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Lindsay Lohan -- The High Life On a Private Jet

3/29/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan caught a flight from L.A. to N.Y. last night ... but despite her financial issues, she's still above flying with the commoners.


Lohan -- along with her brother Michael Lohan Jr. -- each got their own comfy seats on a private jet.

Sources close to Lohan tell us LiLo is headed back east to take a few "movie meetings."

So far, it's unclear if Lindsay paid for the flight herself.


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Again, this is how Lindsay choses to improve her credibility and image before her prelim? She need some serious headshrinking.

1274 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

I think more celebrities nowadays are choosing private jets as a way of avoiding invasive TSA screening procedures.

Posted at 12:46 PM on Mar 29, 2011 by cafeina


Abso-freakin-lutely. People misunderstand LieLo's psychosis. Lindsay LOHAN is very, very intelligent when it comes to how LieLo can augment her well-being. It is the pinnacle achievement of the sociopath mentality.

LieWHORE doesn't fly coach nor does Ms. Prissy-Pants fly First Class. Only the best for this (alleged) coke whore will do so she flies private jets.

With private jets, LieWHORE can stuff her britches to the brim with cocaine (allegedly) and not have any of those pesky airport personnel bother her.

1274 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


Posted at 12:44 PM on Mar 29, 2011 by Howie

yeah, well think about all the innocent helpless people her family has exploited to obtain all this 'comfort and fortune'!! appears you don't really have the intelligence to think THAT FAR!!, do you? where are they? living in cardbored boxes on skid row, while she flies around the world in A PRIVATE JET!! yeah, i call that justice too. FACT IS SHE OWES THEM!!!! SHE NEEDS TO PAY THEM BACK FOR THEIR!!! MISFORTUNE!!!!!!

1274 days ago


According to Many Sources, The Now Cash-Strapped "Mean Girls" Starlet Earned $3.5Million in 2007 and Spent $7.5Million.
In 2008 she Earned Between $1.2 and $2Million, In 2009 She Earned at the very Best $1 Million

In 2010, Her Net Worth Dropped from $30Million in 2005 to $105000 (YES only 105000 Dollars) and her Income for 2010 is still Unknown.

Lindsay Lohan's Biggest Assets are:

-A 4X4 GMC ($45000)
-A Leggings Line (Between $50000 and $60...000)
-The Lohan Family Home is Owned by her Mother not By Lindsay.

Dina Lohan Is Worth at The Moment $1 Million Including the House Which has been used to Borrow 1/2 Million to Pay Lindsay's Lawyers and Other Expenses.

Dina Lohan Makes Only a Reported 62000 a Year, and she is on her Way to going Broke.

Nevertheless, Lindsay is Still Living Pretty Lavishly, she is Living in a Rented $1.2 Million Flat in L.A, and is Renting it for $12000 a MONTH and has Already Paid 1 Year in advance.

You do the Math!

Read more:

1274 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

That is AWESOME themare.

Hey JohnBoy, how does it feel now? Biatch!

1274 days ago

Pony Princess    

Lindsay Lohan won't accompany businessman Richard Lugner to the famous Vienna opera ball tonight (11.02.10) because her shopping spree caused her to miss her flight to Europe.

Lindsay Lohan won't attend the famous Vienna opera ball tonight (11.02.10) because she missed her flight to Europe.

The 'Mean Girls' actress had been invited to the annual event by rich businessman Richard Lugner but failed to board her flight from Los Angeles to London because she was shopping in duty free.

Lugner claims the British Airways aircraft had waited for the 23-year-old star - who was then due to get a connecting flight to Vienna - but when she boarded she was asked to leave because she couldn't afford the $22,000 the carrier charged for the two-hour delay.

Lugner, 77, said: "She wanted to pay it, but her card's credit limit was not high enough."

Lugner is famous for his high-profile guests and has previously invited blonde bombshells Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton to the event. He is now believed to have invited male German singer, producer and entertainer Dieter Bohlen to be his date instead.

NOTE: it is said that she received 150,000 dollars up front to attend, and she still has not paid it back.
Amazing the balls (or stupidity or self-entitlement issues) to go to an airplane where you have a paid for transatlantic flight to go fulfill an obligation you have already received money for, and then shop in the duty free area for so long that your flight (since you are a celebrity) has delayed the plane and ALL the other passengers for two hours (as well as delaying other scheduling the airlines would be doing), and then when they have so graciously held it up for you and only want to have you pay the value of the hold up, etc. you CAN'T because you don't have access to 22,000 dollars!
How can that be when you were ALREADY paid OVER 22,000 dollars for the event.
LL is a high class A S S.
Lugner was like many people who dealt with her and continue to deal with her in that they gloss over the HUGE problems she causes and her basic dishonesty.

1274 days ago


Nevertheless, Lindsay is Still Living Pretty Lavishly, she is Living in a Rented $1.2 Million Flat in L.A, and is Renting it for $12000 a MONTH and has Already Paid 1 Year in advance.


1274 days ago


Why does john smith turn into therock when he gets called out???

1274 days ago


Boy, that $105,000.00 is going fast, too!

1274 days ago

john smith    

TMZ where did you get this picture from? Who's plane is it?

1274 days ago


I've got to confess. I watched Georgia Rule the other night - well, part of it, anyway.
I turned it on to see some guy opening his door for LieHo, seeing who it was, and trying to slam it shut on her.
She stopped him, forced her way in, and in the middle of a hissy fit said, "I WAS LYING! OK?"
Then he kicked her out and slammed the door shut on her anyway.
HaHaHaHa - worth the price of admission (on satellite, free).

She did a brilliant acting job playing herself!

1274 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay was paid one million dollars for an interview the last time she went to jail. Maybe she should do a few weeks and collect another million.

1274 days ago


john smith get off you look like a clown

1274 days ago


Jeff Lindsay's income is down from a high of 7.5 million, her current income is estimated to be about a million a year. Not bad for a 24 year old. How does stealing a $2500 necklace while on probation make any sense? Posted at 1 :07 PM on Mar 29 , 2011 by john smith

Sorry to intrude, but I *must* jump in:
Umm....cause she's a DIPSH.IT and she has a serious problem. Along with severe entitlement issues!
K! Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.
Tmom. {o:

1274 days ago


Private Jet: ...seriously expensive
Red Snuggie: ...'bout $10-$15 bucks?

Lohan photographed on one and wearing the other:


That's too funny. Guess they're as cozy as the commercials purport, But Lohan seems so strident/militant about presenting herself as a slave to high fashion and style, so the irony is deliciously humorous... : )

1274 days ago
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