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Enrique Iglesias: My Ego Couldn't Handle Britney

3/30/2011 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enrique Iglesias dropped out of the upcoming Britney Spears concert tour because his ego couldn't handle being her opening act ... multiple sources connected with the tour tell TMZ.


We're told lawyers and agents for Britney and Enrique were hammering out an agreement for weeks, and the terms were finessed to make Enrique appear to be a co-headliner.  We're told both sides agreed to the deal and that's why the announcement was made Tuesday.

But just hours before Britney's camp went public, Enrique was burning up the phone lines and the Internet, engaging various people connected with the tour in lengthy conversations in which he made it clear -- he was, in reality, Britney's opening act and he wanted out.

One source says the deal was actually very favorable to Enrique ... "great terms and great placement."  But we're told it all came down to taking the stage before Brit -- too much to handle.


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1265 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

that'd make a great title for one of his very 'romantic' crooner songs. preferably in esthpaniol.

1265 days ago


Have to agree with comparison to Britney he is not that important. He should have put on his big girl panties and took the gig! Ahh Divas'

1265 days ago


the days of being an opening act for anyone are over for both Britney and Enrique

they should have opening acts--not be the opening act

can see the problem of who performs first when you have 2 big name stars like these

they're both better off touring seperately and maybe selling out to smaller venues and not huge stadiums

it is a recession after all!

1265 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Britney's a tard but she made like 60+ million on her last tour. Enrique is a moron.

1265 days ago



So you are the scank digging through the trash after Enrique concerts, licking his empty "booze filled" bottles!?

How the hell do you know what he is are a babbling it a day!!! LOOSER!

1265 days ago

Byron Green    

Yup we all know that lori can't spell its not her fault I mean she lived next door to the Spears at the kentwood trailer park in Lousianna and spelling was an option at school in them days. But she is a die hard fan of her old neighbour even if spears is on the down side of her career.
On the other hand Enrique career just keeps going up he is on a roll as I said before he did sleep with her after a few drinks but when he saw her the morning after ( ugly and Fat ) he puked and ran out the door.He is still running lori its nothing personal he just a Kid and cannot handle ugly old dames.

1265 days ago


im so happy he dropped out. enrique is bigger than her anyway, & he sings live, unlike her & is currenly touring so he def doesnt need that. i wouldnt wanna tour with her either.

1265 days ago


@188 and @ 193 excuse my type error i know the difference! im sure you have made type errors also before and for you # 193 nobody has to go digging in enriques trash cans to see hes a HUGE drinker now all his shows he sits and DRINKS his shots and whatever the hell else hes drinking up there he has a PROBLEM!!! maybe when he faces it he will look healthy again until now hes a born loser!!!!

1265 days ago


Haha! Why are you guys so mad about this? I mean this is TMZ's explanation on why Enrique didn't go on tour with brittany. Enrique is in Concert right now going strong. Enrique is amazing and known all around the world. And to all the fudgers commenting that Enrique is a loser etc. you can go f*ck off! Enrique didn't even sign up for it, Everything you hear on TMZ maybe not be so true:S

1265 days ago


I love the dissing on Lori the "looser"..hahah too funny. but so true!!!

Dear Lori.

You must be a killer Enrique fan to know how much and that it is indeed alcohol he drinks at ALL is concerts.

Never mind worring about Brittany concerts, as you must travel the world watching his every beverage choice?!

Is it your profession to "people watch" stars drinking habbits, or is it just his behaviour that you have so much knowledge on?

OR are you really being paid by bitter and embarassed Brit for thinking that she was worthy of having a REAL star open for her? Enrique backed out because he has his own HUGE career to move forward with?

Thats right, LORI JUST BECAUSE YOU CLAIM HE IS A DRUNK LOOSER DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!! In real life this man is a huge star!!!

Now run along and go cover the TMZ Lindsay Lohan stories, she could really use your insite on alcoholism!!!

1265 days ago


He probably panicked when he saw her latest music video. Who would want to open for that?

1265 days ago


You Britney fans are upset because you thought you would get to see some real singing and now you'll just have to pretend to like Britney like you've been doing for the last several years. The real outrage is paying money to look at Britney doing absolutely nothing.

1265 days ago


So he thinks Britney is opening for him. Hello? Who does he think he is? Britney sold out major arena tours before so be grateful she is saying you are a co-headliner

1265 days ago


Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this???? If he doesn't want to perform with her, then its his choice!! Stop taking decisions for Enrique, he is perfectly capable of taking his own decisions and he must've taken this decision for a reason. So Enrique haters, just freaking stop it!!!!

1265 days ago
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