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Dr. Murray: Arnie Klein Made MJ a Demerol Addict

3/22/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers just filed blistering legal docs, claiming Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime doctor and friend -- addicted him to Demerol and another powerful narcotic.


In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Murray's legal team claims Klein fueled MJ's drug dependency by giving him scores of Demerol injections in the months prior to his death.  TMZ broke the story ... in the 3 months before Jackson died, Dr. Klein gave MJ 51 Demerol injections.

The docs claim, "Due to Mr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol." 

Murray's team wants Klein to produce all his medical records, claiming "Dr. Klein is a relevant and highly material witness to the defense."



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we all know that Michael may have been on some kind of drug or drugs and he should have taken a lil more responsibility 4 himself but at the same time, money and greed fueled by these doctors, should have said Mr.MJ, i am not abound 2 give you no drugs without a prescription, but im sure it they didnt Mr.MJ would have went somewhere else to get it, so what, let him, when you are in the medical profession you are held repsonsible as well bcause these doctors need 2know when enough is enough in terms of how much drugs the body can endure as well as the milligrams that they prescribe, plain and simple, Mr, Murry is liable no matter what

1306 days ago


If doctors wouldn't have given the freak prescriptions he would have gotten his drugs anyway. He would have sent Prince down to the corner to buy anything he wanted. He was a drug addicted child molester.

1306 days ago


If MJ is so ugly why you keep looking at his pictures every hour? MJ was beautiful and that is why you cannot stop looking at his old pictures or thinking about him.

Posted at 11:49 AM on Mar 26, 2011 by Marie

People stare at freaks. MJ made himself a freak. He wanted people to stare at him.

1306 days ago


To Mymjj5, I love your posts as well! Tell those freaks and haters exactly what they need to hear! It sickens me to have to read the stupid things they write. How people can be so mean to a wonderful and loving man is beside me! Thank you for your posts that maybe can put these people in their place.
Michael I love you!!! I will never let you part for you are always in my heart!!!
Posted at 2:05 AM on Mar 26, 2011 by allforlove
Hi allforlove

Thanks. I'm here for the duration defending our michael until the trial is over.

1306 days ago


Hi Cherwood!!
The Thriller Casino!! That's about the only thing the estate could approve that would draw the fans back if murray is given a slap on the wrist.
The foundation will always be Michael's dream not their money grubbing maggot ***got schemes and trinket trash CDs.

1306 days ago


Dr. murray should have followed developments in medicine ,rather than fathering so man children with ****tail waitresses and poledancers and waste time meeting them, getting himself into debts, being asked to leave a hospital,not
keeping his Gen. Med certificaion that lapsed, (he was never a board certfied cardiologist!Why is he always being called one??)
Had he kept up with current medicine he would have known that Demerol addiction can be cured with Naltrexone given during Propofol anaesthesia in hours.Ofcourse you need the necessary equipment for anaesthesia here too.
Nobody claims Michael was an easy patient, but this kind of treatment would have been just right for him. That is if it is true he had a dendency on Demerol.This being the latest to come out from murrays defence.Murray is a lazy, bad doctor ,also lacking the ethical standards.Does not seem to be interested in medicine, just the money.

1301 days ago



1301 days ago


He was certainly not an addict to Propofol before murray entered the scene.He did have some expierience of it 4 x given by anaesthesiologist over 2 year span for dental proceedures.
And possibly on an an occasional basis during tour, also by anaesthesiologist.He may have liked the effect and not having a medical background thoght this would be a solution to his troublesome insomnia.Any doctor with his/her ethics and general medical knowledge would have put him right on this point.It was
sheer madness what murray did.

sheer madness what murray did.And I want to add any nurse too.

1301 days ago


Omer Michael Bhatti 'O-Bee' Interview. Speculation and rumors...

1299 days ago

The Author    

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1289 days ago



1159 days ago

Melissa Franklin    

I'm am a big fan of Michael Jackson and I'm very say cause I never got a change to see him just on Tv. I just wish I could meet Michael I got all his CDs and books poster. I just want the Jackson family to know he was every thing to me thought his music thank you Michael I love u

876 days ago
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