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Chris Brown

ABC Won't Press Charges

3/23/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has dodged a bullet after his alleged window-smashing meltdown at "Good Morning America" Tuesday -- because network sources tell TMZ .... ABC has decided NOT to press charges.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the NYPD will not investigate the matter because there is no complaining victim.

That's especially good news for CB -- because he's currently on probation for beating up Rihanna ...
and could have faced prison time if the judge violated his probation on grounds he committed vandalism.

We're told the judge will not violate Chris' probation unless New York prosecutes him ... and that's not going to happen.

No word if Chris will pay for the broken window.


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Ester Rondi    

People do not know how to forget the past of others, even if it seems like it happened with the hostess who brought firewood she had only one interview and talking about it and forget what had happened. STOP WHAT YOUR IDIOTS you earn trying to ruin the lives of others? STOP AND THINK that one day it can happen to you!
And when they want to go on the public and idiots like you will not miss anything blank.
Everyone knew that Brown was trying, trying to improve by having to go to the doctor because he's nervous breakdown that he can not control and yet you do not help the poor, now comes the question: Why accept LEAVE THE BROWN PROMOTE CD FAME in the program? Knowing that it was to launch the CD does not talk about his past? This is unfair because when the guy doing this fame, touring, blah blah blah ... You lick the bag of them right? Now who is trying to improve you let the guy **** yourself! Now who would render the program is CHRIS BROWN poque at this guy who is guilty of everything the program.
His bunch of ignorant, Brown does not let it affect by anything, you deserve to promote your CD in a program for real! Bye: Esther Rondi, Brazil.

1318 days ago


Of course not. If this was a FEMALE celebrity, she'd be sitting in jail as we speak. This guy CLEARLY still has serious rage issues, which mean he is NOT better nor a changed man. He's still the arrogant hot head he's apparently always been so he can't be ticked that people ask him about his past since he's the one still living in it.

1318 days ago


@GMA Are you people crazy? Inviting Chris Brown back? Stop enabling this man-child. He is nothing more than a spoiled child and a thug.

1318 days ago


Leave him along let him heal and live his life no one is perfect in this word not even the one with all the negtive comments only God is perfect .He will never heal whit stuff like this .

1318 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

@147 I also thought that.

all these publicity stunts >.

1318 days ago

Mr Baxter    

I can't stand Chris Brown and I wish he would be put behind bars. But, from the standpoint of GMA, of course they're not going to press charges. There's a possibility of guests feeling uncomfortable and refusing to come on the show in the future if they did try to put Brown in jail.

1318 days ago


you know people might your ****in busines

1318 days ago


ABC - Absolving Bad Conduct!

1318 days ago


LIL' PUNK THUG..deserves to lose everything

1318 days ago


To those who think we should hold him accountable for his actions or he will never change, you know not the heart of a man but only criticize him because of his actions as well as the monster that those portray him out to be. I seriously think if you are worthy of not ever doing any wrong PLEASE continue wasting your time talking about someone who has been judged, found guilty and has paid his dues to society and if you are not happy with the court system ruling then maybe you should take you’re A** back to school and become a judge so you can have the last say otherwise shut the hell up! THIS IS NOT DIRECTED TO JUST ONE PERSON, I’M JUST SAYING & I’M NOT TAKING SH** BACK!
I am so tired of hearing about Chris Brown and what he did or may not have done and if he needs anger management classes or not. Note to everybody; get on your job, mind your own business so that you can have more out of life and stop trying to down play Chris Brown who is a person who has a purpose in life and you can’t see your own purpose because you so busy worrying about somebody else who is suppose to walk different from you. All I gotta say is GROW UP, SHUT UP, and or just KILL yourself if you feel as if this Chris Brown topic is the highlight of life! People y’all need to know better and do better, REAL TALK!

1318 days ago


special treatment for some black worthless azzhole... ABC are cowards... special treatment for people like this? shame on them .... we could see this coming when yesterday it was renported that lame hostess who interviewed him, when leaving the building said she "wished him well". .... what complete bulls't.

I'd boycott ABC over this but i cannot think of any shows i watch on that crappy network anyway.


1318 days ago


Make no mistake, ABC decided not to press charges because Brown is booked to perform on DWTS next week.

Now the ratings for that episode will be through the roof.

It's all about the money and ratings folks.

1318 days ago


I'm waiting for ABC to try to report on the next woman beaten or killed by a man! How could they possibly after allowing this uncaged animal off the hook.As far as Robin goes,always liked her till today when she kissed his *** on air by inviting him back-I almost wish he'd come back and give her a little of what he gave Rihanna-it was discusting to watch her offering him to come back after his behavior-is that the way you raise your children?,reward them for bad behavior?All respect for her is GONE!!!

1318 days ago


Hey morons, look at the connection to ABC and his record label and/or advertisers. All these companies are interlocking and this is why they won't do anything. ABC is financially connected somehow to his career. It's the same reason you can't trust the media/government complex to report any news fairly.

1318 days ago


This guy's IQ has to be below 90.

1318 days ago
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