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HUGE Payday for

Teen Pregnancy Work

4/5/2011 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin BANKED more than $262 thousand in 2009, for her role as a spokesperson for a teen pregnancy prevention campaign.  

 The former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant became an ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation in 2009 when she was 18 ... just a few months after giving birth to her son, Tripp ... and according to tax documents, the job PAID OFF.
The foundation’s website says Bristol "plays an important role by helping other teens understand the incredible challenges teen parents face, and encouraging them to wait until they are socially and financially independent to start their families.”

According to the website, Bristol is still working for the organization.


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Good for you Bristol!!!! You did get your GED while pregnant or right after and that's a fact you should be proud of.
You never gave up and you are making sure you are spending your money on things most teens would never think of fact 99% would blow it.
Keep it up Bristol and continue to hold your head up high thinking NIL of the nasty haters who are petrified of seeing you or your mothers name in print.
You have a good attitude...Keep it up!
You won't be living on welfare while the so called father of your baby is trying to be Mr. Hollywood . He should be seeing that beautiful little boy more often or at least once and awhile. Whatever , You are proving to do well. Yes you made a mistake like lots of other teens do but you are not sitting home on your butt feeling sorry for yourself. You are a "do-er so am happy to hear you have a house of your own and will be attending university. The better you do the more the haters will yapp off..too funny.

1299 days ago


this is a non story.Who cares? It's obvious from some of the comments ppl need to get a life.

1299 days ago


New title for Bristol's book: laughing all the way to the bank!
She is a hypocrite. Republicans and Tea Party members are all for the rich getting richer--and balance the budget by taking away all the programs for the unwed, poor, single teenage mothers. Then the rich white girl can charge $30,000 for an hour speech telling other teenagers about how rough her life is! And telling all the viewers who watched her cheating on Dancing with the Stars that she took the $325,000 she earned as a dancer and paid cash for her house in Arizona. What did she do with all the candies money she earned the year before--bribe the people who produce DWTS? And how dumb does candies think the public is when they try to convince us that the 20 year old Bristol has a job because she is a teenager and has a baby who is a mistake. Looks to me like this was all planned......

1298 days ago


Right on Bristol Girl!!!!
You ain't no slacker, Keep up the good work.
As for the Naysayers, haha i already watched how you handled them and loved how you walked with your head up high with the attitude if you don't like me that's your problem.

Your son will be very proud of you when he gets older and understands that you kept him ,loved him to pieces but realised you made a mistake that you can tell other teens first hand how it changes their life b/c they lose all of their teen yrs. I am in grade 10 and i know that 95% of the kids from grs 9 to 12 all have sex on a reg. basis. So these mom's who are writing posts here and calling you names have daughters who are having sex with their b/fs as they write their posts...haha
Keeep writing dumbo mama's.

1298 days ago



At least she is working to support her child and not living off my tax dollars. She made a mistake but she isn't asking you to pay for her mistake.

Posted at 12:18 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by LAW"

How do you think charity orgs get their money? Charity. And they used most of the money to pay that ****. That's worse then mooching off tax payers. She's using donations to pay for her mistake. No?

1298 days ago


Incredible challenge teens face? Are they ****ing joking? She is no where near the normal teen mom. Has she struggled to take care of her child financially or had trouble with not having someone watch her child when she's at her GED class?

Like mother like daughter. Rotten and crooked to the core.

1298 days ago


Well said Patricia!! I say kudos to her for making money on her own and also not living off the government nor her parents...I just find stupid how many women here are bashing this young woman for having some dignity and trying to survive on her own, shame on you haters...

1298 days ago


This is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

1298 days ago


Hey,dumb and dumber and she is making money off of it.........go Republicans, they are all looking like Bristol. Nothing between ears, only between legs.

1298 days ago


Leave Bristol alone !!!!!! If her last name was Smith instead of Pailin you wouldn't care about any of this stuff.
You are only peeded off b/c her mother ran for the vice presidential chair 2 yrs ago and will be running again and it scares the living bejeesus out of every one of you. She's a hellll of alot smarter than Obama.
Nobody could be a worse president then Obama. All talk.
You got a real pc of work on your hands . So ontill he is knocked out of his position ...the sooner the better. I am not an american but what a freaken mess the States is in. I have never heard of any presidents going off to other countries to tell them how bad the States or his country is . Or how arrogent the ppl are.
Why take it out on Bristol Pailin? she's just a kid trying her best to fix up mistakes she made in her teen yrs. She loves her baby,is a good mom and could care less what you dunces think of her. Remember her name is not Sarah so lay off.

1298 days ago


I loved when Bristol Pailin was on Greta to let other teens know she was by no means glamorizing her position as a teen mom. Her baby took up 100% of her time and she was more than willing to give it to him. You could tell she adored him.
I know at least 50 kids who have all had abortions. Their parents don't have to know they are getting the surjury done either so they never told them.
Bristol kept her baby and i give her credit for it. Altho much like the commercial she did for the Candies Foundation
where she walks out carrying her baby Tripp dresssed in only a diaper and in a sparsley decorated apt. Things were looking very dim. Excellent commercial as she was honest and said 'what if i didn't come from a famous family?' In other words her life would be as dismal as the commercial. That's no life for a kid but the world is full of young teen mothers in that same situation. And the dumb azzz peeps here think B. Pailin should not have accepted any money for the work she did for the Candies Foundation. The kid put it to good use and is going onto colledge. Peeps should give her a break becuz she is not doing anything but trying to make a decent life for her child.
Congrats Bristol, So many of us that you don't know are very proud of you. As for the rest i am sorry but your mum scares the heck out of them. lol

1298 days ago

Elvis Pudding    

Just another wannabe media created celebrity trying to cash in under the premise of "trying to help". If she was really sincere she would have taken the money and donated it to a worthy organization, or done the job for free.

1298 days ago


Pay me that much money per year and i`ll support just about anything. Too bad, it doesn`t look like they put their money to good use. Support the Childrens Wish Foundation, that`s where it`s at.

1298 days ago


At least she's not with that slime loser, Levi Johnston anymore! The best revenge is to mke a good life for yourself.
Go Bristol!

1297 days ago


why bother getting an education when you can make $$ buy being a teen whore, getting knocked up and then getting paid to say "don't be like me! keep your legs closed!"

This entire family is just trash! They have no shame, no brains and no redeeming qualities. They'd sell grandma to the crack dealer if it would get them a few more minutes of fame.

1297 days ago
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