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Dr. Murray: Don't Show MJ Autopsy Pics in Court

4/7/2011 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is begging the judge to ban Michael Jackson's autopsy photos from being shown in court during his manslaughter trial.


In a motion filed today in LA County Superior Court ... Murray's legal team argues the photos "will only unnecessarily and unfairly prejudice the jury against Dr. Murray."

They also claim the photos will not help the jury determine the cause of Michael's death.

On the juicier side ... Murray's attorneys also filed a motion to exclude testimony or evidence dealing with the doc's visits to strip clubs, the women he met there, and the amount of money he spent in those clubs.

They also want Murray's extramarital affairs left out of the proceedings.


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I agree that showing photos of Michael Jackson's dead body in court is unnecessary. Just like it was unnecessary back in 2005 to show photos of Michael Jackson's genitalia in court.

1261 days ago


The autopsy will hurt Murray,period.The autopsy shows Michael to be in good health for a 50 year old man.The autopsy does not show Jackson to have suffered from any illnesses caused by drug abuse--proving Murray's defense tactics as wrong.
Posted at 10:38 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by CloBird

I would rather Michael Jackson's autopsy photos not be shown in court because they are too salacious and remember that the whole world will watch this trial live and children will be watching too.It's too gruesome in my opinion.

1261 days ago


What really should be shown in court it is a video footage of that day (night) when he has died. All remaining somehow loses meaning already. Jury will be consist from the nonprofessionals, and these photos won't demonstrate anything important to them. The report of the coroner is enough . I never heard of that the similar photos were showed to juries .

1261 days ago


Dang Bimbo

You're starting to stutter just like duidoodoo.


1261 days ago



You desperate for attention tonight or what? Where's that new girlfriend you said you had? LoL

Go watch the Bulls or something why don't ya...

1261 days ago


Dummy Down....
The Defense is pushing to keep the Autopsy photos out of court....WHAT??!! What happened to all of those stories about how the DEFENSE would fight to show these photos, claiming that they helped prove their case that Michael was ill and an addict? What's wrong, are they scared that Murray will get SPOOKED when he has to see the results of his actions?
And now the Defense are trying to keep prosecutors from airing Murray's dirty laundry--HILARIOUS!! Problem is, all of this has already been discussed in the Prelim so I think it's a bit late now. The Hootchies are already on the Prosecution's Witness list which is CRUCIAL since Murray USED them all to build his LAME alibi and store the Propofol....
I said early on that a whole lot of people are going to be surprised that this trial won't be simply about trashing Michael. C'mon now, any Prosecution worth it's salt is going to do whatever they can to trot out every SCAM, LIE and TRICK Murray pulled in his lifetime--including his FAKE medical practice he used to PREY on poor welfare and Social Security recipients in Houston and Vegas......
The defense can forget it if they think the judge is going to block the Prosecution from tearing down his character--it's standard practice in a trial like this, just as they reverted to type as the defense in trying to turn Michael--the VICTIM, into the one responsible for taking his own life....
This case hinges on Murray's ethics as a doctor, and his actions leading up to and after Michael's death. Much to the defense's dismay, that includes EVERYTHING in Murray's life, not just the aspects that he thinks will make him look good....unfortunately for him, his BOGUS PR won't help him in court.....
BTW: I REALLY want to know what goes on in the brain of Murray's PR team. What in the world POSESSED them to let him say that PPB are HIS children? Say WHAT??
He's either the DUMBEST doctor in the History of the world, or he's the biggest DEMON....
For the record, I don't believe ANYONE could be THAT dumb....YOU do the math....
No Peace till Justice!

1261 days ago


He is not the doctor...

1260 days ago


Great Post Cherwood! And you are so right. Remembering back in the 2005 trial - it was established that the family had a history of fraud and lies. So naturally, Murray's team wants all these things omitted because it would prove what his true character is and the role it played in Murray killing Michael. Like storing the propofol at one of his girlfriends apartment for example. They want to bring out all of MJ's private information - so lets bring out all of Murray's - since it really does relate to what, why, how, etc. happened on that day - in one way or another.

1260 days ago


Jackson kids! with La Toya..31 march to help with japan relief.

1260 days ago

I Hate MJ    

Those photos were never shown in court in 2005, Marie. Just for the record.

1260 days ago

michaels angel    

murray dont deserve a trial much less a fair one. its apart of the case an they should be shown. im so sick of these idiots pertecting this killer. let him burn

1260 days ago


Thank you SMB on 39 for the refrence to atricle by Forbes Everett Landis.

1260 days ago


The autopsy photos need to be shown for the jury.No close-ups on TV and the kids should not come to court nor any squeamish people.This is a linguistically difficult trial and can easily be perceived as a contrived medico-legal discourse. Showing the
autopsy photographs will correctly bring it to the level it deserves to be. A man is dead, he was killed.Just imagine what he really looks like just now. He will never walk on this earth again, never sing and dance.Never see his children grow up.

1260 days ago


The Case for Michael Jackson's Doctor
Conrad Murray's attorney says L.A. police may have botched the investigation.

Big Mouth Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff brags again that he tends to win and top it off discusses Jackson taking an image beating. Chernoff said, “Murray is on trial for his life and facts need to come out clearly and if that is injurious to any particular party it is going to have to be done”.

1260 days ago


Dr. Murray and Attorney Ed Chernoff needs to learn everything they have said and done including over a course of time can and will be used against them in a court of law.

1260 days ago
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