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Michael Lohan Allegedly

Viciously Attacks Kate Major

3/22/2011 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now knows why Michael Lohan was arrested Monday night on domestic violence charges ... and it involves his ex-girlfriend, Kate Major ... and it appears there was a violent confrontation.


Michael went to his apartment last night -- the one he shared with Kate.  She hasn't lived there for a while and she had dropped by to pick up some of her stuff.

We're told Michael became upset that Kate was packing up for good, and "went ballistic."  They started arguing, and Kate turned her back on him.  She told cops, Michael then grabbed her and threw her across the room.  Kate says she struck the bedpost with her left shoulder.

Kate claims she threatened to call the cops, and then Michael allegedly took a towel and began choking her.  She also claims Michael then threatened to cut himself with a razor blade and tell cops she did it -- if she called police.

Kate went to the Sheriff's sub-station, where cops photographed what we're told are "visible injuries."

TMZ broke the story ... Michael was arrested and booked on inflicting corporal injury on a co-habitant, false imprisonment, and preventing the report of victimization -- all felony charges.

Michael complained of chest pains after the incident and is currently in the hospital.


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Amd we wonder why Lindsay is so twisted ????

1210 days ago


Michael is a mega loser who can't keep a woman. He's still obviously attracted to Dina (or Lindsay???) so goes after her prototype but even the scroungiest of women get sick of his mega BS.

Oh well, he won't have to worry about that once he's in prison.

1210 days ago


Euthanise him!

1210 days ago


I usually like to jump to conclusions, but just this once, I gotta ask: Why didn't she call first? It were me, I would have called first, AND I would have taken a friend with me.

Knowing this guy has a violent past, there is NO WAY I'd be inclined to show up on his door step unannounced.

Sometimes, people (like her) will harass people (like him) because she knows he's vulnerable, he seems to be doing just fine without her, and how do we know she wasn't there to try to weasel some money out of him?

I'm kind of suspicious on this one. I know he's a s***bag, but I don't think people should be subject to blackmail in order to keep another s***bag quiet.

1210 days ago


Italia, those are good points but lots of women end up doing exactly what Kate did - going back alone to get their belongings. And then end up getting hurt - or worse. I personally know of such a lady who did that, against the advice of her lawyer. She is now in her grave thanks to her moment of poor judgment. It does happen.

1210 days ago


I hope not, either, but all the signs are inching towards it.

1210 days ago



I know. There is just THAT MUCH hatred and dysfunction in that family.

1210 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

No posts from SittingBull**** and Mickey
must be a busy day.That`s right mikey is going to jail!Thank god no more posts from that FREAK!

1210 days ago


Now that Michael Lohan is in jail, Kate Major can really clean out his apartment of everything he owns, or she can even move back in.

There's no doubt in my mind, after she gets finished talking to the police and making up half the chit, Michael probably won't be back on the streets for quite some time, especially since he's got nobody to watch his back -- his entire biological family hates him.

So, Michael is out there by himelf with his a$$ just hanging in the wind.

1210 days ago


Well, Italia, if she does that sort of thing, he certainly knew her character in advance. She's kind of a female version of him. And not that she should make up anything whatsoever, but in a way, it's kind of karma for him, since he beat up Dina and got away with it.

1210 days ago


Milo obviously thinks that women are somehow subhuman and deserve the wrath of his fist, so tough on him. This time he got caught at it. Oh well. Too bad, Mikey, hope you like the food in prison. And don't bend down for the soap, either, as the saying goes.

1210 days ago


I've got one gear, GO!


1210 days ago


In case anyone's wondering about Mikey's past fist-of-fury assaults:

Dina Lohan claimed he physically abused her
Erin Muller claims he spit at her and beat her and kicked her in the crotch.
Cindy "Rodeo" Steedle claimed he manhandled her
and Kate Major has claimed physical abuse by Mikey.

It's kind of like Lindsay's case. You see a pattern emerging and you follow it to see where it leads. In this case, a blatant disregard of the women in his life.

1210 days ago


MikeyHo brings the Funk to DysFunktional!

1210 days ago


When I was watching WWE last night for a few minutes I couldnt help to think where on earth they would get an idea for a character like Shameus. Hes Irish, hes always really angry, hes always yelling, and always starting fights.

1210 days ago
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