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Charlie Sheen -- You Ain't Comin' Back to 'Men'

3/23/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is "no chance" of Charlie Sheen coming back to "Two and a Half Men" -- this according to sources connected to the production of the show.


A story has been circulating that CBS wants Charlie back on the show. Fact is ... Charlie was hired by Warner Bros. and, as TMZ first reported, fired by Warner Bros. Only Warner Bros. can bring him back, and sources directly connected to the production tell us there is "no chance" of that happening.

"Men" creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre has been holding meetings about the future of the show and possible re-casting, but Charlie is history.

The story that CBS offered him his job back is simply bogus.  CBS can't rehire Sheen -- period.


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They will hired Charlie back,if they can't get high ratings without him.,because money talks

1256 days ago


Two & Half without Charlie...won't watch and am a big fan.

1255 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a drug addict who beats women.

He is a 45 year old father of 5 who spends his money on whores

and drugs, publicly attacks and threatens the mothers of his children.

Charlie Sheen publicly attacks his own employer and then wants his job back.

1252 days ago


charlies got enough money to last the rest of his life why should he care
chuck lorre starts the chit flying charlie throws it back after years of harassement by lorre so they cut off their noses to save their face. losing billions in the process. then they cut off charlies legally payable income from past shows just to be jerks
thats gonna look good for them in court im sure
yea charlie should have shut up after he spoke but how would you react if youd been dogged by years by someone like charlie claims lorre did
meanwhile loree publicly admits hes been having a rough time since this starts (read loss of income)
im more worried about jon cryer and the kid and the maid than i am anyone else
theyre all millionairs so it aint like the lights will be shut off for nonpayment
rag chuck lorre if you want a scape goat !!!!!!

1251 days ago


if i was charlie id just kick back. hes got enough money to live on
let the goddesses help out some
and concentrate on getting his residuals being paid again. since warner bros has gone to so far as to quit paying them which make it in breech of contract. what theyre doing is not paying so if charie wins his lawsuit all theyll be paying him with is his contract agreed to earnings of residuals

1249 days ago


Yo; what is your problem?

1248 days ago


This is the type of actions people in society have to deal with on a daily basis for those that decided to take drugs back when. They are left trying to fit into society with what the drugs left over, partial brain. I can't imagine somebody stuck their head under a sink one day, or in poisons in s garage and said "Hey guys lets snort this, see what it will do to us".....Because of their ignorant decisions they made way back when WE the people end up paying, and have to deal with the embarrassment of what is left over. Be it Sheen or whomever, there should be a special island we can drop this type on, keeping them away from people that have made much wiser decisions in their lives....they don't see that we just want them to go away.....they are irritating and an embarrassing, scared for life. I can't stand going into a restaurant, having a waitress coming up to take my order, watching her jaw move side to side, her not being able to stand still, them twitching around like they have ants in their pants, I can't think about ordering food at that moment, only the fact they look like freaks.....People that try drugs for the first time KNOW the end results, but they go ahead anyway, so if their lives are hell...GOOD.

1191 days ago


Bring Charlie Sheen back. Get rid of Ashton he is stupid on the show. Sheen and the rest of the old cast go together. He and Jon are so funny. They never found the body so they could have Rose kidnap him or something. Dallas did it in a dream and brought Bobbie back.

1045 days ago
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