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Nate Dogg -- Family Suspects Cause of Death

3/16/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nate Dogg's family believes the singer's death was caused by complications stemming from the two strokes he suffered over the past couple of years ... this according to the singer's close friend and manager Rod McGrew.

Nate Dogg Death

McGrew tells TMZ ... Nate's death was unexpected ... since he was making significant progress in his recovery from the most recent stroke he suffered in 2008.

According to McGrew ... Nate was "95% recovered from the first stroke in 2007" ... when the second stroke occurred in 2008 ... leaving Nate partially paralyzed and causing partial memory loss.

But McGrew says Nate had "cognitively fully recovered" -- meaning he got his memory back and was fully alert and aware all the way up to his final days.

McGrew just released a statement on behalf of himself and Nate's family ... saying, "We appreciate the enormous outpouring of response from all over the world. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for their prayers and support."

The statement continues, "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie."

Nate's official cause of death has not been released.


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How do you reffer to a black person without being racist?

Should Tea Party mom said: "who was this black person?

How about who is this? Better yet, do a quick google search. Or even better yet, keep that **** moving. She/he knew what the f*ck she/he was doing. Don't be ridiculous. This type of ignorance makes my ass itch.

"Then I have never hear of Nate Dogg and I have a very nice 5 bedroom rock. Idiot. How about using your Real BLACK name like DiaLieaneowz or whatever the COLORS are calling their kids now. Something with a Q or K or Z in it I'm sure. Shaniquiez"

Really...get over your inferiority complex.

1282 days ago


@ #8 really. Every other day blacks want to be called something else. colored, AA, black. Give me a break. How about AMERICAN!!! Oh no we have to say AFRICAN AMAERICAN.

Then I have never hear of Nate Dogg and I have a very nice 5 bedroom rock. Idiot. How about using your Real BLACK name like DiaLieaneowz or whatever the COLORS are calling their kids now. Something with a Q or K or Z in it I'm sure. Shaniquiez

Posted at 10:11 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Dann

True, true!!

1282 days ago


RIP Nate DOG. Please lets not make this a Michael Jackson type of fiasco with the family.
Just let this guy Rest is Peace

1282 days ago


r.i.p. nate dogg prayers r w yr family what a sad tragic thing 2 happen 2 a great entertainer xoxoxo

1282 days ago


I don't like Mighty Mad, he sounds like a really PO'd colored person who hates his life. And wants to be white. Can't blame him!!

1282 days ago


Hey Timmy Boy either say nothing or say who is this MAN!

1282 days ago


@ Tea Party Mom: If you didn't know who he was, why couldn't you just say "I don't know him, why is this guy famous". What does the color of his skin have to do with anything?!!
@ Dann: Seriously?!! Damn, that was just wrong. Parents of ALL colors name their kids crazy things...checked out Hollywood lately? Nobody cares what you live in or what you have, just that in that paragraph you identified yourself as a racist ass!

1282 days ago


Wow! Its amazing that everyone is getting into politically correct debates about race and wether or not we heard of him. The truth is that none of you have ever even met him. Leave the emotional comments to those who knew him and loved him. Its sad when someone dies no matter what their lifestyle was. He was talented, musical, well spoken and part of music history. That is something no one, not even simpleminded racists, can take away. His mark on the world will live on for sure.

1282 days ago


EXCUSE ME RN as a nurse you should know that HYPERTENSION is very high in minority communities.....Who the hell was talking about crack. Wow.

1282 days ago


Listen up...

I am a white(well, so fair, I'm actually see thru..) thisclose to the big 5-0 gal and Nate Dogg had one of the most beautiful baritone I have ever heard. RIP Nate!! If we work it right maybe we'll get to hear you rap again someday!!

God Bless

1282 days ago


Black people please don't comment or allow youself to go down to the level of IGNORANT white people like #4 and #8. There is nothing we can do for these type of people except pray for them. Everytime we feed into this they feel stronger and stronger. I am a SUCCESSFUL PROUD COLORED WOMAN and have friends of all races who love me and for those that dislike me because of the color of my skin they are beneath me and will never have true happiness.....Enjoy ur misery people.

1282 days ago

wordsworth courageous you are to speak so freely while hiding behind a computer screen. That takes balls and I commend you for such a brave gesture...

1282 days ago


RIP Nate will be missed.

1282 days ago


@62 and it's an awful smell...

1282 days ago

S D M F    

Who gives a rat's ass?

1282 days ago
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