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Chuck Liddell's Ex -- You Kidnapped Our Son!

4/2/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The custody battle between Chuck Liddell and his ex, Lori Geyer, began this week when Geyer and her current husband called police claiming Liddell had "kidnapped" his son ... TMZ has learned.

According to the police report filed on March 27, Liddell picked up his son Cade from Geyer's Parker, Colorado home on March 23 and said he was going to spend time with Cade ... in Colorado. Geyer told police Liddell said he and Cade would return on the 27th.

But on March 27, Geyer claims she got a call from Liddell's attorney, saying her son was in California with Chuck and would remain there until a custody hearing. The attorney said Cade wanted to remain in California with Liddell.

Geyer told police Chuck had never had much interest in his son and didn't understand why he was "now interested in custody."

Police determined no criminal activity had occurred.

As TMZ first reported, Liddell was in court yesterday in Los Angeles to try and gain full custody of Cade -- but the court ruled the case should be heard in Colorado and a hearing is set for Tuesday.

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1302 days ago


@1 - Who? You can't be serious. Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell? Possibly the greatest light heavyweight of his generation, that's who.

1302 days ago


@Mike post #2

Aren't you sick and tired of all these stupid people who always feel the need to post "who?" every time they read a story? They think they are being so smart but all it shows is an egotistical douche! Oh yeah, just because THEY never heard of them it must mean NO ONE has heard of them and they just aren't important at all. (insert my rolling eyes!)

I must admit Chuck Liddle isn't a person I follow or care about - but I am sure others do.

1302 days ago


IF there is a custody agreement and visitation filed with the courts, and his visitation was over on the 27th then he absolutely is breaking the law by keeping him. There is also the issue of him taking him out of the state without the other parents consent. But,of course, we don't know what their custody agreement says or if there even is one.

1302 days ago


*** TMZ, are you so desperate to keep the page fresh that you lift community news stories in order to provide content here? I have no clue who this person is...and do not want to know...I think other TMZers think the same, also. C'mon...harass some celebrities and get us some fresh meat! ***

1302 days ago

northern gypsy    

sorry...i have to disagree with the folks who feel this item is irrelevant...
it's called "UFC" a multi-mullion $$$ enterprise...expanding globally
with each pay-per-view telecast...and yes...fans do want info on all the
players...so get with the program...or...move on to the next item !!!

1302 days ago


charge Liddel with kidnapping.
next case...

1302 days ago


Why is it always the womans kid?, but when it comes to money the woman says she is due her share? Hey the cops didn't find any criminal wrong doing. It is obvious that he was married to a biotch who still complaining. I hope the next idiot can see right through her.

1302 days ago


Also I think the kid is better off with chuck then the ex. Everybody knows a single mom can't raise a kid properly as they always want to be the kids best friend instead of the parent. Maybe if Chuck used his expertise on his ex instead of just the opponent in the ring she would think twice about starting trouble.

1302 days ago

northern gypsy    

ok...now that i got the 1st post off my chest...what exactly is the custody arrangement between these two...if were to believe C.L. son (toothace for months) why didn't C.L. intervene??? bottom line...if the son want to live with his father...mom should honour his request...

1302 days ago


Why does every celebrity think they are above the law? Chuck, go to court and adjust the custody legally without creating sensationalized headlines and chaos for the kid. Selfish adults.

1302 days ago


This guy is shameful. He took the child under false pretenses. When his visitation time is up he says he's not handing over the kid until a hearing, absolutely disgusting. Do parents not realize they hurt their children when they act like this.

"bottom line...if the son want to live with his father...mom should honour his request..."

We have no clue what the child wants. We only know what the kidnapper SAYS the child wants. If this guy will lie and kidnap I'm definitely not taking his word on anything. When the kid says it I'll believe it.

1302 days ago


is that right #bob "maybe if Chuck used his expertise on his ex" you are obviously an ABUSER and a woman hater. repulsive slug

1302 days ago


@Buck... I'm not an abuser, but what I am is against the laws always going toward the mom, and the guy getting stuck with the bills, so if he took the law into his own hand, and knocked her around a bit maybe she would see his side of it, and if she desn't then knock her around a little bit more. You know, whatever it takes let her decide

1302 days ago


*** "Bob" you're apparently a loser who doesn't give a damn about the kid in question who is NOT old enough to make decisions for himself and secondly, this exhibits great instability for this child whose familiar surroundings and mother and friends are where his mother is. In short, Chuck Liddell is a complete loser. ***

1302 days ago
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