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Standoff Continues at Michael Jackson House

3/15/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the squatter who has been living at Katherine Jackson's family compound against Katherine's will -- just bought more time in the house, thanks to a judge's ruling.

Judge MJ Estate Alejandra
Alejandra -- the baby mama of both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has been living at the Encino compound for nearly 20 years.  The Estate wants her out and has offered her a condo in move-in condition, but Alejandra has not budged.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said the snag in the move was that Alejandra refused to sign a confidentiality agreement and he claims she's in the process of hocking a tell-all book.  Alejandra refused to sign the agreement and was also demanding money in addition to the condo ...

The judge just ruled that Alejandra could stay in the house for another month, until there's a full trial on whether she can be evicted.

Trial date is April 14.


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She saw how well Oksana did Extorting money from Crazy Ass Mel.
She only had to pop out one insurance baby in a hurry.
I guess is this is just another Jackson that refuses to work for a living.

1281 days ago


Don't Sign NOTHING! Tell it, The Jackson's has or have secrets. They know about Michaels drugs and child touching. Latoya told it years ago, REMEMBER! Latoya claims she was under her husbands spell, but she wasn't she told it. She knew about Michael was playing with little boys and the Family tried to hide it. Michael was the king of POP! Michael also loved to play with little BOYS ALSO! Why are people so secretive. He paid big bucks to keep it quiet! oh yea, Girls were far from the truth, Michael took them out along with LITTLE BOYS! SO tell it and wake up AMERICA about Michael, He played with little boys!!!!!

1281 days ago


TMZ seemed sure Oksana was guilty of extortion but that was questionable at best. Here, there seems to be a much better case for that.

1281 days ago


ok so she has children but both brothers can legally sue the whole Jackson family estate not sure she can do that but, she can sue Randy and Jemaine for child support and i think she should take the offer shes getting with condo i sure wouldn't want to live somewhere i wasn't welcome idk thats just me

1281 days ago


Cant believe that the judge would contine ruling in her favour. Katherine has been trying to kick her out for years. Its not Katherine's responsability to support Alejandra or her kids. The judge should hold Randy and Jermaine accountable, not the 80 yr old grandma.

1281 days ago

cynthia mckenzie    

she must got some s--- on them jacksons, because me and my sisters would kick her a-- out of our mama's house no judge no condo needed just leave or else lbvs

1281 days ago


Hi, Siggisis. I do agree its complicated. Unfortunately, cir***stances changed. Katherine is now living on an allowance, can't afford a payoff and MJ estate will not ante up money for Jermaine and Randy's obligations. Looking forward to the judge's ruling & get this thing resolved. Notice how quiet janet is. We all understand that she's still a very rich woman, i.e. net worth of $100 million.

Posted at 12:28 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by Daphne

Hi Daph! This isn´t Janet´s problem - and it wasn´t Michael´s either! But Michael never could say "no" to his family - he was way too nice a person for his own good!

1281 days ago

Molly's Mom    

I am sick and tired of hearing about ANY Jackson - who cares anymore? I don't care what Michael did or didn't do let it all go....

1281 days ago


The Randy Jackson is the Americal Idol Randy Jackson - not the Jackson 5 Randy Jackson.

1281 days ago


I get that, but shouldn't that be the gruesome twosome's, Jermaine and Randy, responsibility and not the rest of the family?

God... every time I start thinking about this disgusting chick and her equally disgusting exes, I want to vomit.

I usually don't feel sorry for celeb's kids, 'cuz they usually end up with more money than me, but, in this case... *BARF*.

Point taken Mighty....i think i just threw up a little in my mouth after reading that lol

1281 days ago


I am sick and tired of hearing about ANY Jackson - who cares anymore? I don't care what Michael did or didn't do let it all go....

Posted at 12:54 PM on Mar 15, 2011 by Molly's Mom

Knock yourself out! I mean, you don´t HAVE to be here and make a comment on an MJ-related story.

1281 days ago

Gsharon 710    

That Judge needs to be Judged. When you have lived somewhere you should be given thirty days to find another place, but this skank was offered a condo which does not take thirty days to be ready.

When he let her stay he is telling MJJ's kids and Mother that they are responsible for the upkeep of a two timing bother knocker and to hell with them.

This witch would get her ass kicked for worrying my mother. This skank, if the courts allow her to remain will make a play for one of MJJ's sons to ensure her ability to sit on her lazy ass, have service and eat for life without doing a damn thing.

Any other mother would be expected to do her share to support her children.

There is not a damn thing she can come up with that we cannot imagine. We already know the boys like to double dip, daddy likes outside women so what the hell can she say?

Who ever puts this book out for her is a fool and will come up short. Poor Michael. He was hounded when he was alive, now the courts and this b i t c h is making him pay like a court ordered dead beat dad. Those stupid jerks cannot even make the fathers of those kids pay, but they are going to make Michael pay??????????? This is bull, and someone is going to get tired of her skank ass. Why not remind the courts she married to stay in this country and then without a divorce called herself marrying two brothers or at least jumping them.

This woman does not need to be anywhere near young men. I hope the court system is proud of themselves. Maybe they are trying to hurt Michael since they failed in the attempt to convict him.

God, I wish Katherine was my mother. All I would require is for her to send me money on my books in prison because I would kick the chit out of that skank who does not give a damn about her kids, Katherine, Michael, his children or her own lazy non working, living off the elderly piece of ()*(_(&*)&_.

1281 days ago


"Another month...only in California! "

Actually, no, it's NOT only in California. This happens in every state in the union, and for very good reason. Tenants and residents do sometimes have rights in a property even if their name is not on the deed; in this case, Alejandra is asserting that she has rights (based on what, I'm not really sure, but her lawyers came up with some argument), and the judge said, "okay, I'll give you a chance next month to explain what those arguments are, and until you've had your day in court, you won't be forced to move."

Look at it this way: if *you* were the one being forced out of your home for the past 20 years, would you want the chance to tell the judge your side of the story? If so, then Alejandra gets a chance too.

If she can't come up with some good evidence by the trial date, then she'll be kicked out; the judge is not ordering Katherine to support her grandchildren. He's just saying, "let's hear the whole story before making a ruling."

1281 days ago


The Randy Jackson is the American Idol Randy Jackson - not the Jackson 5 Randy Jackson I believe.

1281 days ago
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