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Kardashian Fam -- The MILLION DOLLAR Secret

3/27/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is partying her face off in NYC this weekend -- but the producers of her reality show are trying to keep her exploits under wraps ... and have threatened nightclub bigwigs with a $1,000,000 fine if they leak any info to the press. 

We're told honchos at club 230 Fifth were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement because producers wanted to shoot inside the venue. But the club people didn't play ball after reading one interesting clause in the contract.

According to the docs, anyone who leaks any information about the show must pay producers $1,000,000 "per breach."

We're guessing the Kardashian crew won't have a problem finding a backup club -- but whoever hosts the fam better keep their trap shut ... or else.


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Brigham Young    

Stupid bitch sluts.

1308 days ago


these low-lifes really believe they're important, lolol

1308 days ago


Guess I just don't understand why these people are considered celectities. There is no talent. Especially Kim. Would someone plesae tell her she is the least talented of all th family and her Mother is next. The only one with any talent is Bruce Jenner!

1308 days ago


Couldn't be any worse than her getting rammed in the a$$ by that other nobody. Seriously, let's give TALENTED people the spotlight, not whores

1308 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Lame. Haven't these chicks made enough money by now? Time to go back to your "fashion" boutiques careers and not be heard from again.

1308 days ago


You people that watch these bitches' crap show should have your TV stolen! No lie!

And btw, wouldn't the patrons in the club be tweeting and cell phone recording these bitches anyways? So, how would any club keep "anyone" from leaking-out information? This is just like that credit card fees fiasco that they claim they didn't know about.

1308 days ago


Wow...HYPE much?

So which KarTRASHian put out this load of crap?

Kris? Kim? I'm bettin' on one of those, and since I'm a bettin' woman and they have asses as big as horses? That would be something I could bet on.

1308 days ago


Oh and have you one's talking about Kim's whole "singing" fiasco...not a peep, and the acting thing? yea, thought so, crickets chirping in regards to that what's left for this clan?

More sex tapes? Well there are still two other daughters Kris can whore out...wonder if Bruce will have the balls to stop her?.

1308 days ago

Mark Proctor    

In 15 minutes they will be hosting with Todd Bridges, Danny Bonaduce and Tanya Harding on Smoking Gun. Enjoy your time.

1308 days ago


Who are the Kardashians? Never heard of them...

1308 days ago


Kardashians are old news.

1308 days ago


Thanks again, Ryan Seacrest.. For forcing these tramps down our throats. He's the producer of their show and has been pushing their fame from the jump.

Kim, the porn star, who can barely put two words together is about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

Kourtney is just a total idiot with zero personality.

Khloe is somewhat funny, but still affected heavily by her Kris Jenner genes -- an uneducated fame wh/re.

I read that E! originally did NOT want to pick up Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but Ryan really strong-armed E! and got them to sign the show.

Ryan Seacrest is a little puke and has really ruined television and pop culture. I will always despise him for ramming the Kardashian's on us.

When they started the show - they were NOBODIES. Why would anyone need to "keep up" with them? Kim was a porn star and a s/ut --- and those types are a dime a dozen.

How these idiots have any viewers and/or fans is beyond me.

1308 days ago

U suk    

Why can't these wombats just go away!!! Not a single one of the Kardashian family has any talent...not a single one of them!! Why does the public insist on making these fame whores valuable to any network? It makes me sick. Just a bunch of no talent morons with big asses and a mother who pimps them out like tricks. The mother even pimps out her teenage daughter for god sakes...does this family have no shame at all? What in the hell is wrong with them?

1308 days ago


what are they making another sex tape, is that why they want to keep it on the q t Porn star

1308 days ago


did any one see her first SEX TAPE?
Maybe she is going to show her sisters how it is done. Ya think her mom would be the producer, and Ryan could sell it on his radio show. That way they all can get a cut of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ What happened to there credit card,

1308 days ago
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