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Charlie Sheen's Show -- Completely Lacking in Glass

4/6/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's show in Cleveland last night was a strictly no-glass zone -- and we're told, it's all because the venue was afraid of the crowd turning violent ... and launching their drinks onstage.

Sources at Cleveland's Playhouse Square tell TMZ, it was all in response to Charlie's show in Detroit -- where he bombed so hard the crowd turned ugly ... booing and heckling Charlie on stage.

We're told management at Playhouse wasn't taking any chances -- and quickly enacted a plastic cup-only policy for drinks in the theater.

It worked too -- because as far as we know, no one got hurt.


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First! And make that completely lacking in class, too!

1294 days ago


Somebody needs to interject some reality here about Charlie's actual "Detroit" experience. Do you know where he stayed? He stayed n the Townsend which is a luxury hotel in Birmingham, MI. That's the hotel where visiting "artists" often stay. Take a look if you care to:

When he wasn't residing in "The Townsend Hotel....a gem of European elegance, tucked away amidst the pleasing parks, sophisticated designer shops and nationally acclaimed art galleries of Birmingham." he was at the Fox Theatre:

"Detroit’s crown jewel, the Fox Theatre, has played host to some of the biggest names in show business and holds its ground as one of the top-grossing theaters of its size in the nation."

Take a look at the Fox, if you dare. Its as luxurious as the Townsend.

While I agree that "Detroit proper" can be quite a contrast to the Detroit suburbs - which suburbs are know as some of the most beautiful in the US - I DON"T agree with the hype aka propaganda that Charlie had a gritty, low class sort of experience here in Detroit.

Btw, it is generally the excepted tradition here to refer to the entire Metro Detroit area as "Detroit". You'll see that in many places, like the Townsend Hotel website. Don't fully understand why and people that I have asked here also wonder why sometimes - but there it is. And, it is more than simply a style or a tradition, there is a pride involved as well.

Last but not least, look at the photo of the Detroit audience in Charlie's Tweet. That's a predominately white, middle class, middle aged suburbanite audience. And, it just pisses me off that when they have some beer to drink - and many of them had nothing to drink - they are dissed as a drunken crowd. Look at the videos of them leaving the show and see if htey are drunk and rowdy looking to you. Then, the audience at Cleveland is drinking Warlock ****tails with hard liquor and smoking pot - and they are WINNING. Yeah, right.....

Anyway, that's my final 2 cents on the subject. May well be my last visit here, too. We'll see. Frankly, I am getting awfully bored and more than a little disgusted.

1294 days ago


First! And make that completely lacking in class, too!

Posted at 12:49 AM on Apr 6, 2011 by yo

Yep and btw, that "rowdy" crowd in Detroit didn't throw a single object at the stage although they could have if they had wanted to.

1294 days ago


I have considerably less respect for Chicago and Cleveland after reading how they enjoyed the show. Attentively listening to some egomaniac babble on and on for an hour or so about his self-centered life? Who the f--k cares? It's a cheap low-IQ show for Sheen wannabes. Detroit was awesome -- good for them for letting Sheen know that his show was a huge rip-off.

1294 days ago


First! Oh, um, I mean ... Fifth!

1294 days ago


TMZ is full of sh*t you people should question there sources? No true at all. I live in Columbus and I can tell you that the entire state practices plastic bottles at ALL major events at ALL maor venues. TMZ thinks Charlie Sheen is the only reason to get excited at a venue???


1294 days ago


So now Charlie's "Torpedo of Truth" tour aftr three days has revamped three times. Last night seemed to be nothing more than a R rated infomercial of him pushing his fadig fad merchandise.Then telling few stories the people already know about.

Wow...real sould searching,heart of the matter, truth telling Torpedo

Tordedo who want's job back...Whiner..

1294 days ago

Some winning, some losing

1294 days ago


Sheen spent his career mocking the little man, the average working man in America. Sheen abused drugs, women and his employers. Sheen raised his level of fame when he made the line in the sand even deeper by stating plainly that those that disagreed with his lifestyle were simply jealous of his freedom.

Sheen's freedom to do cocaine, buy prostitutes, gamble and drink excessively were what kept his image making him a very rich man. Sheen thumbed his nose at those around him asking him to slow down for the sake of his health.

Charlie Sheen would have been dead if he did not stop doing cocaine.

Now that he's clean and sober he's making a living telling audiences how pathetic his co-workers were for asking to him to stop doing drugs. Now that he has stopped drinking he is lashing out. He claimed everyone that was sober was jealous of his "rock star" life style yet now he is sober just like them.

The hypocrisy of Charlie Sheen pointing out how jealous people are of him for doing coke, hookers and gambling is comes to light when he sits in a chair and does nothing.

He is not a rock star. He is not from Mars. He is not a God.

He did coke, past tense. He drank, past tense. He gambled, past tense. He bought prostitutes, past tense.

Snoop Dogg gets high every day. Willie Nelson gets high every day. Everyone in Vegas parties every day.

Charlie Sheen sits in a chair and naps every day.

Believe the hype.

1294 days ago


Is he crazy because he's crazy,or is he an addict, or is he "crazy" because he should be? When was the last time anyone took a breath turned around and looked at their own world. His message might not be as clear as it used to be, but it's not hard to see the reality of what drove him to be the way he is.

1294 days ago


Hell I would have thrown a glass at his ugly head if I was there, NOT that I would ever be in that scrot*um hairball's presence!!!

Go Detroit, it seems the only city with any class at all. The other cities that give him standing ovations are all morons *sigh*

1294 days ago


@ Colleen, I loved reading your insight. Well written and so true. How anyone can see this idiot for anything else than what he is amazes and astounds me.

He's a low life s***bag that should have been locked up years and years ago. Chuckles, I despise you, everything you stand for makes me feel nauseous

1294 days ago


Alcoholic losers always find something to get loud and obnoxious about. This was sorta a wise decision for Charlie but then again, selling alcohol to alcoholic losers brings in a lot of money... which doesn't go into Charlie's pocket. So basically, he didn't lose out on anything.

1294 days ago


I am not lying. Charlie Sheen is afraid. The kids on "Jersey Shore" are doing cocaine right in front of the cameras. MTV is broadcasting them doing drugs and their ratings soar. The advertisers are paying for their illicit acts to the enjoyment of a generation.

Charlie Sheen has gone clean and sober in an age when admitting your vice and embracing it is rewarded with fame and money. Charlie Sheen is a 47 year old hypocrit selling t-shirts to free-spirits. Charlie Sheen is the wall flower too afraid to join in the fun, a hypocrit and a scoundrel picking the pockets of Americans.

Charlie Sheen was approached by his heroes at the request of his employer in an effort to stop him from doing cocaine. Warner Brothers flew Brian Wilson out to meet Charlie Sheen in order to convince Charlie to seek help quitting drugs and booze.

Wilson was instructed to tell Charlie he had the blood of a tiger and could quit any time, he just had to do it. Wilson was told to tell Sheen that Sheen was special and had the DNA of a greek god. All of these motivational methods that were meant to inspire Sheen to quit he instead babbled off to the media.

Sheen's own catchphrases were fed to him by studio execs that wanted to help him. "Warlock" "Winning" "Tigerblood" "Adonis DNA" all motivation words fed to him to inspire him to quit doing drugs.

We don't hear the truth, we only hear what we want to hear.

1294 days ago


I don't think I've ever been to a concert or major event where glass is allowed. That's in 15+ years of concert going. Not a rare thing in the slighted.

1294 days ago
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