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Conrad Murray: Michael Broke the Syringe!

3/16/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial involving the death of Michael Jackson ... the defense wants a first generation fingerprint of a broken syringe found in MJ's bedroom the day he died ... and our sources say they think it could prove that Michael killed himself.


Dr. Murray's lawyers were in court this AM.  Among other things, they lasered in on a broken syringe that had rolled under Michael's deathbed.  The defense wants a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it.

Defense sources tell us ... Dr. Murray insists he did not break the syringe.  As TMZ first reported ... the defense believes MJ caused his own death by giving himself a massive overdose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources say ... there were only two people in the room, and since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have handled it.

The defense is asking that the FBI deliver the first generation fingerprint.



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BTW: Michael did NOT self-inject--there is NO PROOF of this other than a bunch of CIR***STANTIAL BS the defense is ATTEMPTING to cram down our throats....Oye x 2.
Posted at 12:44 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Cherwood
Hi Cherwood!!!
Rotfl.......for the entire post!!!

1311 days ago


Did any one today take look outside today??How Blue the Sky is and fresh and warm the Air?? I sure wish MJ could of seen it.

1311 days ago


OhWell, did you took a good look outside and see how beautiful our world is ??You sound like a Grumpy old Man, sweety...Enjoy the beauty god gave us.Because I know Libya and their friends will come up with some pain for us. And that's the Military Rambo girl in me speaking.....

1311 days ago


This is so crazy, everybody knows Dr Murry killed The Greatest entertainer there will ever be!!!!!! The court system needs to stop wasting tax paying money, and sentence his ass, and just put him in the front of the line of death row. Michael Jackson never wanted to die, he was just fixing to do the greatest show of his carrer, he wasn;t ready to go.

1311 days ago


@ 365 Cherwood


It is strange how you accuse Americans in being junkies and in passing judgement on Michael. How do you know what I have in my medicine cabinet, and if I even have one.
As far as TII is concerned, there are many people that are fans of Michael Jackson, but are not obsessed. They went to TII. I happened to be at the first projection in my town and waited on a line before it opened. I saw kids with white gloves dancing to Billie Jean. And as the movie opened, there was a bunch of young American men, in their early twenties, shouting "Go Mike" and "Go dude" and their girlfriends joined. These were ordinary young Americans. They would not do this if they considered MJ a junkie or a child molester.

1310 days ago


Posted at 8:04 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by MiMi

Exactly MiMi.
Michael genuinely loved people and the planet. His message was clear during his whole career and he had a powerful tool to get this message out, his art.
If one reads the press, it is a totally different Michael Jackson painted there. Yet, he remains popular and the public has to be given some sort of explanation about his death, so Murray's defense probably tries things to see what would fly with the public. This story is probably one of them. I don't call Murray a doctor, because that would be offensive to physicians who do their job well and know how to do CPR.

1310 days ago


Better than disappoint his fans
Because he could no longer be
What they wanted him to be
Better to be remembered
In his younger years
Not the pressures and fears of his middle years

I appreciated MJs art, but would get whatever he could put out. I mostly listen to his music and it would be good enough for me without the big shows. I loved them, but I never demanded anything. Never been to a show, because I just could not afford to get smashed by the crowd and sadden my own family. I would understand MJ if he wanted out.

1310 days ago


BTW: Michael did NOT self-inject--there is NO PROOF of this other than a bunch of CIR***STANTIAL BS the defense is ATTEMPTING to cram down our throats....Oye x 2.

Posted at 12:44 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Cherwood

These were ordinary young Americans. They would not do this if they considered MJ a junkie or a child molester.

Posted at 11:37 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by SBM

Cherwood, I agree with u. As for SBM's response to u, what's this all about? Don't quite understand. As u said, Oye.

1310 days ago


Did any one today take look outside today??How Blue the Sky is and fresh and warm the Air?? I sure wish MJ could of seen it.

Posted at 8:31 AM on Mar 20, 2011 by Eleonora49
In such day it would be better not only to take look outside but to take every inch of oneself outside.

why do you put "of" after could?
Hi! SBM, I think MJ not only never was the addict ( it is clear without words), but also didn't use a propofol-anesthetic drug to sleep.

1310 days ago


Michael was and is not only the King Of Music but the King Of
Charity. He gave his proceeds from concerts to charities.
Michael is a man of love and of God! God is love! Love you
forever MJ and you are missed.

Justice For MJ

1310 days ago


@ cherwood I get what your saying , I am sure if I were to die under questionable cir***stances and they had a look in my medicine cabinet right now they would probably find something they could make out of nothing fyi nope I am not junkie. lmao. its just one of those things, people will always make something out of nothing. I enjoy reading what you have to say

1310 days ago


And The King Of Shemails.

Posted at 4:49 PM on Mar 20, 2011 by OhWell



Do you even know what a shemail is UnWell?

Try Googling it. Sounds like it may be something you might want to order. Especially since you are currently without one.

LoL LoL LoL LoL LoL............................

1310 days ago


Michael Jackson's Charity Legacy

United We Stand:What More Can I Give benefit concert in the
wake of September 11.
We Are The World with Lionel Richie proceeds went to Africa.
Jackson donated the proceeds from a song to victims of Hurricane
He set up a burns unit for children and also established the
Heal The World Foundation whose work has included airlifting
6 tons of supplies to Sarajevo,instituting drug and alcohol abuse education and donating millions to less fortunate children.
And he was to donate some of the proceeds from his upcoming shows in London to charity.
But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The list includes his
work with organizations, visits to hospitals, underprivileged
children and children affected by disasters and many more.

Justice For MJ
Love You Forever MJ

1310 days ago


Desperate Acts - Pt. 3............
-#89: S08, EXCELLENT POST! You wrote:
Freedom of expression, OK.
It's crazy the number of people who leave comments to express their opinions, whereas they know absolutely nothing. YOU don't know the truth, so I suggest to avoid speculating for nothing.
Posted at 2:31 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by S08
-#98: dolphin, I see what you're saying but you do realize you're confused because that's what the defense and the Media wants? The whole point is to confuse the issue by dragging in abunch of CRAP about Michael and his family. Look at the whole Alejandra thing...nobody even knew who she was, much less cared whether or not she stayed at Hayvenhurst. It's all part of the plan to keep you guessing--when if you review the Hearing Testimony and read up on the FACTS, there'd be NO QUESTION that Murray KILLED Michael.....
There MAY be a question of everyone ELSE involved in the murder, but that's another story....we need to focus on the upcoming trial for Murray and THEN, we can move on to that....
As for suicide, that's just plain DUMB. NO WAY did Michael do that. He was raised to REVERE life as JW which incorporates some of the same beliefs as Christians. Many also believe that only GOD has the right to ALLOW a life to end, therefore suicide would be the same as Murder in their eyes and would mean you weren't getting into Heaven....
Of course, these same people forget that ONLY GOD has control of who gets to Heaven.....
Bottom line, there are THREE REASONS why I KNOW Michael didn't commit suicide:
-#118: Hey Mymjj5, LOVED this post! You've restored my faith in mankind with this one:
If this is the case, Sony looks like a damn fool paying $60...... million dollars to distribute TII. Not to mention giving Michael the largest record deal in world history after his death to the tune of $250 million ($200 million) guaranteed to the estate even if they cannot sell the products over a 7 year period.
So either the two of you are desperate nics/internals in need of the hitz on TMZ or just two plain ole simple minded ignoramouses who don't know what in the hell you're talking about.
Posted at 3:44 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by mymjj5
-#205: Gsharon, I disagree. You forget that many of us watched the news reports practically 24/7 after Michael died--that's what many of us are basing our opinions on....right at the moment it happened, before the Media, AEG, Murray and anyone else would've had the CHANCE to SPIN things their way. If you look at the solid facts that were reported ON THE MAJOR NETWORKS, not the Tabloids, review Murray's admission of administering the Benzos and Propofol to Michael (in an improper setting, without proper Medical equipment) in the LAPD affidavit, then review the testimony of Murray's Prelim Hearing, you'll have the answers you need: GUILTY.....
-#238: Robyn Hope, Oye and DOUBLE Oye. Yet another SO-CALLED fan trying to persuade everyone how open-minded you are at Michael's expense. Just so you know, No TRUE FAN of ANYONE would continuously bring up random NEGATIVE CRAP about them, or accuse them of committing suicide--when you have NO FACTS to support it. But AHA, you're going on what MURRAY of all people stated--the same man accused of MURDERING MICHAEL.....yeah, you should REALLY believe what he says.....
Thing is, if you don't support Michael, just admit it. I assure you that he doesn't need fans of your ilk....he has enough ENEMIES.....
Funny how you call some of us FANATICS, claiming we don't hold Michael accountable. Accountable for WHAT? Do I have to say it again? There is NO PROOF that Michael ever asked for Propofol NOR agreed to have it administered to him. The Propofol story is all based on the word of LIARS, who were both looking to save their own TAILS at the time. Read the LAPD Affidavit and you'll know what I mean....
And this has to be the THIRD time I've come across this LAME story you've posted about MICHAELJACKSON.COM banning you. Are you kidding me? I had my issues with them, but you've actually helped them, to score a few points....GOOD FOR THEM!! How DARE you go on a LEGACY website and attempt to TRASH the very person that site was setup for? Not every site will stoop to the INHUMANE level like TMZ and allow you to spew your HATRED and DOUBT all over the place....
Bottom line, you should've known better. That my dear is IRREFUTABLE case in point: A CRITICAL THINKER, you are NOT.....
BTW: Just because Michael's TRUE FAN/SUPPORTERS disagree with YOUR crap, does NOT mean we think he's a saint. How many times do I have to tell you CRETINS? There is only ONE GOD, and HIS name is're confusing him with the Archangel Michael.....
ANd for the record, the bible does NOT record his last name as JACKSON.....LOL x 1000.....
-#240: Sweetfox, Michael had some bruises on his knees and back due to previous injuries on Tour, but it also came out in the Hearing that many of the bruises they referred to in the Autopsy were a result of attempts to revive him.....
As for his Murder, perhaps you're confused. Most SENSIBLE Fan/Supporters think that Murray was the TRIGGER MAN or FALL GUY in that he was the one who actually administered the murder weapon at the behest of a group of others, then was left to take all of the blame by himself. Based on how Murray has handled himself with the passing time, I've concluded that it had to have been part of their plan that he take the fall....more likely he's getting paid under the table which is why we always see him and his Hootchies on vacay, and he has a TEAM of Lawyers, and that house of his seems to have a neverending extension plan to avoid Foreclosure....
You can be sure that the facts will reveal a group of other culprits (Barrack, Tohme, Malnick, Randy Phillips, Sony Execs, DiLeo, Security/Assistants) who were in it with Murray.....
Bottom line, anyone with even an OUNCE of sense knows that there were others involved in Michael's death, but right now, we're trying to focus on MURRAY'S part in the crime. MURRAY is the one on trial for what HE did: Administering an exorbitant amount of Benzos and Propofol for the wrong reason, in an IMPROPER setting, without the proper Medical Instrumentation....
-#255: Hey Barb A., you are my HERO tonight! Thanks so much for refreshing our memory on the court room notes from the Prelim....

1310 days ago
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