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Lindsay Lohan on 911 Call -- I Told You So!

4/2/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan wins again ... at least according to Lindsay Lohan -- who believes the 911 call of the Betty Ford incident backs her version of what went down with Dawn Holland. 

TMZ was first to publish the 911 call Lindsay made on December 12. On the recording,  Lindsay and Dawn are heard having a heated argument ... and Dawn claims Lindsay hit her with the phone.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the 911 call vindicates her because it makes Dawn seem "rude," "aggressive" and "inappropriate."

We're also told she thinks it proves Dawn was only after money from the start. Very early in the call Dawn says, "Get ready to be sued."

Ultimately, Lindsay does win -- earlier this week the Riverside County District Attorney's Office announced it would not file charges against Lindsay over the incident.



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For once I'm on Lindsay's side. Sue hungry Americans annoy me.

1303 days ago


Wouldn't this person have said to anybody who slapped her with a phone, "get ready to be sued"?

1303 days ago

Sad sad    

Nessie No. Usually one would tell police or ask for an ambulance if injured. She was looking for an opportunity IMO.

1303 days ago


Bored bored bored of Lindsey Lohan - the little freak needs to just go away, she can't act, can't sing, can't even lie well. Sick of seeing her face, hearing her words, please make her go away. If TMZ doesn't get some better stories, and realize no one cares about this self-centered addict anymore, they need to go away, too.

1303 days ago


Bs....that's just LL"s way of doing things. Throw $$$$ at it and hope it goes away.
LL opens the call with ," there's a woman here I don't know, and she's freaking me out!". WTF? She won't let DH talk to the dispatcher, won't let the girl talk privately with DH when she requests to do so. That right there is what I don't like. Coming between someone who obviously wants to tell the truth, and LL won't let her have the chance AND tells her don't say a word. Almost sounds as if LL is threatening her if she talks.
DH broke no confidentiality rules, yes she stated LL's full name but they would have asked for that anyway. But LL kept disrupting everything so DH couldn't talk to the Sheriff's dept. My daughter did stuff like that......when she was 5!! Now she's 16 and probably more mature than this girl!
DH was discharged from BFC for breaking *THEIR* confidentiality rules by talking to TMZ (whom, from what I remember THEY contacted her!). She broke no HIPAA rules when she spoke to them, she revealed NO medical information. All she spoke of was basically what happened that night.
And a patient does NOT have the right to put their hands on any staff member, that's usually grounds for immediate dismissal. Also, that goes the other way as well. Staff must keep their hands off the patients as well. Seems LL grabbed the phone from DH causing her wrist to twist and obtain a sprain. They are often easily noticeable by bruising and swelling. And sometimes may not bother someone until later, especially if there is a situation such as what occurred that night. Adrenaline is pumping, so any pain may be delayed until things quiet down. Seeing as how L & I authorized her payments, its obvious they reviewed all that happened that night and ruled that she was in the right.
It may not happen on the 22nd, but eventually all of this will catch up with LL because its pretty obvious she has no plans to change her ways. One day, don't know when, but she WILL end up spending *substantial* (not days or weeks, we're talking YEARS) time behind bars. It will creep up on her that's for sure. And there won't be anymore paying off witnesses, people she's stolen from, etc. She WILL be taken *totally* surprised when it happens. She will have SH file appeal after appeal, and she'll definitely throw temper tantrums like she does, but.....she will stay where she is. Behind bars. {o:

1303 days ago

PRO US    

I believe the fundamental question here is this: What was Lindsay and the two other girls doing jumping the fence/wall around the Betty Ford Center after their curfew?

They're there for the rehabilitation. What kind of rehab can they get if they're leaving the premises without permission to go drinking alcohol?

If they hadn't left and gotten toasted, DH wouldn't have gotten involved at all and Lindsay would not have been investigated for possible assault in this incident.

Lindsay never denied leaving the compound without permission. Lindsay refused to take a breathalyzer test as DH demanded which was according to the operating policy guidelines of the BF Center. So, Lindsay is clearly at fault here. The Betty Ford Center and DH helped cover this whole incident up for their own reasons, and Lindsay skated away free as a bird once again. Betty Ford Center caters to celebrities and doesn't want to get the reputation of helping get its clients arrested and charged with a crime when they assault the Center's own employees.

What a joke that was. The Betty Ford Center cares more about its image than in upholding the law or protecting its own employees from violent clients.

Of course, DH was looking at any way possible of getting a pay day out of this thing, and maybe she got one. She got canned for violating the confidentiality of the Center's clients which was correct. DH shouldn't have said a word to the media. DH should have just filed a police report and let the DA take it from there.

Let's see the court provide us with some real justice in the jewelry case.

1303 days ago


what i can't get is how many people voted that DH came off worse than LL...people did you really LISTEN or are you just complete idiots? hell just as #6 twilightmom said, the beginning of the call started out with a lie from LL yet we should believe everything else she says... yeah right... use your brains people... why won't they do society a favor and lock up this narcissistic thief?

1303 days ago


Lindsay, are you REALLY proud of yourself? So, you think you 'win' this round of many with the legal system, in a life filled with whoring around, drugs, alcohol, countless rehabs, disrespecting the Betty Ford worker who's only doing her job in finding your loser ass hopping a fence (again, at REHAB) where it was noted you were intoxicated, intimidating your roommates at rehab to not say a word, and finally, physically assaulting the worker for trying to turn you in. Um, yeah, in your deluded world where you mother keeps telling you you're right and the world is wrong, that IS winning...NOT. just check into prison and get it overwith, skank. p.s. your parents are epic failures.

1303 days ago


Polls are so stupid, and so easy to cheat - you vote, refresh the page and vote again -and you can do this as long as you have time to waste. Please do not even imagine the polls are accurate, nor fair, in any way, shape or form. The girl broke the rules and should have been punished, why she wasn't is beyond any legal understanding. Boo to Betty Ford, it use to be a reputable place, now it's just the place Lindsey used, their reputation is beyond tarnished now.

1303 days ago


this b!tch could shoot someone in broad daylight with 100 witness that confirm shes the shooter and she would get off with a little slap

1303 days ago


Lindsay pulls off another "they are out to get me" excuse. She probably will find some way to loophole her way out of the upcoming April 22nd court hearing for her grand thefy felony! This gilr gets away with anything & everything! No wonder she feels "entitled" & always keeps messing up her life. If she does NOT do jail time for this felony...I'd bet that she will OD or drink herself to death within a year or so!

1303 days ago

Miss Red    

Sounds like the woman was just doing her job. Lindsey is just used to getting her own way.

1303 days ago


Lindsay called 911 about this lady and during the phone call the lady took the phone from Lindsay and started talking to the 911 dispatch operator. It is at that point you can hear a struggle for is later described as two people attempting to speak to the 911 dispatch operator.

It should be known that when an indivual contacts 911 the operator is obliged to assist the caller and maintain the callers well being untill help arrives. The operator failed to ask to speak with the person who made the call in the first place, Lindsay.

1303 days ago

Sad sad    

Dawn's post. #6-13. At least wait more then 2 min. per post. Looks more random like the first two.

1303 days ago


Lindsay is completely right and she was the PATIENT supposed to be getting treatment from compassionate people i.e, not Dawn Holland


1303 days ago
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