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Lindsay Probation Report: She's Been Drinking Again!

3/17/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's probation report says she's been drinking fermented tea that contains alcohol -- yeah, big whoop. 

Sources familiar with the report tell TMZ ... Lindsay fessed up to her probation officer ... she was drinking Kombucha tea, which has an alcohol content of 0.5% or less ...  and now the L.A. County Probation Department added it to the list of reasons why the judge should violate her probation and send her to jail.

Lindsay was so bold ... she actually left one of her alcohol ed classes clutching a bottle of Kombucha.

That plea bargain's sounding better than ever.


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Anybody surprised?

1317 days ago


addict she probably sniffs glue too

1317 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

Dude, its just effing Kombucha! LOL this is ridiculous. If they use this in the court of law I seriously think the court would laugh!!

1317 days ago


How dare she drink a tea with .5% or less alcohol content! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON HER!!!!

1317 days ago


She drinks that as a cover so that when she gets caught during a pee test she can blame her vodka shots on the tea.

Think like an addict and you will understand the blohan, grasshoppa.

1317 days ago


look, we all realize how stupid it is to make a big deal over 0.5% alcohol content. but the problem her is she was told not to consume alcohol, period. and one of the conditions of the dui program is not to consume alcohol, let alone bring a drink that contains ANY alcohol into the program. i could give two sh*ts less if she drinks or does blow. but the reality is that the court has said she is not to do any of this. she has, so shes going to go to jail and deservedly so. screw her. she sounds just like every other low life piece of garbage you over hear talking about how they dont care what the court says and theyll do what they want. thats fine, but get caught, i hope they screw you. and i think the only way she will ever learn to shut up and keep it low key is to spend a very significant amount of time in jail with little to no privileges. maybe when it finally breaks her and she realizes she needs to chill out she will.

1317 days ago

Anony Moose    

Contains .5% or less? Considering beer is around 3% this drink certainly has more than "trace" amounts of alcohol. I'm sure she could (and does) drink enough to give her a pretty good buzz..

In all honesty, she no longer has a SCRAM bracelet on. She probably gets plastered at home all the time on the real stuff. Alcohol is hard to detect in your urine, so if you're not confronted WHILE you're drunk, you'll usually get away with it.

1317 days ago


0.5% or less ABP alcohol is practically not there. You'd get sick of having to go to the toilet before approaching any kind of serious intoxication. Completely ridiculous.

To put it in context you'd need to drink 10 bottles at 0.5% ABV to get the equivalent of 1 bottle of 5% ABV beer or ****tail, and would have to keep close to a toilet. Plus drinking that much in a short time can be bad for you because of water intoxication.

If this is the destroying secret within the probation report, it's rubbish.

1317 days ago

Peter Sc    

Here in Denmark as result of year long research they did set a max. limit on the alcohol percentage sold to minors under 18.

According the science alcohol percentages below 16.5 is safe for minors.

It has resulted a large new range of products targeted against the new market.

If 0.5 is the limit which set the SCRAM bracelet on, then there must be a market for such products and if they are aimed at it, why shouldn't she drink it?

1317 days ago


"I'm shocked, shocked that there is gambling at Rick's in Casablanca!"

1317 days ago


This is the horrible secret? She hasnt been drinking this for ages, and this is laughable. The DA is a laughing stock, is ****ing tea. What laughs.

1317 days ago


thats reaching

1317 days ago


Well damn, I have a bottle of Walgreen's brand version of Nyquil on my shelf and it has 10% alcohol in it. I guess you could say I've been drinking too. Jeez.

Next story please.....cause this one is SOOOO lame!

1317 days ago


this is stupid and they are trying to lynch her this is near beer that a five year can buy.

being this hard she could not use scope or listerine.

i hate her but this is stupid abuse of laws.

1317 days ago

northern gypsy    

please put this twit out of her other words
send her off to the "big house"...really it's the only option !!!
otherwise...round & round she goes...when she stops...nobody knows...

1317 days ago
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