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Justin Bieber's Hair

On Serious Lockdown

3/29/2011 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is such a wanted man ... even his HAIR has its own personal bodyguard ... TMZ has learned.

Justin Bieber Hair
Behind two bodyguards ... inside of a glass case ... sits the hair Bieber recently chopped off during the infamous salon session in which he altered his legendary hairstyle forever. 

As you may have heard, the hair sold for more than $40k during a special charity auction on eBay -- and now, it's making special appearances around the country.

In fact, the hair is about to go on display at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami ... where fans of Bieber's locks can pose with the strands ... as long as they cough up a donation for the tsunami relief effort in Japan.

We're told fans have been lined up for hours ... after all, it's magical.



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This is just sad... it's hair that should have been thrown in a trash can, not sold for 40k. Then put on display like it's artwork! What has this world come too?

1211 days ago


It's probally not even his hair. Just another PR stunt. Bieber has a typical teen-age mop of hair.

1211 days ago


Its kind of Kindergarden & BIZARRE sorry what comes next ??
Bodyguard for his voice?
"" for his fingers (for every finger a body guard)

1211 days ago


What pathetic loser wants to see a 16 year old lip-syncher's hair? How sad.

1211 days ago


This site has lost perspective. First it gave up releasing breaking stories of relevance. Then it started posting stupid stories of non-celebs, now it's a site filled with pop ups and more ads than stories.

TMZ used to be the go-to source for first hand information, now it's a self-absorbed advertising site, selling itself out to the highest bidder.

1211 days ago

comanche black    

Stupid, stupid and stupider. If you so worried about it, get a safe deposit box. Stupid people getting all worked up over hair. Get a life.

1211 days ago

J Johnson    


Well said!!

1211 days ago


So ridiculous and stupid and annoying to say the VERY LEAST.

His number will be up soon (or we can hope right?)

All media sites, I swear, must get paid to promote all these losers. Then all the stupid people believe it as the gospel truth.

Play an instrument, BABY BIEBER, and I may take you seriously. You are not my idea of a musician

Back in the day musicians played instruments and did lip sync.

1211 days ago


The voice will change any day now and then what? Wait, that is not going to happen since he is a little girl.

1211 days ago


Are you serious? Really? This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of!! For GOD's sake, this kid made it big from You Tube! This is what our Country has come too.

1211 days ago


Everyone is so mean! This is for CHARITY!!!! TSUNAMI RELIEF VICTUMS LOST EVERYTHING!!!!! Who cares if it is Justin Biebers hair or an old shoe. Children and fans enjoy it and no one is getting hurt! So there!

1211 days ago


At least it's for a good cause, but the obsession over this one teenager is scary. I don't dislike him at all or wish any ill on him, but seriously, WHAT is all the fuss over him about?! If I had a daughter, I wouldn't let her listen to Justin Bieber music, go to his concerts, watch his movies, or buy any of his merchandise if she became an obsessed psycho like so many of his so-called "fans"! I don't remember any girl acting so obsessed over the New Kids on the Block or the Backstreet Boys or whatever other popular boy singers we had when we were growing up... if anyone did act like the way the girls do now over Justin Bieber, they were candidates for a mental hospital!

1211 days ago


All my friends have his hair... obsessed!

1211 days ago


I swear the world has gone mad. Although, to be fair, I can see this sort of thing happening during Beatle Mania way back when. I think it's just the nature of the beast. Sometimes I'm glad I'm a little older now.

1211 days ago


You gotta be kidding,some people are real frikin idiots.

1211 days ago
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