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TMZ Live -- Lisa Lampanelli Unloads...

3/21/2011 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Why the lovable Queen of Mean, Lisa Lampanelli is defending Gilbert Gottfried's jokes about Japan. And, what she thinks about comedians using 9/11 in routines ... Lisa Lampanelli unloads on the world ... and Harvey! It's all on today's TMZ Live! 


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(0:00) Lisa Lampanelli is here! And Harvey is SWEATING -- literally -- because he's worried about what she's gonna say.
(2:00) Harvey attempts to talk about Bruno Mars' prosecutor being arrested for coke ... but Lisa finds a way to turn it against him.
(6:00) Mike has the REAL story about how Bruno's coke arrest went down ... and he smells a rat.
(7:00) Lisa tells us who sucked -- and who rocked -- at Donald Trump's roast.
(10:00) Is everyone being too mean to Rebecca Black?
(12:00) Is Charlie Sheen's recent behavior just an act? No ... because Lisa doesn't think he's THAT good of an actor.
(13:00) Should Comedy Central have celebrity guests roast people ... or just leave the joke-telling up to the professionals?
(16:00) Skype question for Lisa -- was it wrong for Aflac to fire Gilbert Gottfriend?
(18:00) Why was The Situation invited to the roast?
(19:00) If Harvey could only save ONE staff member ... who would it be?
(22:00) Who would Lisa roast if she could pick one person.
(30:00) If Lisa is the "Queen of Mean" ... who's the king?


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I don't enjoy watching roasts. The meanness cancels out the funny.

1279 days ago


Lisa Lampanelli was AWFUL to me and I am a huge fan!! She attacked me at one of her shows.!! I tried to call in to confront her but couldn't put me on probably because Harvey is kissing her ass so much. He wouldn't want to tell people about the REAL Lisa and her Scary GOON Husband!!

1279 days ago

who dat    

If you haven't watched this don't bother. This woman is a no talent hack that ruins the show.

1279 days ago


Hope Charles is back tomorrow. I don't like Lisa L. I don't like Don Rickles. I don't like people who consider insults comedy. This was the worst TMZ Live ever.

1279 days ago

January Jonez    

Hands down, the best TMZ Live of 2011...

Posted at 2:12 PM on Mar 21, 2011 by MightyMad

I agree 100...Thanks Harvey - You Rock :-)

1279 days ago


When I saw Lisa Lampanelli and unloads in the same sentence, my first thought was a mental image of something that requires lighting a match, air freshener, and a plunger. Although, I suppose that the plunger would be a good idea to have if you are going to be around her for any length of time, at least you can use it to shut her up...

1279 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Hey, I didn't know you were having a pig roast!

1279 days ago


You should never have LL on again, ever. She sucks. Being mean is not funny and only the least intelligent most loathsome creatures would consider offensive comments comedy. I hate Don Rickles. Always have. And she is a cheap imitation of him. Society would be better off if LL just flipped burgers or washed cars.

1279 days ago


Harvey this is regarding your statement about Sweden bacteria..I think your right! If we go to Mexico we cannot drink the water there due to the fact our bodies are not used to the bacteria in the water which leads to Montezumas revenge..! Anyway you can pick up bacteria from so many things so why not a Swed..!! Love your show...! You guys Rock..!!!!

1279 days ago


Worst TMZ show ever. She is awful....not funny at all....just disgusting and mean. Does she really make a living as a comedian? yuck.

1279 days ago


Lisa is only funny to people who are dead inside.

1279 days ago

Yep I said that    

Who is this woman? I couldn't imagine being in a room with her trying to be funny

1279 days ago


She is totally full of s**t! No way would a comic get away with doing 9/11 jokes...forget about in 2001, they can't get away with doing 9/11 jokes NOW! She's a hypocrite by overlooking Gilbert's Japan jokes when she knows comics can't even tell 9/11 jokes!

1279 days ago


I don't really find her all that funny at all, but for whatever reason, I don't hate her.

1279 days ago


wow, really surprised at these comments....if you don't think lisa lampanelli is funny, you are probably a pretty dull person who doesn't know how to have a good time. they're jokes people~DUH!'s not the 6 o'clock news.

1279 days ago
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