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"Teen Mom" Victim -- I'm Not Pressing Charges

3/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who got pummeled by "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ she has no plans on pressing charges and just wants the whole thing "to go away."

Britany Truett tells us the gnarly fight was over a boy -- aren't they all? -- who just happens to be Jenelle's ex, Kieffer. She says Kieffer made a pass at her when the three of them were hanging out and Jenelle was not pleased.

Britany says she was shocked that Jenelle got so angry, since they have been friends for seven years and Brit has no interest in Kieffer.

Britany claims she has a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face and a bite mark on her breast. She says she's spoken to Jenelle since the fight went down, but only through Facebook ... in messages she described as Jenelle "smack talking."

Britany tells us she will not be pressing charges -- so it looks like Jenelle dodged a huge bullet.


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Wow, Mac you are an idiot. You make a decent argument, I'll admit. But you don't think this will cause more problems for the dumb redneck? That just proves you are as ignorant as she is. Like the existence of this video won't be brought up if she ever tried to get custody of her child back? And if you read the article, Jenelles BF made a pass at this Britney, not the other way around. She may have "solved" one problem with the beat down, but she just caused many more problems for herself. Like I said, you are probably just as big of a ignorant redneck as Jenelle.

1310 days ago


Actually, Jenelle is from Oak Island, North Carolina which is in New Brunswick County. Wilmington is in New Hanover County which is where I went to college at UNCW. Jenelle is a student at Cape Fear Community College which is in Wilmington. She makes a long commute to go to school. She is originally was born and raised in New Jersey, so she isn't really a Southern girl.

1310 days ago


What this dumb bitch dont realize is that if she would have whooped Jenelle Evans ass, Jenelle Evans would have pressed charges on her . You cant fix stupid .

1310 days ago


Press charges! By not, you're saying that it is ok for people to do that to yourself and others. Stand up for yourself!

1310 days ago


I coming to the defence of Brunswick County and the State of NC.
That trash isn't from here. They are Yankees and I'm not talking about the good kind, good ones are what we call Snowbirds. That kind comes for a visit and then leaves.
Now, that trash is what we like to call F***ing Yankees. They come and stay.

1310 days ago


Of course no charges are going to be pressed. Teen Mom is a celebrity Superstar. Superstars like this always get away with things you or I would get arrested for.

Sometimes I wish I was born with the talent that Teen Mom has then I could get away with anything.

1310 days ago


I hope she changes her mind.

1310 days ago


She is such s***....white trash pos...I hope they lock her ass up.

1310 days ago


everyone standing there should have charges pressed against them. First the girl was to f'n scared to hit her anyway then her stupid friend pushes her into her. Everyone there should have their a$$es beat.

1310 days ago


I don't know if this was a scam fight, or a real fight, either way I hate Jenelle she is a **** mother and an even ****ter person, if i ever had the chance to meet her I just might have to beat her ass.

1310 days ago

Kyle cochran    

Her surfer lawyer should get some more screen time

1310 days ago


Charges will get pressed no matter what. The proof is out in the open.

1310 days ago


Im white so I feel I have a right to say this HOOKIE!! Nothing bt WHITE TRASH!!! Who should go to jail!!

1310 days ago


someone needs to protect jenelle's child - mtv should cancel this show - between this loser and amber , they should be sued and definitly lose every penny they made . i agree the laws needs to be changed . brit has already seen what will happen to her so she is scared . i think the 1st person to go to jail is the skag who pushed jenelle . i hope tmz or someone offers alot of money for people to come forward and name everyone involved = if you stood and watched - you are involved . if someone did that to my daughter - they would probably be jumped , beaten to near death allowed to heal and then beaten again . someone please save that child from a life with jenelle. and by the way ladies - the guy who made the flirtation with brit is who should have received that beating .

1310 days ago


i wonder what janelle gets out of all this? cuz its obviously not good for her trying to get custody back for her son...i think this girl has been told all her life shes trash..and shes just behaving like people expect her to be...i dont think she knows how to be anything else or be anything else. I feel sorry for her.

1310 days ago
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