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Oksana Grigorieva

NOT Charged

3/11/2011 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva will NOT be charged with felony extortion by the L.A. County District Attorney ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana Not Charged

The extortion investigation was launched in connection to the $15 million deal she signed -- and then rejected -- during child custody mediation with Mel Gibson in May, 2010.

In the deal, Oksana was promised a house, assets and other goodies ... plus the guarantee she wouldn't release the infamous audio tapes.

A rep for Grigorieva released a statement saying in part, "Ms. Grigorieva will now concentrate on co-parenting Lucia, resuming her charitable work for the children of Chernobyl and moving forward with her life."



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That is so wrong. DA had to be bought off. Glad I do not live in CA. She should have been charged with extortion and put in jail, Mel needs custody of Lucia she is not fit to be a mother.

1291 days ago


Tol you so *******s

1291 days ago

OMGenough already    

With any luck, a flying house will land on her too.

1291 days ago


What a joke, Mel gets screwed over so to speak and the waste of skin oksana gets a free pass and can record Mel if they talk on the phone. MEL have your lawyer do all the talking to her. I will still pay to watch your movies. Take care and good luck.

1291 days ago


Lolololololololol!! What a surprise - NOT!! Well the DA said the decision to prosecute would be his and his alone, why when the case is a Federal Felony Prosecution s STILL a mystery to anyone with a living brain cell lol!! Of course with Eric George helping fund the DA's election costs, with his previous alleged corruption allegations made against him, and with the political links involved in this one, is it really any surprise?!
That means the two other extortion cases he does have charged can use it as a precedent, and any other rich male in CA now is a target for golddigga's world wide!! The US Justice system has been proven a joke, the very fact that the DA had any say in a Federal Felony Case has repercussions not just for this sort of case but other's too that come under Federal jurisdiction and not local!!
You can't have it both ways, either the Feds decide on whether to prosecute their cases in a Federal Court with Federal prison as the outcome or the local DA who may or may not be corrupt gets to decide!!
Still what goes around comes around doesn't it lol, and karma's a bitch baby lol!!
Oh Dalton lol!!!! D'you really care about your son? If so I'd go for full custody now, on the grounds of her child endangerment (on paper if not reality lol!), get's to make sure you don't get hammered for more child support and oh, you might want to try saying in your papers OG is verbally abusing your son, berating him, belittling him and um, yes belittling you and accusing you of crimes not committed to your son (well unless it's true and you beat her!) lol!! Take away her meal tickets and she has to work for a living - I'm sure Ari Emmanuel knows a strip joint in need of a dancer lol!!

1291 days ago


just goes to show you anyone can come to our country and exploit our laws and judicial system! i think it's BS oksana gets off scott-free, hell yes she extorted mel!!! seems like someone's been taking notes from heather mills.send this nasty hoe back to russia already!!! karma's gonna slap this beotch upsdie the head when she least expects it!!!

1291 days ago


I'm not surprised. There wasn't anything to support a charge of extortion.

I wonder if some of these MG supporters are revisiting their position in this now that they are forced to look at a harsh reality or if they are just putting a bag over their heads today and denying it.

Nevermind. I've seen what posts here.

1291 days ago

Lynn M    

Just like OJ, it really doesn't matter what the court does. In the court of public opinion, many think she's all Mel said and more.

1291 days ago


How the hell do you do Charity work when you have no money yourself..

Charity begins at home!

1291 days ago

Muy Franca    

Mel, is that you?

1290 days ago


I don't think she extorted him at all. She decided to publish the tapes because he is an abusive man that needs help. If you listen to these tapes you will cringe, it's absolutely terrible. He kept calling her repeatedly and calling her names, and acting completely insane. He pursued her for a whole year before they got together, he also told her he had a dark side. She unfortunately got to see that side of him. Comments about her nationality are irrelevant, and don't belong in any discussion. He is an angry antisemite. BTW, she has family that is Jewish, it's a bit ironic that he chose her to be with, seeing that he knew this. She and her daughter are the victims here. Mel is finished.

1290 days ago


How the hell do you do Charity work when you have no money yourself..

Charity begins at home!

Posted at 1:33 AM on Mar 12, 2011 by Shocker

so all those volunteers that answer the phones, or help build the houses perform for free aren't doing 'charity work' unless they also dip into their wallet?

1290 days ago

Yep I said that    

Getting on with her life does that include finding another rich man to screw

1290 days ago


Succubus or Oksana

1. One who leeches on and eventually completely consumes the very essence of man's soul, leaving an empty and ****tered shell of what once was a free and ultimately superior human being destined for greatness.
2. Also known as 'bitch', 'heartless whore', 'evil slut', or 'lying ****'. The evil spirit of these heartless creature is almost invisible at first sight; however, after a few months, one could find himself with: no money and no friends, lack of hobbies, little or no sense of reality, and/or self respect. These evil demons begin their hunt at age 14 and continue until they have successfully stripped one man of all his pride.

1290 days ago

judy r.    

If you listen closely to the tape segments, she is clearly pushing his buttons, while talking pretty calmly 90% of the time.The tape was broken up in segments to sound like there were many of them when in fact there was only one. The slap, clearly left no marks as the pictures show, as she smiles in them.The caps came off.He shouldn't have done that. She definately extorted him by demanding more money. She was not his wife,Robyn was,she was just knocked up, like with her former boyfriend, the ex James Bond. He tried to help her with her career, let her live in one of his homes, and offered her 15 million. No piece of XXX is worth that. She should have been charged. Oh, I forgot, this isn't about money! YEA RIGHT! California judges!!!!!

1288 days ago
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