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Iverson to Cop--'Take my Car...I've Got 10 More!!!'

4/8/2011 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA great Allen Iverson unleashed a massive 20 minute rant on a cop ... after his Lambroghini was pulled over in Atlanta last week ... this according to police.

Allen Iverson

TMZ broke the story--Iverson's Lambo was impounded in Atlanta last week after cops noticed the expired plates.

Now the police report is out ... in which cops say Iverson shouted at the officer, "Take the vehicle, I have 10 more." He allegedly continued, "Police don't have anything else f**king to do except f**k with me."

According to the report, Iverson even dropped the line, "Do you know who I am? ... I make more money than you will in 10 years."

But Iverson didn't let things end on a sour note -- according to the report he later "came back and apologized for disrespecting the police."

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If you ever paid to go to an NBA basketball game or bought any merchandises relating to Allen Iverson such as Reebok, you would be partially responsible for his wealth... so do we really have the right to say anything bad about this guy when we, as a part of this sickedning society, gave him the opportunity to be the way he is? or any other rich mindless athletes who probably can't even tell the difference b/w masticulation and masturbation?

1291 days ago


This adds to his history of motor vehicle fines from his Philly days – 2001 to 2004 he had 65 parking tickets totaling more than $4,500 on several of his cars. $1K+ fine for parking his Rolls Royce Phantom in handicap spots at the Philly airport – dirt bag - that car was also found to be unregistered and uninspected. Plus he was under investigation by the state for switching license plates around between his cars… and the list goes on and on. What a jacka$$. A.I. will never learn.

1291 days ago


Those of you dropping the N word like it's hot could never match Iverson's wealth on his worst day. And yeah, if you were face to face with Iverson and even thought about calling him a N word to his face, I'm sure you'd be selling one of those Lambos to cover your costs of an extensive stay in the ICU and for rehabilitation to get you walking again.

1291 days ago


Damn! Everyone on here is just like everyone in the media. "According to reports. According to reports". We all know police never lie!! All the comments on here AND in the media just verify that more than half the American population is racist. Stop hating on Allen and turn your focus on people like, Michael Vick, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods and Ben Rothlisburger.

1291 days ago


Too bad he didn't save any of that money.

1291 days ago


Hi Ga state troopers plz add more fines for me being a smart a$$ prick

Oh wait I'm soooo sorry For being a rude careless a hole plz don't add more fines

If you wanna be a hard a$$ go with it don't ever say sorry Loser

1291 days ago


Jen - You are so right its only black people who act like POS right? We definitely need more Charlie Sheens and Mel Gibsons in this world because they represent white people so well and are so worthy of respect....LMAO...You are a complete racist idiot.....NEXT!

1291 days ago


Obviously AI hasn't been doing simple math lately or he's really going broke because if he has more money than that cop can makes in 10 years, he wont be having his lambo for very long. Im hoping he meant to say 1000 years.

1291 days ago


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1291 days ago

James Hawk    

Yeah, Iverson. We know who you are. That's the whole problem, right?

1291 days ago


Acoording to witnesses on the scene none of that happened. None of the cursing. None of it. His car was towed but he did not lose his cool like the officer claims and we all know the APD ALWAYS tells the truth.

1290 days ago


He's a legend in his own mind- LOL.

1290 days ago


Just another citizen being paid FAR TOO MUCH by the commercial goons that OWN him... Who_T_F watches basketball anyway?

1290 days ago


cmon now ppl act lik cops dnt be messin wit ppl fo no damn reason iverson jus a real N*GG* DATS ALL

1287 days ago

Mike B.    

People the guy is pissed off because he got stopped, who wouldnt be.Im sure he gets stopped often being well his coler and in a lambo.I hear a lotta people here hurting because of the money he earnes or has(hard for you to hide it).If Allen went off(and thats a big if)he later said sorry and that should be enough."That damn black guy with all that money and here I am with my skin coler and broke its fricken not fair dude." GET A LIFE and stop trying to imagine what its like to walk that mile in his shoes and be happy with your own.

1285 days ago
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