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Elin Nordegren's New $12 Million Tiger Den

3/18/2011 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren has reportedly used some of her $100 million divorce settlement from Tiger Woods to buy a brand new $12 million home ... just ten miles from Tiger's new digs.

The 9,000 sq ft beach front home in North Palm Beach features eight bathrooms and a 4,000 sq ft basement.

Elin is the only mistress of this house.



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This is a waste like Fran said. People who don't earn millions blow millions faster then if they earned them. This house is going to cost more to keep up and keep cool taxes, etc maintain for someone who has no job other than being a millionaires wife.This is the dumbest use of money unless she plans to open a spa on one side. but for 3 people and two of them babies.......fill in your thoughts here____________________

1282 days ago


What about you Tweety ? Did you donate something ?
Who cares if Miss Bundchen donates something or not ... I would have more respect for those celebrities if they donate without saying it to the whole world .... Sick and tired of these useless people who believe the world revolve around them !

1282 days ago


This man was wrong however you leave the marriage with what you came in with. Tiger she played you! He was paid before her. So she didnt help build anything. He should just be paying child support and thats it! all these millions this idiot chick my bad this brillant chick is getting is insane. All you women who saying go girl been cheated on for free and all of a sudden a guy needs to pay millions for cheating. Move the hell on. Most of you BEING cheated on right now!!!! lol.

1282 days ago


Gold-digger scores!

1282 days ago


That has got to be the highest price ever paid for a waterfront home in North Palm Beach.
Elin negotiate!!!!
You could've gotten this for $8.6 mil easy.

1282 days ago

joyce richardson    

she did what most white women do marry black atheletes and take their money and leave do you really think elin didnt know that tiger was a womanizer come on give me a break so i say reperation for black people should only go to black women because black men tend to give it back to the very people that enslaved them whats wrong with you guys most white women plot to marry these black guys with money they already have a plan how to walk a way with a baby and the mans money grow up black men.

1282 days ago


Morality is a thing of the past, as is evidenced from what's happening in our world today , you get money by whatever means, tiger is no saint but, women today seem to think that their peers who are groupies and get wifed gave a fiduciary, if not moral duty to rip off her husband's money.
If she doesn't do this she is characterized as an idiot and a moron.
Groupies who get wifed,are not moral authorities that should dictate to their spouses on fidelity.

1282 days ago


Félicitations Elin ... Tu es une femme exceptionnelle et cette maison est bien plus jolie que celle que ton ex a construit et qui est d'une laideur monumentale.
Laisse les idiots où ils sont et concentre toi sur ton futur bonheur et à tes enfants.
Laisse le fils de pute Woods là où il est avec ses traînées et ses salopes. Ne t'inquiète pas pour lui il aura la punition qu'il mérite comme tous les ordures qui polluent cette planète.

1281 days ago


The problem with buying houses that you really don't need, is maintenance. You can really blow through 100 million these days, by the way. I hope she has old money or a talent. Frankly how ever much tiger spends on his house, is not strange, he makes the money and spends the money. I can't say she deserved that much money, because she knew what he was worth when she married him.I seems the public is more broken up about what he did than she is. On to the next rich guy!

1281 days ago


Abasement on a beach? Can you spell mold and mildew?

Honey you keep spending your 100 million like that and you won't last long!

Posted at 10:01 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by Marty from Modesto

Duh. Have you ever heard of hurricanes from the Atlantic?????
That's why many homes have large basements on the East Coast!!
Oh, and another thing, Marty, $12Million is a drop in her buckets of cash!! And believe me, she earned it for being married to that phony jerk of a husband.

Posted at 10:06 AM on Mar 18, 2011 by Wishes

Homes in FLA do not have basements the sea level is too low!!!

1281 days ago


Listen. All of you on here that are slamming Elin for buying a house or having one purchased for her are just plain jealous. It's HER money and she can do whatever she wants to with it.
she EARNED that money dealing with HIM, MR HORNDOG, MR PLAYER, MR MALE SLUT. If I were her, I would have taken every last dime he ever had or will have and make him live in a cardboard box somewhere.
You may not admit it but if you did come into the same amount of money, most of you would do the exact same thing with it. buy big things and fancy cars and show off your wealth. And who's to say she doesn't give to charity or do something constructive with her life. After all, she is going to school to be a psychologist.
I dream every night that I could have that kind of money and you can bet your last dollar that I would do exactly what she did and buy a big house like that.
I wish her all the best in life and all the happiness she didn't have with HIM. She deserves every stinking penny and much more. LAY OFF HER.

1281 days ago


Very well said Regina, the best post I have read so far.
I couldn't have sait it better. So many jealous people here.
Kudos to Elin for acting like a true class act ... she will be happy but too bad she will have to deal with Mr Ugly Frog because of the children !

1281 days ago

Oh Really Girlz?    

Ladies, the year is 2011. Why are you congratulating this woman for being a gold digger? Have some dignity.

1281 days ago


A fool and her millions are soon parted....

1281 days ago


I wonder if Eldrick has ever looked in a mirror. He belongs in a zoo. He's lucky he got a beautiful woman like Elin Nordegren to bear his children so he'd have normal looking children, yet he has the nerve to laugh at doing the nasty --- unprotected --- with 200 or so prostitutes and porn stars and then causing the failure of his marriage because of it. What a dog (don't mean to insult dogs, sorry).

1280 days ago
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