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'Barefoot Contessa' AGREES to See Make-A-Wish Kid

3/28/2011 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a MIRACLE!!!! "Barefoot Contessa" star Ina Garten has somehow found the time to meet with a Make-A-Wish foundation kid named Enzo ... after TMZ reported she denied his request TWICE.

Barefoot Contessa

Garten's rep released a statement explaining how the Food Network chef only "became aware of Enzo's story this weekend" .... and insists she will be calling the 6-year-old later today.

As we first reported, Enzo is battling leukemia -- and told the foundation he WISHED he could cook a meal with Ina ... because he watched her show with his mom while in bed battling the illness.

Enzo's family, along with the M.A.W. foundation, had confirmed that Garten declined to grant Enzo's wish due to scheduling conflicts -- TWICE -- but now, Garten's rep says she's willing to play ball.

The rep insists, "[Ina] looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios."


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Love the litte to late damage control, b!tch

1282 days ago


Smart move, if Enzo still wants to cook a meal with her Godspeed to him and i hope it's the best for him. I hope Ina can pull it off and show him a genuine good time and not come across as some uppity old cow from the Hamptons.

Remember folks, this isn't really about Ina or her motives, it's about giving a very sick child something they've always wanted. Even if it is a strange choice. It's his. Don't use his unfortunate situation to vent about Ina. There's plenty of other times and place to speak your mind about that. She's doing the right thing now, cut her a little slack and give her the room she need to do what's right for Enzo. If it helps her own image oh well suck it up and deal with it, however frustrating.

1282 days ago


Too little too late. You got caught, and THAT is the ONLY reason you're picking up the phone.

I'm not interested in Ina, her show, or her BS.

1282 days ago


Nice PR move. Too bad we're not stupid and it's easy to see that this is a cold and calculated move, having NOTHING to do with any compassion for Enzo.

I hope he has an amazing time with her, I want his perception of his role model to stay intact because he is an innocent child.

But immediately after, I hope this monster goes bankrupt!!!! Too little, too late, and for all the wrong reasons! Go to if you have a twitter account and would like to sign a petition to boycott her stupid show.

1282 days ago


So she finally "found the time" to stop stuffing that fugly fat face and cook with Enzo...hope he tells her to stick it. She's a phony..

1282 days ago


his 6 yr old naivete accepts. i'd tell her to shove it!

1282 days ago


To those writing small novels in support of Ina, "Brevity is the soul of wit".

1282 days ago

Tammy LM    

Screw that fat bytch. I'm never watching her show ever again. It's too late. I'd been looking for a good reason not to watch her anyway. She's boring as hell, and I've never seen a woman with that many male gay friends. Does she ever cook for straight people??? My God, every single time she's cooking it's got to be for another damn gay male couple. Her husband looks like he wears plaid jackets with patches on the elbows just to eat dinner every night. No wonder she fills her time with gay men. Her husband's probably closeted as it is. But every single show she's decorating the table and cooking a romantic or fun friendly dinner for a couple of gay dudes. I wish the food network would take her off the air. This little stunt of hers should be enough to make them drop her show. Refusing to see a little child with a dying wish of meeting her nasty stuck up ass. And her secretary already stated WHY she wouldn't meet him and even justified it by saying she can't meet everybody all the time, so no she's trying to claim she didn't even know about this kid til this story came out. BS, she's busted!! Her secretary already ran her mouth and let the world know she knew all about this kid. BUSTED! I hope TMZ doesn't drop this story. This woman deserves to have more bad PR head her way.

P.S. I guess this kid wasn't gay, or she'd have cooked for him.

1282 days ago


She probably make him fly out to the set on his own dime:(

1282 days ago


ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? we are begging this fat pig to make this poor baby's dream come true. Her fat ass should be ashamed of herself that it took media to convince her to do this. Basically her publicist advised her of all the sponsors and fans she would be losing which trickle to DOLLARS. Disgusting and I would the chance to say it to her face. Screw her book, don't buy another thing from this bitch.

1282 days ago


Perhaps she was a little suspicious of the request. I hope this wish is not the "wish" of either of the parents. It's just so unusual that this is what he would want to do in light of all of the other things he could have asked for. He's just a little boy. However, If Ina knew about the cir***stances and STILL denied him, it speaks volumes.

1282 days ago


To those people who want to cut Ina some slack by blaming her handlers for this mess. Allegedly, Ina claims that she just found out about the requests.

Stop and think. Who is the person who hires and fires her handlers. I'll bet it is Ina, herself. If she surrounds herself with fools, then she herself is the biggest fool. You are known by the company that you keep. The allegations are, in part, that the child was turned down twice. Her public is at least owed an explanation. None having been offered, then the allegations stand as true. She turned this poor sick child down twice. Unacceptable. Close down and turn off the lights Ina. You are finiahed.

1282 days ago


Enough already! Ina does many things for people--this has gone way overboard because she was unable to do this one thing. People are so quick to jump to conclusions without necessarily knowing all of the fact.

1282 days ago


this is a woman with no children who has had a terrible time trying to get pregnant and not being successful. I completely understand why she said no. I think it's UGLY of the family to whine and act like this over a NO. I mean come on not everyone wants to be involved. SHAME on these people for going public.

1282 days ago


Everyone was bashing this you realize how many requests are made that these people never hear about?.

Granted, I'm sure "Make a Wish" would prompt her P.R. people to make this known to her...but you cannot place blame when you do not have the facts.

Easy to judge, how many requests does HARVEY get to come and sing? Bet he doesn't he know.

1282 days ago
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