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K-Fed -- I'm Having a Baby GIRL!

4/5/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is gearing up for baby #5 -- and unlike the two kids he had with Britney Spears ... this one's a girl.


According to Kevin's now pregnant girlfriend -- ex-pro volleyballer Victoria Prince -- they're naming her Jordan ... because when the couple was deciding on names, they weren't sure of the sex and wanted something that could go either way.

Victoria's due in a couple months.


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KFed needs another baby like Obama needs another war... i mean Kinetic Military Action. Somebody snip this man in his sleep please.

1267 days ago


Hey Harvey, why does your site filter the word 'C O C K TAILs'?... it's just an alcoholic drink... isn't that what you have going on in that ugly red mug you drink out of everyday?

1267 days ago


... oh, and Jennifer, the movie 'C ocktails' was from the '80's...

1267 days ago


Goes to prove that VERMIN can really reproduce.

1267 days ago


What the hell would any woman see in this man?

1267 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

KDud is a dirtbag, lazy, loser. Is Britney still paying him alimony? What kind of Moron woman would have anything to do with the money mooching leech? Who is supporting this new child? Did he ever graduate from High School? Has he EVER had a job? Hope Britney has a Trust Fund (where KDud can't get to it) so her boys can get a college education and not grow up to be a sleezeball, ignorant, dimwitted, idiot like KDud. Britney shouldn't let lowlife KDud have anything to do with her boys - they might grow up like him. Horrors!!!!!

1267 days ago


Jordan is an ignorant name.

1266 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

Whatever happened to wooing a girl, getting engaged , getting married and THEN having the kids??? I don't understand why someone would wanna be with him. Star Jackson seems like a sweet girl that he didn't marry right? And then he left her for Brit. What's wrong with these people???? Children need some good role models and stability, not some dad that keeps having baby mamas...sheesh. Just screwing up kids's mind more and more. This country is really going morally downhill imo. Sorry.

1266 days ago


Can't this guy control his penis?

1266 days ago


She must have horrible parents. Who would let their kid get into that mess? I see unpaid child support in her future.

1266 days ago


"does he work?"

Posted at 9:00 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

The only kind of work he ever did was as a back up dancer of Britney's early concerts before they hooked up. After that he instantly became a celebrity and of course rich courtesy of Britney. Now he's added another mouth to support that will come from BRITNEY's millions worth of alimony she paid this moron as well as the monthtly child support Britney is still paying to this loser.

What a dbag. His current gf and mom of his 5th child better be working, otherwise she will also be SUPPORTED by Britney.

S***s of earth.

1266 days ago



1266 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Britney should go back to Court and get FULL custody of her boys and not give A-Hole KDud one more dime. Does he plan to have lots more children and send the bills to Britney? I heard he's Catholic so he doesn't use protection. I don't think God had it in mind to populate the world, live off of Britney, and never work. Is there a bigger Gold Digger in America than K-Dud? What a Nasty Idiot he is !!!! Is his new girlfriend going to live off of Britney, too?

1266 days ago


I've observed that there are also a gazillions of users, manipulators and golddiggers among male species whose main objective in life is to hook up with the rich and famous; heeelllooo Britney and this dbag, Christina Aguillera and her ex husband, JLo and her two ex hubbies (she was twice duped), Jessica Alba and her current hubby, Lee Ann Rhimes and her ex, and list will go on and on. I just hope these rich women will always USE THEIR BRAINS before they use their hearts and would always require their men to sign and prenupt before they wed. They work hard for their money so they should always take care of their finances and not allow such losers and users to manipulate them.

As a woman, I feel sad for the likes of Britney and Christina and others who have been used, manipulated and taken advantaged of by the men they loved and trusted. It's really so sad.

1266 days ago


#9, could you please be a little more disgusting?

1266 days ago
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