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Close in on Celeb

Hacker Ring

3/17/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Hudgens met with law enforcement today over nude photos and video that were hacked from her Gmail account, and TMZ has learned authorities believe as many as 50 other celebrities may be victims as well.

Sources tell us ... the FBI is conducting a wide-ranging investigation into a ring of hackers, and agents believe all 50 celebs trace back to one person -- possibly the ringleader.

Sources say one of the other celebs is Scarlett Johansson, who had a nude picture hacked from her iPhone.

The ring has been hocking some of the photos and video to various Internet sites and others, but we're told the primary motivation is not money -- it's the thrill of hacking.


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Hey Girl Haaay    

How many titties and/or crotch do you celebs have to see in the media to REALIZE that 'Hey maybe, taking this naked photo of myself' is a BAD idea?!??

1315 days ago


GMAIL fail!

1315 days ago


Pretty simple here, folks. If you don't want your raunchy crap nude photos/videos to wind up all over the Internet or who knows where, DON'T TAKE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE -- and if you're dumb enough to keep them stored in a shared email/service, or somewhere on your phone, then I have no sympathy for them, ESPECIALLY the celebs.

1315 days ago


Dumb biotch. Sorry...she gets absolutely NO sympathy from me. I saw the raunchy pics. She obviously didn't have a problem having her picture taken all naked and raunchy like that, and then actually sending it to someone via email. Stupid biotch. She has a nice body, but she's got one of the ugliest faces I've ever seen in Hollywood. She always looks like she needs a bath too. Total skeeze.

1315 days ago


pretty stupid for her to trust gmail with a full beaver shot. she is ignorant of the internet

1315 days ago

Anony Moose    


I'm sure you are some kind of tech genius. What is your alternative?

In all reality she probably had an easily guessable password or security question. The fact she claims the pics were stolen from her Gmail account doesn't mean Google is to blame..

1315 days ago

Captain Obvious    

In all reality she probably had an easily guessable password or security question. The fact she claims the pics were stolen from her Gmail account doesn't mean Google is to blame..

Posted at 1:29 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Anony Moose

It wasn't just Vanessa that got hacked 50 other celeb got hacked too so it's gmails fault not the first time hackers hacked into gmail never hear that with other e-mail servers but it's stupid to take nude pic of yourself eventually gonna land in the internet one way or another

1315 days ago


I agree with the 1st comment!! Typically a little wisdom comes with age. Some morals couldn't hurt either.

Hackers usually get their thrills by just knowing they did it.
A dude in my community drove the local grocer bonkers by changing hundreds of prices every week. I have to admit it was funny though. Everything was soooo cheap if not free!!
He got busted too though.

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


"...hacked from her Gmail account..." So the little hoar *WAS* emailing her naked pictures around. You play with fire, you get burned. Stop being a hoar.

1315 days ago

Anony Moose    


I missed the part where all the pics were stolen from celebrities Gmail accounts? Or perhaps you're implying she had nudes of 50 other celebs on her own account? Oh! That's right, IT DOESN'T SAY THAT! Don't try to step toe to toe with me intellectually unless you've done your homework, (or at least have basic reading comprehension skills)

Never heard that with other email servers? Try searching "hotmail / yahoo / [your pick] security breach" into your favorite search engine and see how many results you get. STFU.

I have a throwaway email at Hack into it if you think it's so vulnerable. You obviously know everything.

1315 days ago


Anyone who's naive enough to store such personal data online deserves to be "screwed", excuse the pun. Chances are many of these celebs "pissed off" someone who was in charge of managing their technology related interfaces and it was "on and popping". People are so hard up for cash these days, I can easily see an angry personal assistant spilling their guts to the wrong person in exchange for some "monetary" compensation. Hackers are great at "social" engineering and know exactly who to talk to and what lies to tell. I can even believe that a hacker sent them all an email pretending it came from a very important industry executive and they willingly replied giving the hacker entirely too much personal data. You just can't trust anybody these days!!!

1315 days ago

Anony Moose    

All I'm just saying Vanessa Hudgens is a naive young girl in the spotlight doing what most naive young girls do who aren't in the spotlight. It's nobody's fault but her own that this happened to her, and certainly not Gmail's or whoever her cell phone provider is, etc.

1315 days ago

Captain Obvious    

I have a throwaway email at Hack into it if you think it's so vulnerable. You obviously know everything.

Posted at 1:42 AM on Mar 17, 2011 by Anony Moose

Ok your right about gmail could of been yahoo or other emailing servers.

1315 days ago


If the hacking of nude photos gets air time, please confirm if the "hacker" succeeded in guessing the users' (celebs') passwords OR whether they broke thru the gmail firewall. If the latter, shame on Google for not having better security. If on the other hand passwords were "guessed" - maybe it's time for celebs (and civilians) to stop storing nude pics on their hard drives - PC or smartphone which is essentially a mini computer. Privacy starts with the user exercising common sense.

1315 days ago
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