come to that conclusion? What made her decide it was a loan rather than a gift or vice-versa if there were no terms given?

Can Lindsay produce credible testimony from other store owners who have loaned and/or given her (moderately) expensive jewelry on-the-spot as a walk-in customer rather than after a mutually-beneficial business meeting or promotional campaign? I'm not talking about gifts/loans from the actual designers but from small shop owners who have to purchase the items from someone at a fair markup.

Those are the hurdles she faces in court. Personally, I don't see how Holley will sell this defense without putting Lindsay on the stand unless she either has physical evidence of a loan or the store staff testifies on her behalf. I suspect at some point, she'll have to take the stand whether she wants to or not.

1259 days ago


its gone way too far just get it over with why is the probation office not involved after the first failed drug test

1259 days ago


this family makes me realize how great my dad was and how good a person i have become and how much i love my mom

1259 days ago



1259 days ago
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