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Lindsay Betty Ford Clash

Violent 911 Confrontation

4/1/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Lindsay Lohan during the nuclear argument she had with Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland -- an argument Holland says turned violent. 

It all went down on December 12, when the staffer -- Dawn Holland -- claims she busted Lindsay and two other girls jumping a wall at Betty Ford at around 1 AM. -- after curfew.  During the 911 call, Lindsay and Dawn were both on the line on separate phones.  Lindsay says, "She's freaking me out!"

When Dawn tried to make Lindsay take a breathalyzer, she says "Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone."  Dawn claims she knows the other two girls Lindsay was with were drunk, "reeking of alcohol."

During the call, Dawn claims she grabbed the phone to talk to the dispatcher ... but Lindsay ripped the phone from her hand ... spraining Dawn's wrist in the process.

As we first reported, the Riverside County District Attorney declined to prosecute Lindsay over the incident.


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It's never Lindsay's fault. Whatever and wherever a Lohan touches turns to crap.

1212 days ago


""Do you want money"? is how the Lohans settle their disputes. The sad fact is, apparently they've not run into someone that can't be bought. What a classless act she is. What sane, respectable girl acts this way? Trash.

Posted at 11:42 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by mannequin"


No, that's how you respond in shock when when someone threatens you out of the blue with "Prepare to be sued" when they don't have any legitimate reason to sue you for monetary damages.

How else do you respond but in shock, "What? Do you want money???" as your mind is racing to figure out what her real motives are.

Dawn's a real piece of work and this reveals what a true piece of trash she is.

1212 days ago


Lindsay must be celebrating now that the recordings have been released. Meanwhile as Lindsay's celebrating Dawn's probably relapsing somewhere over it being released... lol

Good luck ever getting another job in the medical field, Dawn.

1212 days ago


@ Nicole, when I think of my friend who was murdered in Cancun last April and her body was found stuffed in a septic tank and the 14 year kid down the street from me who shot two other kids on Venice blvd and than the police shot and killed him, I would hope that the city of Los Angeles would use what little resources that they have in this budget crisis wisely and drop Lindsay.s case.

Posted at 11:45 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by john smith@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@when I wish they got you and Nicole

1212 days ago


All this arguing in the comments is funny. Guys, it is possible that BOTH parties behaved badly in this scenario. Lindsay disobeyed the rules and didn't want to deal with the consequences AND Dawn was clearly getting off on being able to name drop and get some easy money. The fact is that if this were a middle income patient who had grabbed the phone from Dawn's hand, she would never have threatened to sue for a 'sprained wrist' (which basically means she went the doctor and said 'My wrist hurts' and he gave her a brace, it's nothing that could be proved on x-ray).

1212 days ago

how lame    

I don't think Dawn holland is the guilty one. lindsay is. it's all caught on tape by the Sheriff

1212 days ago


Wow if i took the time to write a list of all of the reasons Dawn was fired... there would be about 10 of them, and any one of them would have been legitimate grounds to fire her.

She better milk that disability scam she has going for all it's worth because she'll never work in another medical facility again.

1212 days ago

normal person    

Why doesn't TMZ find someone else to trash on for a while and give her a break. But that won't happen because there are about 10 addicted Lilo haters who come here every day and spew their hate. Same old stories repeated over and over again or they simply make up new stories. Anyone that disagrees with them is a called an Lohan. They just can't stand it that not everyone is a hater.

1212 days ago

john smith    

That's So Raven, you know the kids show on Saturday mornings, Let's Go Raven, let's go Raven, I can't stop singing the song, she was the little girl on the Cosby show....

1212 days ago


Who cares? Either the skank goes to prison for her grand theft or she skates and continues drinking and drugging until she kills herself.
Either way she'll be gone.
I just hope that when she crashes and burns, she doesn't take innocent victims (like my family and friends in LA) with her.

(Of course, people will then post on TMZ how many times "High as a Kite: The Lindsay Lohan Story" is showing on cable each month...)

1212 days ago


And to think, the Lohans probably asked the sheffifs office to release this tape for some more publicity. LOL

1212 days ago


Wow. Seems like a lot of people commenting have no idea that land line phones exist nor how they work... Dawn Holland does not take the phone away from Lindsay, they are both on the line, on different phones. Then Lindsay throws her phone at Dawn Holland. Lindsay is disgusting and it's so pathetic to see an adult treat another human being that way. Ms. Holland is no better though... although I do not see her in the wrong on the night of the incident, she let them pay her off. Lame. I can never look at Lindsay Lohan the same again... I used to be a fan, but now I just want her to disappear. She is no different that the drugged out skanks you see walking the streets... so sad.

1212 days ago

AA Sponsor    

First of all, a rehab staffer should know better how to handle patients who break rules without resorting to calling the sheriff. They deal with this ALL the time. Lindsay is not the first, and interestingly, the staffer broke her confidentiality by stating her full name (and NOT any of the other girls' names except the singular "Kelly") which shows that she is in it for monetary gain or some type of controversy.

Furthermore, she NEVER once mentions anything about her wrist, only that Lindsay hit her with the phone. If she really had a sprained wrist as she claims, she would have mentioned on the phone that she thought that Lindsay had done some physical damage to her wrist.

I'm glad this staffer was fired. She should have dealt with this as she would have handled ANY Joe-Schmo patient rather than making a public example of a girl struggling to figure out why she keeps f*cking everything else up in her life.

No wonder Lindsay doesn't trust authority or rehab centers to help her get clean - she grew up never knowing who to trust, from her asinine father to dumb broads like this staffer. Everyone can say Lindsay dug her own grave, but in recovery, I have come across COUNTLESS young women who are Bipolar & have drug problems; it is hard enough to get back on track when you're a nobody, but when you're under public scrutiny constantly - and knowingly, the media loves to report breakdowns rather than good things due to ratings - it is that much harder.

Finally, the fact that the staffer didn't just say "a patient named Lindsay" instead of "Lindsay Lohan" (thus breaking her anonymity) shows just how callous this staffer was. Nice way to encourage your patients to feel comfortable getting the help they so desperately need.

Now I am not a fan of Lohan, and admit she does dumb things, but I look at the whole picture. I still believe she can get help; I just believe we - the public & the media - are making it so much more difficult for her than if she was just an anonymous person (which she SHOULD BE CONSIDERED) when receiving treatment at one of the world's most prominent professional centers.

1212 days ago


@Kate a sprain is a soft tissue injury and can easily be proven by bruising and swelling of the affected area.not on x- ray ,so by your logic Lindsay lohan goes to her dr. and says she cant sleep and he gave her Ambien,poof problem solved.While we are on the subject b/c she is no longer being drug tested she is probably taking 3 to 4x her recommended dosage of her Adderral (pharmacy grade speed) and that is why her pupils and eyes are bugged out..IMO

1212 days ago

Alex D    

WOW REALLY???? I'VE NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE & IT'S REALLY FREAKING ME OUT? Then I hear the money comment and how Lindsay says what do you want from me, you're dis-respectful, you're disrespectful you're always dis-respectful of me!!!! That girl needs FELONY Assault charges, plus pre-bribe chatter that LINDSAY will give her money???? Come the F on for real, why can't people catch her and charge her, GOD it's like she is a greased up PIG, and there ain't NO sand to dump on her.

1212 days ago
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