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Hef to Fiancee

We Don't Need No Damn Prenup!

4/2/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's 84 and worth $43 million ... she's 24 and knows he's worth $43 million -- yet sources close to Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris tell TMZ neither has uttered those dreaded words ... "prenuptial agreement."

Hef's third wedding is just 10 weeks away, but we're told he hasn't raised a prenup convo because he "actually cares" about Crystal and doesn't want to ask her to sign one.

We're told Crystal doesn't think Hef will bring it up before they tie the knot.

What could go wrong?


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Hef should have married Holly. She was not a gold digger. Shame on Hef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1279 days ago

K Parr    

I wish them a good time together and really think this is his last fling so he's up for it. She seems like a nice kid. Whatever their legal status is financially I'm sure he has put things in order ahead of time.

1279 days ago


he is only worth 43 million is that a typo, the man is worth a lot more than that, or should be.....yes she is just another whore, looking for gold,and the old fool will give it to her.

1279 days ago

steven katona    

i'm in love with his wife! we all love you in canada!!!! xox

1279 days ago


# 84 please dont speak for the rest of Canada thank you.

1279 days ago


Did you see him rooting for Kendra on Dancing with the Stars? He looked like the stiff in the wheelchair in Weekend at Bernies.

1279 days ago


Would have never guessed a dude pimpin as hard as hef would be an undercover sucker ass buster. Ah well he cant take it to the grave but he sure should be protecting it for his sons, blondie is gonna have it all if hef dont get his mind right.

1279 days ago


#76 the only reason he got a 24 year old is because he is rich, you cannot be that stupid not to see that shes a gold digger.

1279 days ago


Guess she's the only one of his gals that will change his depends. Endearing.

1279 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Heff is an old pervert... These girls could be his granddaughters...

1279 days ago


Congratulations! You've sucked and f**ked your way to the top and the payoff is in sight. He's a bit senile now and there's a very good chance he won't ask for that prenup. Just keep on doing whatever you're doing; don't panic and put him in the hospital or, heavens forbid, kill him now. You have plenty of time to deal with the family's lawsuits once you're married and he's dead and gone. Remember, this is your only shot at living the good life that you so deserve so don't screw it up.

1279 days ago


This one just seemed to come out of the blue and now they are getting married? I still rather it be Holly.

1279 days ago


Disgusting old pervert. Why is she getting all the negative comments? She is not the one who made an empire out of nudie mags. I say they deserve each other.

1279 days ago


This is a typical situation financial elder abuse.

Why get married? Surely not to have a baby (ugh, the thought!).
His thing probably doesn't work anyway.
Christie Hefner (his eldest daughter), or another family member needs to go to court and appoint a conservator.

Hefner has children, and they are the rightful heirs to his estate, and this gold digger is taking advantage of an old senile man just like Anna Nicole Smith.

It doesn't matter how icky the man is, if he's incompetent, he still needs protection from predators.

At the very least a particularly forensic psychiatrist who ascertains whether an elderly person is competent should conduct a competency evaluation.

1279 days ago


'He's actually cares about Crystal". Ok, well, that's sweet and all but caring about a person has nothing to do with a prenup. A prenup is to safeguard your assets. Cause the person you "really care about" still could stop caring about you and the marriage ends. Then it's open season on your money. I would think a man on his third marriage and who's had a barrage of women would not be this naive. I always though he was a smart man with even smarter people who work for him but if he marries that woman with no prenup, I can honestly say he is the dumbest man on the planet. Maybe his sons will talk some sense into him but you dont marry a woman like that without a prenup. Here I thought the original Playboy was savy and wise.

1279 days ago
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