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Ryan Phillippe:

I'm Payin'

The Pregnant Chick!

3/17/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Ryan Phillippe is her soon-to-be baby daddy says Ryan is a pre-natal deadbeat dad because he hasn't paid any of her expenses ... but we're told that's just not the case.


Alexis Knapp says her baby -- due in June -- is definitely Ryan's.  For his part, Ryan says he'll take a DNA test when the baby is born and if it's his ... he'll step up and support the kid.

But sources connected to Alexis claim while she's been incubating, she hasn't received a dime from Ryan and she's hurting financially because she's unable to work.

But sources connected to Ryan tell us Alexis is lying -- that Ryan has been paying Alexis' expenses, despite the fact that he has no obligation to do so until a judge establishes paternity.

We're also told Ryan is furious, because Alexis agreed that if Ryan paid to support her during her pregnancy, she wouldn't go blabbing to the media -- which Ryan's people believe she has done.

As one source connected to Ryan put it, "File this under the category, 'No good deed goes unpunished.'"


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Why is he paying her? To make people think he might be hetero?

1319 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

I absolutely love Ryan! Amazing actor and seems to have his ish together.

1319 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

"To make people think he might be hetero?"

As IF being gay should be something to hide? Just STFU and eat that 2nd box of hot pockets your fat asss has been wanting.

1319 days ago


First of all they weren't married & he should not be obligated to pay Alexis anything until it's proven that it is his baby. Plenty of single women pay their own way while they're pregnant & Alexis is no different. She's just another gold digger crying for money.

1319 days ago

northern gypsy    

5 words for you...KEEP...IT...IN...YOUR...PANTS !!!

1319 days ago


I'm sorry, but do young girls not know about birth control these days? Some pills are 99.9% effective if taken properly. And what about Ryan? Did he wear a condom? Seems like if they had both been using birth control this wouldn't have happened. Sounds like they don't even like each other anymore. Nice for the kid huh? (I'm being sarcastic)

1319 days ago


I wonder how long until she hires Gloria Allred?

1319 days ago


that's not even a picture of alexis... and for those of you who are saying she's a gold digger... she's only 22 and i dont think that she would purposely get pregnant when her career is about to take off.

1319 days ago


Why exactly is she unable to work? This makes it even look more like she's lying about the baby being his, she just wants a handout $$.

1319 days ago


i agree with number 4 5 8 and 10

1319 days ago


That's not Alexis Knapp in your photo! That's actress Jillian Murray:

1319 days ago


why cant she work?i worked up until i was nine months,she just got pregnant on purpose to get a pay check,she knew what she was doin,nothing but another slut...

1319 days ago


He should have had her sign something - bad lawyering or NO lawyering here.

No money, honey, without your sig right here. Ryan is doing the honorable thing and she's not.

1319 days ago


Phillippe. Why pay? Was a condom used?

1319 days ago


Who wants to give money to someone for no reason? He may be waiting to make sure its his which is the smart thing to do. Lots of people famous or not get suckered into taking care of kids that aren't theirs cause they don't get the kid(s) tested. It's always best to wait ESPECIALLY is you two aren't together and their is one rich person.

1319 days ago
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