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Lindsay Lohan -- The High Life On a Private Jet

3/29/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan caught a flight from L.A. to N.Y. last night ... but despite her financial issues, she's still above flying with the commoners.


Lohan -- along with her brother Michael Lohan Jr. -- each got their own comfy seats on a private jet.

Sources close to Lohan tell us LiLo is headed back east to take a few "movie meetings."

So far, it's unclear if Lindsay paid for the flight herself.


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shes a whore who'd she screw to get that privlage...and another thing...who would hire this pathetic cu*t!

1304 days ago


@Lucky 130: "Where does she get the money for this plane ride? She obviously knows a high leveled Jew. Being that I have a Jewish name and Im not Jewish I can honestly say I have taken a fair amount of crap for it so I can make my jokes damnit!"

Posted at 11:16 AM on Mar 29, 2011 by Lucky 130

Not funny, Lucky 130. This story about Lindsay Lohan has nothing to do with Jews. Only a Jew-hating bigot would stick a non sequitur comment about Jews in here. Stick to your day job if you have one. When people call you "Putz", it doesn't mean that you have a Jewish name. It's a description of what they think you are. Look it up in an online dictionary.

1304 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Oh sorry, I failed to insert the obligatory "allegedly" when I said that Ms. Skank 2010 Lindsay LOHAN has stolen some $2.5 million (added a 100K for inflation purposes) worth of jewelery in the last 4-5 years.

Wouldn't want the King of Troll(hans) John Smith filing a defamation (insert defecation) lawsuit against me for talking smack about his cousin/brother/sister/neice/daughter/Sullivan.

1304 days ago


Lindsay actually had talent. I hope she gets her act together, because she has so much potential.

Need cartoon checks?

1304 days ago


I agree with an earlier post. At some point you have to start blaming TMZ for antagonizing some of this stuff. She is just traveling and going on about her life. Even if shes selling them, sites such as this one could just refuse to buy them and of course we, as readers, could refuse to read and comment about it.

1304 days ago


I wonder if the producers of these movie meetings really think Lohan is bankable?? Just because she is a gossip star does not mean people are going to pay money to see her in a movie. Why pay when one can get all of Lohan they want for free?

It would be hard to believe any part she would be cast in .... people will just look at her (those who would actually pay) and just see Lindsay Lohan and not believe the character she is trying to portray.

It is going to take along time to win back any fans after the mess she has caused herself.

What will be Lohan's next legal case? Her tomorrows really look bleak even if foolish people pay for private jets, give her scripts to read.. and wine and dine her.

There are thousands of movies produced each year that go no where... but to dvd or cable.

Just look at the last four or five movies ... not any money placed in the bank except for Machette .. which made a bit. Other than that one ... all lost money.

Good luck Hollywood producers, directors and fat cats. Lohan has done nothing to prove she is bankable nor that she has a fan base left.


1304 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Aww, I don't think Lucky 130 was making an anti-Jewish remark at all. I actually thought it was kinda funny. John Smith and Nicole talk all day about how Lindsay LOHAN is linnocent and that has nothing to do with Lindsay LOHAN. Ease up on your so-called racism. Just sayin'.

1304 days ago


Yes, keep rewarding bad beharior and giving this child free publicity ... Hollywood loves to eat their young.

1304 days ago


"Sources", TMZ? You do mean mommy of the year DUIna, who snapped this photo and sent it along to you guys for the daily worthless update on her Loser Lie-ho daughter. Who cares if she's still boozing it up as long as she remains on the first page of TMZ, right DUIna?

1304 days ago


"that huge settlement from e-trade" was a whole lot less than most might think, and Dorian (DUIna) LOHAN snorted more than that on the way to the bank to cash the check.

Hardly seems worth it.

1304 days ago


Herpie- Thank you Herpie, you are correct. Say you werent formerly Soetoro were you?

Howie- You Tube Bill Cosby on Prejudice. Watch all three segments.If you are offended, "You better call somebody!"

1304 days ago


@Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel:

Maybe you have a point, Herpies. Maybe Lucky 130 is just traumatized by the 'special' treatment he's/she's experienced because he/she has a name that sounds Jewish. Maybe Lucky 130 has really been victimized by Jew-hating bigots.

I cite Lucky 130's quote of "Being that I have a Jewish name and Im not Jewish I can honestly say I have taken a fair amount of crap for it so I can make my jokes damnit!" as evidence.

1304 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Word on the "street" is that MOM OF THE YEAR Dina made a paltry $15k on the so-called defecating lawsuit against e-trade. Allegedly, the Snow Queen herself, Dina, blew through that dough getting crack to snort for her "child" Lindsay LOHAN and her. Allegedly, of course.

1304 days ago


My apologies, Lucky 130. You are a victim of the Jew-haters. Why did you decide to keep your Jew-sounding name if you're not Jewish and it caused you so much grief?

1304 days ago


Lucky 130, are you really Whoopi Goldberg?

1304 days ago
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