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'Pawn Stars' Missile -- The Explosive Photo

3/22/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the missile guidance system thingy that launched a full-scale Federal investigation into "Pawn Stars" -- and now, TMZ has obtained a photo of its GREEN ORB OF DOOM.

Okay, we pretty much have no idea what we're looking at -- but we're told it's part of the guidance system used on an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile ... typically launched out of F-4 Phantom fighter jets.

TMZ broke the story ... the person who sold the parts to the "Pawn Stars" guys earlier this month claimed her father bought the parts LEGALLY at a military auction back in the '80s.

As far as we know, the government hasn't confiscated it yet -- but who cares ... look how shiny it is!


No Avatar

a long time Leno fan!    


'but who cares ... look how shiny it is'? LOL

This shiny metal thing likely cost millions of dollars to make, can make an entire neighborhood disappear and 'but who cares ... look how shiny it is'?


1275 days ago


I can't tell from the photo, but did those moe-rons try to plug the thing in and power it up? Geezy peezy.

1275 days ago


Shove that up Chris Browns Ass !

1275 days ago


It sure is purdy!

1275 days ago

Hope it turns out to be nuclear and someone shoves it up Gadaffis's Ars*hole.

I ****ing hate that peice of ****.

And the vain son of a bitch has had plastic surgey looking at his latest image.

Bet he bums Osama every night in his bedouin tent.

1275 days ago

Screw TMZ    

That's not a freaken AMRAAM!!! The AMRAAM was introduced long after the F-4 Phantom was retired

1275 days ago


Why would they want it? Who besides 3rd-world arms developers would want something like that?

1275 days ago


Haha your commenting on this and you don't even know what it is. WOW you guys are such great detectives keep up the good work. Its and heat seeker for an A9 missile which was in use back in the 1960...s. Its not a missile!!! It doesnt explode!!! Its just a bunch of wires and mirrors that would be used to guide the missile. This isn't a threat to national security this technology was used back in the cold war and it is completely useless without a missile attached to it!!!. Seriously TMZ stay focused on following around celebs and living your lives through them because thats all your good at.

1251 days ago

Ammo Troop    

Ha, that thing does look like it belongs on a 65, ill give you that. There is no way in hell it belings on a 9 or even a 120, or if you really are asking a 7. I might say it looks like it could go on a wgu-39 but thats about it. If you check this link it tells it all. Im not knocking the marines or pilots, but pilots gerneraly dont know crap about the munitions they have. The fact that he came in and said right off the start that it was from a 9 made me laugh hard enough i almost fell out of my chair. Again not knocking pilots, but if you really wanted to know if it was a munitons item ask a ammo troop, or better yet GOOGLE THE NSN......

1238 days ago

Ammo Troop    

And i forgot to add the pilot talked about using 50mm and .20 cal rounds...... and remember he went to weapons school too...... i rest my case.

1238 days ago
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