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'Make-A-Wish' Kid -- Focused On The Dolphins

3/28/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Make-A-Wish kid snubbed by celeb chef Ina Garten has MOVED ON -- in fact, we're told, Enzo is so excited about his back-up wish to swim with dolphins ... he sleeps in his bathing suit.


A family member tells TMZ, 6-year-old Enzo -- who suffers from leukemia -- has conquered his initial disappointment and is now focusing on his upcoming swim sesh with real-life dolphins.

We're told Enzo not only sleeps in his bathing suit -- but when he's awake, he spends a huge chunk of his free time learning to swim ... all to make his new wish a reality.

TMZ previously reported, Ina has officially REVERSED her refusal to see the kid ... after twice denying his request for a meet-up -- claiming she plans to call him today.

As of the time this story was published, Enzo's family had not heard anything from Ina.


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Bobo Frog    

beautifulladyeee.....great post. You got it right.

1268 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Everyone read beautifulladyee's post's brilliant. Did you write that beautifulladyee or is it an article somewhere on the internet....because it really is brilliant and 100% correct.

1268 days ago


INA, 15 minutes of fame are over.

1268 days ago


Interesting post, beautifulladyee,
Here's the thing. Of course, she could have said no. If I saw someone fall on the sidewalk or see someone have their purse stolen I can also say, "no, I won't get involved". It's called compassion, maybe you've heard of it. Like the mother said, they were dissapointed that this " cook" * rolls eyes here" said no, but she didn't ask for people to boycott her show, her products, or whatever. She simply stated the obvious. The story got out and people were angry, as they should be.
The boy could have asked for any wish, like a trip to DisneyWorld, or to meet with a wrestler, or a new bike. He asked for something very simple, and it's not like she's a top chef like Ramsey or something, so she rather cook with her famous friends than cook with a child, give me a break. If she really doesn't want to contribte her time to charities like MAW then she shouldn't say she is affliated with them.
If I had a sisk child whose wish was to spend time with me above anyone else, no only would I be honored, I would do anything in my power to make the best experience possible for that child.
Of course she can say no...but it's obvious that she's doing this now because she HAS to, not because she wants to.

1268 days ago


Have a great time with the dolphins Enzo. Sending you love and prayers from Texas. Hang in there.

1268 days ago


He is better off with the dolphins. Have fun Enzo!!

1268 days ago

Bobo Frog    

"Of course she can say no...but it's obvious that she's doing this now because she HAS to, not because she wants to." - sylvie

But that's the whole point, sylvie....she shouldn't HAVE to. Nobody should have to. Charity should be an option...not an obligation where you get hung by the media if you don't oblige.

1268 days ago


LoL@ someone saying Ina's 15 minutes are over. You dumb ****. She's been around for years and she will be around for years to come. I don't even think the Helmet Wearing Retards who are ready to hang Ina have ever seen her show before. Go find something else to do. Maybe go work for charity, just not MAKE A Wish.

1268 days ago


Enzo Momma keep selling yo story girl. You gonna be RICH! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1268 days ago


WTH is wrong with can someone turn down a wish from a 6 year old who has leukemia?? Do you "superstars" think your so special no one deserves your time? I am glad that Enzo has another wish that will come true for him - and I am sure will have a much better time with the dolphins then with this sad excuse for a woman, Ina Garten.

1268 days ago


I just went to the Food Network Facebook page and the pukes that are on here are on there too. They actually have pictures of Ms. Garten with devil horns. I looked at their pictures to see if it was kids messing around but it wasn't, it was ugly fat housewives and gay dudes.

1268 days ago


BOYCOTT Make A Wish.

Be most careful what you wish for. Ever heard of karma?

1268 days ago


You know MAW was one of the charities I gave to but if this is what happens when a celebrity can't make something happen, ESPECIALLY when the celebrity has been good to them, I'm not donating to them anymore. Oh and the kids mom sold this story? That's what everyone is saying?

1268 days ago


Jack Marshall
March 28, 2011 at 1:15 pm
Sad, yes. But heads up: a couple of terminally ill kids will be arriving at your house, and their dying wish is to be taken to Disney Words, and only by you, because they are a fans of your compassionate blog comments. Have a nice trip!!

Posted at 4:38 AM on Mar 29, 2011 by beauteefullaydee

What makes you think he wouldn't enjoy it and be flattered? You would obviously consider it a burden which is why you can totally relate to Flintstone Foot. Maybe you're FF herself, who knows.

You should give people more credit for being able to weigh both sides of the story. People get that the mother leaked the story. What they don't get is how Ina's defenders equate that to being the fault of MAW, and making it sound as if they're strong arming the celebs. I see no evidence of that.

Most people can empathize with Mrs. Pareda's situation and cut her some slack for expressing her disappointment in her blog. It's her right to do that just as it's Ina's right to deny the request. I'm sure if she had any desire to meet Ina herself, which I highly doubt, that would have ended with the first denial. To be denied a second time and having to explain it to her son must have been heartbreaking. It's simply mind boggling to most people that an adult can't make time for a sick, dying child. She wasn't asked to fly anywhere. The family was willing to meet her on her own turf and she still couldn't bring herself to cook a lousy meal with the child. That's what REALLY disgusts me.

The fact that NOBODY involved has come forward to take some of the heat for her speaks volumes. Her supporters are floating suggestions that her 'handlers' did it without her knowledge, but there has been no confirmation that she even has any handlers. If she did have one or more, they wouldn't take it upon themselves to make that kind of decision for her. It's their job not to F that up and see to it that she doesn't take the stance that she did. She knew.

I've seen enough people like her to know how they act. Once they become successful it goes straight to their heads and they start developing a diva additude and start treating people like sh*t. She probably tells people how she guards her private time with her family and refuses to do stuff off the clock. Even her Wiki profile stated that THE DAY THE STORY BROKE.

Most people know that what you're saying is true - she's under no obligation. I fully believe that's Ina's additude as well. The problem lies in the fact that she doesn't have the balls to admit that's why - BECAUSE IT WILL EFFECT HER POCKETBOOK! So she's never going to come clean. That's what's most foul.

Even animals help look after the young in their pack regardless of whether it's their offspring or not. You see animals of different species taking care of orphaned babies. What Ina did goes against nature.

As far as her feelings go, people who have no empathy or compassion don't care about what others say about them anyway. She's fully persueded in her mind that she's done nothing wrong. Her knee jerk reaction will be to play the victim, lie, and shift the blame. The guilt card doesn't work on her so why should it work on anyone else? I've been howling with laughter reading these posts and couldn't care less about what happens to her.

1268 days ago

Alan Carver    

This public-relations nightmare has been resolved it seems and at least ONE party will be getting their wish - finally! The dolphins win and Ina Garten aka the barefoot contessa loses. All is fair in love and war and this is one war the bfc lost! How does it feel bfc? Never likes you and or your show, now it just solidifies why I didn't! Thank you.

Enjoy your time with the dolphins, Enzo!

1268 days ago
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