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'Deadliest Catch' -- New Captain, MAJOR Tension

4/4/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who took over for Captain Phil Harris on "Deadliest Catch" could really use some sensitivity training ... because dude used Phil's death to rip a crew member ... in front of Phil's TWO SONS.

TMZ has obtained a clip from the upcoming season of "D.C." ... in which Derrick Ray -- the new skipper of the F/V Cornelia Marie -- gets into a serious verbal spat with engineer Steve Ward.

During the fight, Phil's son Jake pleads for the two to make up ... and that's when Ray heartlessly snaps and says,"Phil's not here, he's f**king dead, okay?"

To make things worse ... Phil's other son Josh is also in earshot.

The new season kicks off April 12.


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The new Captain has to put those children in their place or they will destroy the business. The Captain on a crab boat is God and the boys should know that.

1267 days ago

Nancy C    

Who the hell is this NEW guy?! What, is this his first time on camera so now he feels the need to show how big his balls are and that he can intimidate anyone he wants to?! I have a feeling I'm not gonna like this new season - oh, I'll WATCH it - don't get me wrong, but this guy ALREADY is leaving a bad taste in my mouth!

1267 days ago

angie townsend    

well the way i see it is......... dude you are driving his boat with his children aboard and ya have the gall to insult them in the rudess of manners!!! Phil is more of a skipper than u could ever be!!! Hope the crabs eats well tonight!!!

1267 days ago


That dude is an ass wipe. I couldn't believe he made a comment about Phil being dead like that and his son just stood by. I hope they throw hs ass overboard and use him for extra bait. THAT WAS SO DISRESPECTFUL.

1267 days ago


I think they were sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place as for as not firing the Captain on the spot. They needed to get out and work, it may not be that easy to find another Skipper on the spot. Anyway, I think Jake really has shown that he has his act together after watching this clip. I am happy for that.
The remark about Phil being dead in front of Jake was cruel. Proud of how Jake handled this, trying to calm them down. Wow, what a turnaround. Hope he stays strong. He looks great in the new Peoples Magazine article. He has put on some weight, yeah! He is a cutie again.

1267 days ago


This guy has no respect and cannot expect any! He definitely isn't Phil! I can't wait to see Johnathon put him in his place! He will not be talking crap about Phil then....IDIOT!

1267 days ago


well the new skipper will be out of a job shortly.. you see the look on Josh's face? He was like excuse me? Jake looked stoned out of his gored.. I think an ass woopen was in order there he was out of line

1267 days ago

rick porter     

OMG that guy is of the hook . to say what he said to the mechanic about phil being dead . was totally uncalled for he is to much of a hot head he should be fired just for being such a prick no one will respect that kind of person . just because it took 1 hr more than it should have to go shopping is no reason to fly off the handle like that. what's he gonna do when he's out on the water . the crew will throw the prick overboard I know I would . the harris boy's don't deserve that kind of treatment they should hire a different capitan . no one will pay attention to the job at hand with that kind of prick onboard there minds will be too distracted to pay attention to what there doing the job is too dangerous as it is !

1267 days ago


I think the new captain should be thrown over board in the middle of the berin sea with an ice pack coming down n the boys run the boat josh can do it jake will soon follow

1266 days ago


A very small man. He picked a fight with Steve because he sure as hell could not yell at one of the boat's owners. Josn should have fired him on the spot for mentioning his deceased father in such a gruff manner, and then thrown his ass over the side!

1266 days ago


I just lost any respect I ever had for Derrick Ray. Not only did he not have a right to say that in front of his boys, but there are a lot of things he could have said that don't involve insulting the memory of Phil. If I were Josh and Jake, there is NO way I would EVER put up with that volume of disrespect. I would find someone else that I trusted to run that boat.

1265 days ago


new captain has 2 go for the men of the cornelia marie has more respect for someone who and would treat them right yes,, its difficult for every 1 who has seen all episodes and wished they could be there to comfort or whatever they could do for Captain Phil but the shame to put the insentive dude there to fill the captains chair is reflected on the crew and the owners of the Cornelia Marie... all is still grieving....

1262 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: Capt. Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit responds to this video, appears shocked by comments, but says "boys ain't ready". Listen here.

1261 days ago


Phils replacement is a real ****! Phil would have knocked him on his ass by now! And why does it seem like everyone is playing these 2 boys against each other. That comment of " I know your brother owns 1/4 of the boat" was bull****!!!!!!

Phil loved his boys equally.

1260 days ago


The new Cornelia Marie Capt. is a JERK!!!!! Captain Phil Harris is irreplacable! Miss you! I hope he keeps his promise and walks off! Right into the Berin Sea! lol!

1259 days ago
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