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'Make-A-Wish' Kid to Barefoot C: Don't Call Us ...

3/30/2011 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten just learned a hard lesson ... late is not always better than never ... because she just got blown off by the family of a "Make-a-Wish" boy.

Barefoot Contessa

You'll recall ... Enzo -- a 6-year-old with cancer -- wanted to cook a meal with Ina, but she couldn't find the time. 

After TMZ broke the story, Ina took lots of heat.  So Monday night she called Enzo's family and offered for them to come to the Food Network for a cookout.

Enzo's dad Adrian tells us ... the ship has sailed:  "I don't want to put my son through all these emotions.  We're better off just leaving everything the way it is."

As TMZ previously reported -- Enzo's new wish to swim with dolphins is already in the works, and Adrian tells us it will be fulfilled in August.


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At the very least, this stupid woman needs a new publicist and someone handling her mail. What an epic fail on her part, regardless of the "facts" behind the situation. She just comes off like a totally horrible person, and it's probably true as well. What a contrast to the tireless people who donate time and money consistently to causes-Miley Cyrus is one of these people. She's ALWAYS performing at cancer centers, visits cancer patients, etc etc.
Anyway, thanks for breaking the story. Godspeed, little one.

1305 days ago


We need to get the facts here. I doubt that Make A wish really talked to Ina I bet they talked to one of her handlers. Its the handler that is a jackass here and needs to be fired. Things like this happen all the time. If Ina knows better than that she should fire her staff. Also she is known to the make a wish people for doing good work for them. How much does she have to give before someone will cut her some slack. TMZ investigate this and find the slacker that said no to this kid.

1305 days ago


I am glad they said no to her. That horrible woman needs to go away

1305 days ago


Although, I think this Ina is s first class heartless BIAOTCH, I dont think it's right to publicly lynch her and destroy her career It is her right to say No. The kid is better off with the Dolphins, now that is FUN and exciting. Why would he want to cook with a boring conservative is beyond me..

1305 days ago


WAY TO GO, KID! Whoo-hoooo!

And don't watch her show anymore!

1305 days ago

go home!    

I think the parents are behind all these problems. Im sorry, but i have a really hard time believing a CHILD wants to cook with someone from the food network for their wish. Sounds like something the mother put in his head. They should be ashamed, using their child like this. GROSS>

1305 days ago


Let it go! Ina did NOTHING WRONG!

1305 days ago


Justice is served.

1305 days ago


Swimming with the dolphins is way better than hanging out with a rude cow. That sounds like fun though and I hope he has a good time. Apparently his parents are uncomfortable because TMZ brought up their story and it became a huge deal and they didn't want a big deal made out of it.

1305 days ago

Just Nasty    

Im over it, the family is over it, now EVERYONE get over it!!! I just simply will never watch her show again. Not gonna take it out on Food Network or MAW. Just will not support Ina anylonger simple end of story!! Hope Enzo has a blast swimming with dolphins and cooking with the other chefs that stepped up.

1305 days ago


Should serve as a warning to all celebrities to never deal with Make-A-Wish unless you are willing to do whatever they say whenever they say it.

Posted at 11:04 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by jstuddle
ITA!!! This is why I said that if I were in Ina's place, I'd cut ties with Make-A-Wish.

1305 days ago


How many wishes is this Kid going to get anyways.. What about the ones who get just one or none.... Lets we move on now. I will always be a fan of Ina.

1305 days ago


lol awesome. denying her the satisfaction of half-heartedly granting a sick kid's wish.

1305 days ago


She makes the time AFTER she's put under pressure...

Why not go spit on the kid lady (and by 'lady' I mean, fat, ugly, b*tch!)?

At least the dolphins will treat this kid right.

F*ck the Food Channel at it's representatives. Too busy with their book sales, when a kid fighting cancer wants to spend time with them doing what they do anyway... COOK! It's not like this kid was asking that fat b*tch to go skydiving.

GREAT the dad past on her 'offer.'

EVERYONE send her a NeilsNotes!!!

1305 days ago


Ya know - this is just life - things happen. Its not news, it's TMZ stirring the pot and making trouble where there doesn't need to be.

1305 days ago
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