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MJ Estate to Alejandra -- MOVE OUT ALREADY!!!

3/11/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The MJ Estate has once again asked a judge to force Alejandra Jackson to move out of the family's Hayvenhurst estate ... and they're demanding she take her kids with her!!


Lawyers for the estate just filed a response to Alejandra's request to stay in the house indefinitely ... in which the estate once again makes the point .. she's an UNWANTED house guest with no legal leg to stand on.

Alejandra -- who has children with both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has refused to leave ... arguing, among other things, that Michael would have wanted her to stay there.

Alejandra has claimed the estate has tried to literally starve her out of house and home ... by removing all of the food from the property and changing the locks on her.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Stay tuned.


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She does know Michael's dead, right?

1326 days ago


According to do***ents that are posted on dated 04/26/2005, the Jackson family home in Encino is/was owned by both Michael and La Toya Jackson.

Posted at 4:02 PM on Mar 14, 2011 by MiMi

1st, looking at the attached, it's easy to tell that MJ was very generous with Debbie R. He did give her a lot in terms of real estate for her relationship with MJ. 2nd, if u look at the dates of all those liens, none of them is current, many things could have happened after those dates, i.e. change of ownership.

1326 days ago


Its not unusual for people to transfer their title to another person for whatever reason. Some did it to avoid lawsuits etc. I've heard of people selling their half share of the house for $1.00 just so that the creditors could not take all. Its common for some people to do that to protect whatever remains of their asset.

1326 days ago


Katherine Jackson deserves better than taking care of Randy and Jermaine's leftovers and kids. Please it does not take a rocket scientist that this freeloading woman. The estate of Michael Jackson should be disbursed between his mother and children. Randy and Jermaine are having a little career boost - so paid the child support to this woman and the judge should put her out. There should be no one in that house with this elderly woman accept the child care providers and not this freeloader Alexandra. Let her go have a reality show or something

1326 days ago


Katherine Jackson deserves better than taking care of Randy and Jermaine's leftovers and kids.
Alexandra. Let her go have a reality show or something

what are left over kids?

Ah yes the reality show or something. sounds like Alejandra has her culprit reality show/tell all book bandits on tmz as well.

1326 days ago


She needs to move in with Jermaine and Randy and appear on The Jerry Springer Show!!!

1326 days ago


First katherine,now alejandra standing up to the executors.
They should realize that whether they like it or not Michael named them as executors in his will and they are responsible of taking care of his estate and wishes.

1325 days ago


Esa mujer esta loca porque tiene q estar quitandole la casa ala los hijos de mj salia el carajo ella no tiene voz ni nada en esa casa porque lo hijos son de randy y Jermaine no de Michael -.- pajua no tiene oficio......

1325 days ago


Any woman who lays with two brothers & has a baby by each is a low down slut. Brothers that lay with & have babies with the same woman are low down sluts. This broad needs to quietly move out, get a job and get on with her miserable life. This is the person they picked and they should have been more discriminating in their choice of women. 30 days from now when her ass is out the door, she will be wriing a two-bit "TELL ALL" book and TMZ, being the whores that they are, will be touting it all over TV. Disgusting scenario anyway you look at it.

1324 days ago


Are the MJ's fans going to show up at this court hearing next month? Might as well express your feeling toward the gold digger in her face.

I read she lived in the house for 20 years. Unbelievable, that should would be welcome in the house after leaving one brother from another brother. My guess is that Joe hit it a few times too. Anyway, because she lived on the property for so long she has some rights but, I think the estate followed the law in their attempt to evict the whore.

1322 days ago


Michael BOUGHT the house for his mother!!! EVERYBODY in the know-know's this!!! If Kaherine say's to ANYBODY, move out ---Then, out they must go!! SCREW what the court say's! That is HER home. The reason she want's her to move in the first place is her children are wild as hell & pick on Blanket. One of them bought a taser over the internet and got after Blanket with it, prompting child welfare to investigate!This (I don't want to use the word lady)-this heifer, bore two kid's each by Randy & Jermaine. It's NOT up to Grandma to feed, house clothe & care for this clan. THAT'S the responsibility of their mother's & father's. I SAY GO GET A J.O.B.- like everyone else, & care for your own children!!! This whole ENTIRE family seem to depend on MICHAEL'S money to live on!! NO FRIGGEN WONDER MJ WAS IN DEBT UP TO HIS EYEBALL'S!!!!!!!!!!!She need's to take her wild children & get the **** out of dodge, while the estate (MICHAEL'S MONEY) is still offering her a new condo. The trouble here is, she know's if she move's, she'll have to go get a J.O.B.! Her kid's are in the teen's, so it won't be long before there is no so called "child support",then she will be forced to work for the rest of her life.GOD FORBID!!!

1321 days ago


Jackie talks about his mother and Alejandra in the home.

1320 days ago


Prolly she is doing this as a compensation for her in return with sleeping witht he two socal brothers!!

1316 days ago

Motor City DIVA84    

Michael isn't the father of those kids and shouldn't have been supporting them. Get those deadbeat baby daddy brothers to take care of their own kids! The courts go after other men for shirking their responsibilities as fathers; why not Jermaine and Randy?

I see why Michael kept his distance from them. Wow...

1301 days ago



1301 days ago
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