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Enrique Iglesias -- I'm BAILING On Britney!

3/29/2011 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after Britney Spears announced an upcoming North American tour this morning -- her accompanying act, Enrique Iglesias, has reportedly dropped out. 


According to, an official announcement is coming soon ... but so far, it's unclear why Iglesias wants off the tour.

The tour is scheduled to kick off in June.

Story developing.1202_britney_bitch_footer


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why is Britney famouse anymore her music suck and she is ugly and trashie. I figured it out its because of gay people they have no musical taste at all thanks to those annoying gay people we have people like her. So with all I have said gay people piss me off and yes I am black and conserative.

1269 days ago


I have never seen worse dancing and lip syncing in my life.
I can not believe people would pay hard earned $$$ to watch her fake entertain. What's wrong with people. Great Call Enrique you saw GMA and ran!!!

1269 days ago


He must have been offered that rumored X Factor hosting gig.

1269 days ago


People here can talk all the **** about Britney Spears that they
want....but at the end of the day she sells records, and sells out arenas. Her last tour a couple years ago had 97 tour stops sold out at 99% capacity with an average of $2mil per show! So while she is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars '"lip syncing and flailing her arms" you all can sit here and talk ****. Entertainment is entertainment. If some people find her entertaining...that is their right! Some people like sports, some like plays....and some dont!

1269 days ago

william rogers    

only reason he's bailing on britney is because a more of a loser than satan is.

1269 days ago


She dresses like a prostitute. The biker from The Village People wants some of his outfits back.

1269 days ago



We know why you like Britney Spears. Get the lotion in hand!

1269 days ago


Probably because he can sing and she can't?

Why bother doing a tour? Just gather a bunch of people in a school gym and turn on the CD- that's all they do for her concerts anyway.

Who pays to watch a fat balding chick shake her flabby ass to a mediocre CD?

1269 days ago


Could be he saw her concert on GMA this morning. She barely danced, moved her arms and hair. Painful.

1269 days ago


Does Spears look thick to you? She doesn't seem as thin as she used to be. Her legs looks bigger for some reason.

1269 days ago


Suggest he does not want to be associated with questionable talent or he knows something is nor wright!!!

1269 days ago


@ 91 i call it HOT shes a HOT girl and youre a jealous fat pig! and if you want to talk about sex on stage ive seen some of enrique iglesias acts on stage not that hes hot but laying on top of his back up dancers and bringing up girls under age and whoever else he can get up there is pretty much porno looking and putting his fans hands on his a-s if you want to call it an a-s because hes skin and bones and has no body and aged soooooo much in the last few years he looks like hes a 40 year old drunk now so think before you talk about sex on stage he wishes he can dance like Britney only in his dreams hes a scared p-ssy that ran for the hills afraid of being with someone so talented as Brit! he needs a good makeover!

1269 days ago


I love how everyone is blaming it on Brittney as an artist. Did anyone even think of the most reasonable explaination of him landing the gig on the "X Factor"? Betcha anything that's why he canceled..

1269 days ago

bobby ramirez    

he sucks anyways

1269 days ago


The sad thing is that these teen pop princesses were marketed as sex symbols way too young. As they get older they don't know how to appeal to people other than upping the sex factor.... Eventually that turns into trashy, exhibitionist behavior. The fact that her dad is still legally in control of her and this is the material she is allowed to put out speaks volumes to how she was raised. It's pretty sad.

1269 days ago
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