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Gilbert Gottfried


Japan Tsunami Jokes

3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the death toll creeps towards 3,000 ... and the fear of a nuclear disaster looms ... comedian Gilbert Gottfried decided the timing was right for some completely tasteless Japan tsunami jokes.

Japan Tsunami Jokes

Gilbert went to his Twitter page over the past 24 hours and dropped TWELVE tsunami-inspired jokes ... including:

Gilbert Gottfried Japan Jokes

So we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


TOO SOON!!!!!! lol

1301 days ago


It would have been funnier if they were katrina jokes.

1298 days ago

Luke G.     

Get a grip. It was a joke. As Americans we make jokes about everything. Think about it, there are jokes about Hitler, Child Abuse, and killing people who really deserve it. As a culture, we are a little twisted. Perhaps his joke was in bad taste but come on, Don't take yourself so seriously.

Luke G. Mission, KS

1294 days ago


They are just jokes..and they are funny. Politically incorrect? yes, offensive? maybe..but so is every other good joke.
Isn't that what every comedian does-- Make jokes about controversial subjects? Blond jokes, racial jokes, dirty jokes, they are all widely accepted AND controversial.

1289 days ago

Honest Appraisal    

Wow. There sure are a lot of people taking the moral highground on the appropriate timing and context of comedy here on the TMZ comment board.

1287 days ago

richard cloudt    

Fun as hell; and if hell can be funny, so can this.

1278 days ago


To Caring Kate..........lighten up, girl. Maybe get a life? Gottfried is one of the funniest guys around and he was just being his very creative self.

And always remember, Kate, if you are not part of the solution, then you haven't been dissolved yet.

Looking toward that day.

1278 days ago


i understand that it was kinda soon, but in many ways i kind of helps to relieve the tension, and i am sure that he did not mean anything by it. i always hate it when people take things the wrong way. i am sure this man had nothing against japan, and did not deserve to be fired. do you know how many people have made japan jokes and nobody could care, i dont envy the life of a celebrity

1278 days ago


Sensative people just don't have humor in thier lives.
Well know one mentioned how the Japan government is creating a bottle neck with getting aid out. It's sitting there and not moving... chop chop pull the plug and let the aid out to the mass of people needing it....
Nope it's not going to happen anytime soon.
And your focusing on a comedian? he's not a political figure.
Just an actor.

1278 days ago


Yes in today's standards it was in bad taste being innocent people died, but then so did alot of innocent people on Dec. 7th. Yes I am a bastard but some of you bleeding hearts who believe in being so critical of people are whats the matter with this world today. Think about it and stop being such damn cry babies.

1278 days ago


Gilbert Gottfried and "Got-fired" from AFLAC--for making twisted and tasteless jokes about a mayor disaster in Japan. He deserved to get canned...Kudos!! Hope he learns positive something from this.

Good for AFLAC...!!! I am proud of them, their morals and work ethics...very responsible.

As for TMZ, GOOD JOB in keeping us informed. I had to search online for Gottfried's remarks --- which turned out to be only jokes!! TMZ was the 1st site that came out on my search.
Online News articles were incomplete. I wanted to know the reason why he was fired, what were his remarks about? Thanks to TMZ now I know.

Japanese residents are suffering and will be for a long time DUE to this horrible disaster (Tsunami). We need to have a sense of humor, BUT not at the expense of other people's suffering.
We all need to be more understanding and compasionate for other people's feelings and problems.

What have you done to help Japan's Tsunami relief effort???

[[ by: Former NJ resident living in Hawai'i ]]

1278 days ago



1278 days ago

Karlie Tipton    

People need to calm the hell down. He's a COMEDIAN. He made a joke. He lost what I'm sure was a good paying gig, so people calling him an ******* is rather unnecessary.

1277 days ago

keith david    

Nothing worse than fake outrage.Jokes are jokes.

1277 days ago


WTF?????????? Is THAT all he said? Since when did Corporate America become the new jackbooted thugs to enforce "sensitivity"? Gilbert Gottfried may not be a national treasure, but he IS funny, and being funny means being able to make light if ALL KINDS of situations - including really serious ones. I feel for the Japanese, but I'm enough of an adult to appreciate the joke because I know it wasn't INTENDED to do harm. SHAME ON YOU, AFLAC!!!!!

1277 days ago
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