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Chris Brown

ABC Won't Press Charges

3/23/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has dodged a bullet after his alleged window-smashing meltdown at "Good Morning America" Tuesday -- because network sources tell TMZ .... ABC has decided NOT to press charges.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the NYPD will not investigate the matter because there is no complaining victim.

That's especially good news for CB -- because he's currently on probation for beating up Rihanna ...
and could have faced prison time if the judge violated his probation on grounds he committed vandalism.

We're told the judge will not violate Chris' probation unless New York prosecutes him ... and that's not going to happen.

No word if Chris will pay for the broken window.


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This guy is such a dufus. I wouldn't want his album if he gave
it to me for free.

1253 days ago


Dirty thug laughing at us all. And I ain't racist one bit, I'm just calling a spade a spade. He is what is he is. A piece of trash. All this PC bull**** is gotten way outta hand. We need to publicly humiliate all these boy/men black/white/yellow/pink/blue you name it thugs that think they can do whatever they want and God is on their side. "Don't call me white, don't call me white. I was born in this country, cir***siced, catagorized, allegience sworn, does this mean I have to take such **** for being fair skinned no, I'm not part of no conspiracy, I'm just yer average Joe. Don't call me white, represents everything I hate, the soap shoved in yer mouth to cleanse the mind, a vast majority of sheep, a button collar starched and bleached, constricting blood flow to the brain slows, they're so ****ing ordinary white, don't call me white" Fat Mike, NoFX.

1253 days ago


Everyone should just leave Chris Brown alone and let him get on with his life. For Real? Let by gones be by gones. Get over the Rhianna thing. She's getting on with her life, so let Chris do the same

1253 days ago


Yes, Chris Brown has temper issues, no doubt BUT he has certainly been through alot because of his mistakes.He has also shown remorse for his horrible attack on Rhianna.
GMA knew he was on the show to promote his new album yet took the opportunity to ask AGAIN about the Rhianna incident, that was UNFAIR and for Robin to laugh when Chris became uncomfortable was insensitive.
Suddenly he is taking on a new look, tattoos, blonde hair and a thuggish attitude, obviously he is still struggling with what he did to the girl he was in love with.
Sad situation, he is so talented BUT continues to damage his career. His mom needs to take control!

1253 days ago


I agree with everyone who has said this is not teaching him a lesson. It's giving him a pass for his explosive behavior - maybe if ABC wasn't so concerned with kissing his a**, he might actually learn something. He obviously hasn't changed since the time he was caught after beating Rihanna. (Notice I said the time he was *caught* I sincerely doubt that was the first time) Normal people don't go ballistic and lash out when they're angry, the way he did. He's still the same Chris, unfortunately.

1253 days ago


he is a douche bag and his cd probably wont do well...

1253 days ago

ms. smith    

How come Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson is not in jail?? Charlie Sheen is walking around with a briefcase full of jail..tore up a hotel jail. Mel Gibson knocked his wifes teeth out no jail. It's the media thats trying to ruin him. They do this to say he has not changed. If the media thinks he hasn't changed then they will try to show the world he hasn't. He needs to be taought that the white media aint ****!!!

1253 days ago


I wish these stories about him beating up Rihanna would include the reason WHY he attacked her in the first place - because she interfered with his other girlfriends. This is the #1 reason why men beat up their wives and girlfriends - because they got in his face about his cheating. Ask any cop or women's shelter or ask the victims themselves.

You can't solve a problem if you refuse to look at the cause.

And for what it's worth, I think Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson should be in jail, too, and for the same reason that Chris Brown should be there - for beating up women. Trust me - that chair through the window was meant to intimidate Robin for daring to Get In His Face about why he beat up Rihanna (because he was cheating on her).

1253 days ago


He is an idiot! DON'T BUY HIS MUSIC! He is a BULLY as well. Of course the public is interested in what he has to say about his BEATING of Rihanna. Did he think it would just go away? Wish he would go away!!!Jerk! I think that the only injustice was that he wasn't charged.

1253 days ago

The Timekeeper    

The reason they did not press charges is because this whole thing got blown out of proportion to begin with. the reason so many of you jump on this "Bandwagon of Hate" on Chris Brown is because you believe everything in an instant. Robin Roberts is a basekt case herslef with her own Identity issues. She needs to copme clean about her own personal life befire invading someone else's.

1253 days ago

iyorka mills    

chris brown need help before it's to time it may be a death. and the only thing he could say is sorry.....or go on twitter... sorry my ass...

1253 days ago

Dennis Ryan    

Looszzzzer !!!!

1253 days ago


I think they need to let chris move on about this leave him alone frankly I like him I hope he can make it back he remind me of michael jackson with his dancing.

1253 days ago


bunch of chris brown haters that bitch over steped her **** not cool

1253 days ago


Leave Christ along he did his time. You people need to get a life and stop jumpping on young black man all of the time. All you do is hope on the past he's trying to do something good. Maybe you White people is mad that white women dont want you so you have to comtenual to what you all ways have done for years keep the black man down so you can stay up shame on you.

1253 days ago
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