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'Ghost' Crew -- We NEED to Investigate 'Idol' Mansion!

3/27/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The crew from "Ghost Adventures" believes there may be DEMONIC activity inside the haunted "American Idol" mansion ... and they want to investigate the place ASAP ... TMZ has learned.

American Idol House Haunted
Zak Bagans -- lead investigator of the "Ghost Adventures Crew" -- insists the alleged paranormal activity inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the "A.I." finalists were staying sounds LEGIT and "possibly demonic."

As TMZ first reported, the "Idol" gang MOVED OUT of the place last week after several spooky incidents -- including flickering lights, mysterious spider infestations, and a FLOATING WHITE SHEET!!

Zak tells us he feels the best way to investigate the supernatural situation would be to bring  the "Idol" finalists BACK to the house so he can use them as "trigger objects."

Zak explains, "If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of them ... hence all the activity."

We're told the "Ghost Adventures Crew" has already been in touch with the people at "Idol."

Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuned.


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GAC lied about Goldfield hotel and the Riddle house. The proof is in the video! They are actors and Zak was finishing his thesis for film school and the Goldfield hotel episode was the finished product. He had to make an impression and his acting skills were put to the test that evening.

Here's a FACT! Let's say a person (or persons) decided to enter the Goldfield Hotel without permission. The silent alarm sounds and the police investigate. In this small town, you have ONE officer on duty (has a key) who must now enter the hotel (at night) to investigate this disturbance. He has a flashlight; however NO ghost gear. LOL. He must walk alone and look for these party goers who decide to have fun while drunk. Keep in mind, this police officer has gone in there many times at night and NOT once has he encountered a ghost or EVPs. Maybe the ghost were afraid of a man with a gun and decided not to haunt that night? My point is ...the place is haunted in ZAk's head ONLY. Simple. That night was a set-up for the people at home and it helped propel Zak's dismal acting career.

Scifake has more if you care to see the debunking.

Now back to watching paint dry.

1273 days ago


I don't believe anything that happens on Ghost Adventures. May be based on real cir***stances but the actual events on the show are fictional. But I love the guys regardless and I always watch the show when I can. Don't know if that mansion is haunted or not but this isn't the first time I've heard stories about it. Although... I find it hard to believe a floating white sheet. Seems a little silly. LOL

1273 days ago



1273 days ago


I started to watch Ghost Adventures once and when they started to scream like little girls, I switched the channel and have never watched the show again. What a bunch of ignorant Girlie-boys acting like they know what they are doing!

1273 days ago


Get the people from Most Haunted. They're well known for faking evidence and making sure the viewer doesn't go away without a good show. Know who I really miss? Derek Acorah! He'd always get "possessed" and talk in different voices. Sometimes they'd have to hold him down because he'd be flailing his arms all over the place. Oh, those were the days! You can find some of his antics on YouTube, just enter his name in the search.

While I'm a true believer in the paranormal, I know that a lot of these shows fabricate evidence, such as Grant Wilson from TAPS. The Halloween Special a few years ago caught him with a string down his sleeve to make it look like is collar was pulled on forcefully. Busted Grant! Although, I do give the guys at Ghost Adventures kudos. They've been keeping it real.

1273 days ago


She drives, keeps his balls in her purse-no talent family.

1273 days ago


if GA does this.they will get tons of EVPs they are that stupid.they also dont realize that most evps are picked up from telephones and walkie talkies but these guys love to decieve people.

1273 days ago


i LOVE Ghost Adventures!!! Ive been watching them for years!!! I dont know if all their evidence it legit, but the guys certainly seem to believe it is...wtaching Aaron scream like a girl is the BEST!!! Nick seems to be the calm voice of reason and Zac, he is obviously a nutjob! he really does say & do crazy stuff to provoke spirits, even if these places arent that haunted he seems to want to bring out the worst in those spirits! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I will DEF watch if you do the Idol Mansion! I watched you guys all weekend on Travel Channel! Muah!!!!!!

1273 days ago


Ghost Adventure crew inside the Idol house:

Ghost Hunter #1 - Hello, Hello, anybody here?

Ghost Hunter #2 - Did you hear that?

Ghost Hunter #1 - Yeah, hello can you hear me, please, speak we come in peace!

Camera Man - It was me, I farted.

1273 days ago


This stupid junk should be taken off T.V. crazy people should be treated with care not taken advantage of for viewers entertainment.

1273 days ago


im a big fan of your show but im only 10 and i raily LOVE your show if you need help on your show just send me a email pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

1273 days ago


@Shawn I'm with you the show (GA) is totally bogus but I love it anyway. Zac's assyness and sexy body is what makes the show watchable. I wish just once something undead would really pop out of the wall and scare the shiznit out of Zac. AI has been a joke for a long time now, and I no longer watch it, not even for you Mr.Tallarico and I love you I do, but I would watch GA just to see him look for ghost in the AI house. If the people at AI are smart they would do it the comedy practically writes itself.

1273 days ago

Mike L    

As has been said, these guys are not Paranormal investigators. They're a bunch of fakes. If anybody goes in, its gotta be TAPS. Their investigations are scientifically based, and about proof. These guys work on feelings and stuff that can't be proven. Thats not an investigation, its acting.

1273 days ago


There is a reason why the host's middle name is "Douche"

1273 days ago


GAC or any other ghost hunting show is for pure entertainment and nothing else. If you don't enjoy shows like that don't watch them. I myself enjoy them and will continue to watch them regardless if they are real or fake. I myself will only believe it if I see it or feel it myself otherwise I will sit back and enjoy the entertainment regardless.

1272 days ago
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