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'Make-A-Wish' Kid to Barefoot C: Don't Call Us ...

3/30/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten just learned a hard lesson ... late is not always better than never ... because she just got blown off by the family of a "Make-a-Wish" boy.

Barefoot Contessa

You'll recall ... Enzo -- a 6-year-old with cancer -- wanted to cook a meal with Ina, but she couldn't find the time. 

After TMZ broke the story, Ina took lots of heat.  So Monday night she called Enzo's family and offered for them to come to the Food Network for a cookout.

Enzo's dad Adrian tells us ... the ship has sailed:  "I don't want to put my son through all these emotions.  We're better off just leaving everything the way it is."

As TMZ previously reported -- Enzo's new wish to swim with dolphins is already in the works, and Adrian tells us it will be fulfilled in August.


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Her show sucks anyway but now I will never watch it out of pure boredom again. What a bitch!

1305 days ago


Anyone asked to grant a wish: beware. You are dead meat if ya don't comply. I'm a fan of Garten's and this won't hurt her a bit.

1305 days ago


This whole thing is just drama journalism. People act like this is the only charity request a celebrity gets. Sometimes things don't work with the schedule. Expecting a celebrity to drop everything they do any time they are asked is absurd. I certainly feel for the kid and the family, but their villifying Garten for this is equally disgusting. I will no longer contribute to Make-A-Wish Foundation for not killing this story.

Posted at 11:52 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by bdj to! Pathetic and disgusting, charity is just that, it's not supposed to be demanded or put upon someone. Shame on this lame AZZ family. And this mother has given light to "enzo" her poor sick son in such a disgusting manner. Reminds me of that GAVIN CLAN family who were total scammers, lied about everything and basically killed Michael Jackson for all their 'my dying son with cancer' BS when Jackson helped them and look what they did, frikcin liars and scammers.

I wouldn't touch Make a wish foundation! No way! Far too many other charities out there. Ina does a lot of charity work.

1305 days ago


Never liked her snotty attitude.."Contessa"- yeah right! I hope food network cancels her show. Too little too late...

1305 days ago


I think the family is being disingenuous in turning down the offer. On the mom's blog when she asked everyone to stop the madness and stop ripping on Ina, she said:

Bottom line is this is supposed to be about Enzo and he would hate what is going on. He STILL loves “The Contessa” regardless, because THAT is who he is.

If he still loves "The Contessa," why did the family turn down her offer to meet him? And why did the family go exclusively to TMZ to publicly announce they were turning down the offer? It does raise questions about whether this really was just for money and/or publicity for the family. There is a "donate" option on the mom's blog, with no explanation of what the donations are going for. I understand that cancer is expensive, but some families are in a much better position to deal with that expense than others. I hope that the family is not in this just for the publicity or money - what an awful thing to do to your sick child.

1305 days ago


Nobody is talking about making anyone drop everything as soon as the phone rings. Get a grip people and educate yourselves about how Make A Wish truly works. These things take months to plan, to work into people's schedules for both parties. Lighten up and get the facts before you spout off.

1305 days ago


First of all, she is not a star...She is a tv chef personality. Get off her back already. How many of YOU beaters, give up your precious time for charity? I watch her show and will continue to watch her show. What's up Lindsey or Charlie stories~Barrel must be running dry in Hollywood,

1305 days ago


Enzo Momma Need To Go Shopping At Tiffanys, Send Checks Fast

1305 days ago

More Cowbell    

@LawyerGal "Make a Wish Foundation also is to blame here, as they should have made sure the wish was age appropriate"

Really?? Since when should MAW decide for the child what they should wish for. It was Enzo's wish to meet and cook with no, MAW is not to blame for his choice. Geez, I really hope you're not a real lawyer.

1305 days ago


Ive read some comments and some people should be ashamed of themselves. This little boy is dying. Hes dying. All he wanted was to cook a meal with someone he likes. You cant take a few hours out of your day to make a wish come true for a dying kid. Thats bad and karma is a bitch. Without your fans, youre nothing. They make you & they can break you. I hope his next wish comes true.

Posted at 11:57 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Michelle

HUH...what you like read one comment and not the facts. NO this kid is not DYING, period. Do some research, he's been in remission for years. A lot of children are very very sick, a lot of children don't even have food, shelter or even frickin' water to drink, let alone WISH for a damn celebrity to come cook with them. They're wishing for a glass of water and/or some basic health care or a bed in a hospital.

Get your priorities straight. Who the heck cares if this woman didn't want to cook with him. Who cares. Find something else to wish for, like for other kids to be well and heal and reach out to the community to help find a cure for cancer rather than demand a celebrity to come cook with you! I find this so pathetic, this entire scenario.

1305 days ago


Please. This was the mother's wish, not the kid's.

1305 days ago


i don’t blame the parents for turning the invite down because BIG FAT CONTESSA WHO only agreed after bad PR so there is no well intent on her FAT AS PART.

MISS PIGGY is more concerned with BAKING Food to ADD TO her enormous BACKSIDE.

1305 days ago


Wait what Enzo Momma? Oh Enzo Momma Say send Cash Too

1305 days ago

Bobo Frog    

They turned her down because if the kid did meet would be revealed that it was never his wish when he actually speaks about it and all the truth would come out that it was the mother's ploy from the beginning. This kid is today's balloon boy.

1305 days ago


Ina's reaction was probably "whew! Thank God, Off the hook at last--more time to spend with my "friends"

1305 days ago
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