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Charlie Sheen Rake$ It In On Tour

3/18/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will make $7 million dollars on his "Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with the concert tour tell us ... the deal is for Charlie to perform on 21 dates. He'll get 85% of the profits, with Live Nation getting the remaining 15%.  Charlie's cut is projected to average between $250,000 - $275,000 for each show.

And there's more ... Charlie will get additional $$$ for after-parties and merchandising with 200,000 pieces of merchandise already shipped out for the show.

In all, we're told Charlie will pull in $7 million in a month.

The show will last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  It's essentially Charlie doing comedy in a chair, so the overhead is minimal.

And since the shows are selling out off of Charlie's Twitter, there are no advertising costs.

"Two and a Half" what?


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They are crayz!!    

I have said it before, I will say it again now, : CHARLIE IS FAKING HIS MELTDOWN - Charlie knows nothing makes more money than a celebrity meltdown aka Britney or Lindsay.

Charlie likes drugs, porn and and to party, but I think he is putting on a show.

Charlie controls EVERY ASPECT of this meltdown with twitter, his website, internet, tmz, he controls and does it all. He is making monster money for sitting at home and ranting off once in awhile, doing TV media like Piers Morgan interviews, tmz live, the man is controlling it all - and raking in the dough.

LOVE YOU CHARLIE !!! You are the warlock vatican assasin!!!

1285 days ago



1285 days ago


OMG! This really proves that humans are the most stupid creatures on earth!

1285 days ago


you go Charlie. show them just show them all.

1285 days ago


Beware of the "Star Whackers" Chuckles, you torpedo of turd.......

1285 days ago


I don't know what is more pathetic...him doing these "shows" or the idiots who are actually paying to see them.

1285 days ago


I seriously feel this crowd will be filled with druggies and slutty woman that JUST HOPE they might be picked out of the crowd to be one of Charlie's new whores.
I can't see any other person A buying tickets to this show.

1285 days ago


If winning is only about money I think that is sad. Winning is being a good father, being a husband. A prediction...he will not want anything to do with his children anymore. I think his ex wives are very, very happy about the fact that he is out of the picture.

BTW....where is Martin Sheen? Where is Emilio? Where is his family?

1285 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

He'll never make it through this tour. Ticket brokers have purchased the bulk of these tickets and they will be left giving them away for a dime on the dollar.

Charlie's not a comedian, he's a tragedy. He won't have the material, he won't have the stamina, and he's just a sideshow freak at this point.

Help save Charlie and don't go to the shows! He's losing, his mind, his career, and any remaining goodwill.

On the upside, he did beat Sarah Palin in a recent presidential poll, so there's that.

1285 days ago


TMZ did you forget Charlie said 'a dollar from every ticket will go towards Japan relief ' ?

1285 days ago


And why is anyone even paying any attention to this idiot. Especially TMZ - why are you even reporting on this moron and his antics?

1285 days ago


Give them the heater, Charlie!!! Hope everything will work out for you. Good luck.

1285 days ago

Desert Cat    

Mr. Sheen will be dead from an overdose or drug-related complications before the final dates of this tour.

1285 days ago

the missing link    

He'll really be winning when he O D's on his crack soon. WINNING WINNING LOL go charlie.

1285 days ago


This may be a quick fix for immediate income for him, but it has a low shelf life. After all, we have already heard his rants and raves on all kinds of media, and he's goina have to work really hard to come up with something new. Plus, he made more than that for 4 episodes of Men and he didn't have to get in a plane and fly to a venue. All he had to do was get in a vehicle and he could be at work in a few minutes. Now he's adding travel and overnights in a hotel and all the crap that goes with the touring life. How is his so-called soberiety going to hold up under that? Even if he takes a tricked-out bus, there's bound to be trouble somewhere along the way. I think he needs to just hang it up, get clean and sober, and go on to make movies. There is a market for him in movies, he could do just as well as Jennifer Anniston, who makes millions and millions for stupid bubble gum movies that aren't all that funny. Charlie could top her (no pun intended!) in that market. I still don't see Charlie as doing anything but crashing and burning unless he gets his mind right.

1285 days ago
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