Lindsay's Favorite Tea -- Possible SCRAM Risk

6/19/2010 10:55 AM PDT

Lindsay's Favorite Tea -- Possible SCRAM Risk

Lindsay Lohan's biggest sobriety aid -- a kind of tea called Kombucha that usually contains harmless traces of alcohol -- could get LiLo in serious SCRAM trouble ... because it might be more alcoholic than she thought.

According to the label, the tea contains less than 0.5% alcohol -- a negligible amount -- but Whole Foods recently yanked all the teas from their shelves over concerns the label isn't so accurate.

The guy behind Kombucha, GT Dave, admitted there are concerns over alcohol levels in the drink -- but tells TMZ, "Although we are not familiar with the technology or sensitivity of SCRAM bracelets, we think it would be highly unlikely that our products would trigger an alarm."

Bottom line, Lindsay would probably have to drink a ton of this stuff to set off her SCRAM-shackle -- but that's not to say she couldn't do it.