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Pia After 'Idol' -- 'Everyone Was Sobbing'

4/8/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano and the rest of the "American idol" finalists were a crying mess after the 22-year-old's shocking elimination last night -- sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pia Toscano American Idol
"Everyone was sobbing" after the show, says one of our "Idol" spies.  We're told Pia was probably the most popular contestant among the contestants, and, "They were totally bummed out she was leaving."

The contestants -- sans Pia -- showed up for the "Kiss Off Dinner" at a restaurant in L.A.  Pia made her entrance after everyone was seated  ... followed by tears, more tears, and then one of the producers put it in perspective to make it all better, saying, "The point of 'Idol' is to launch careers.  Pia, you're launched."

We're told Pia didn't check out of the "Idol" hotel last night, but she'll be out of there today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pia ran out of tears, because earlier today she was seen out in L.A. with a big, fat smile on her face.



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chris colburn    

Don't worry about Pia, you'll see her on Real Housewives of New York in about 10 years.

1293 days ago

chris colburn    

Pia will be a contestant on next years Miss USA. Borefest. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1293 days ago

caught that    

War and Peaceout!!! Pia like the gift all pkgd you do not choose but someone else does for ya so its like yah thanks alot but not into it she is a beautiful pkg but not strike a note for so many who did not vote for her she is boring to lots of us as no matrix no dimension ...sorry like both other chicks talent none yet striking enough to download depends on what they produce Hailey some great effort and love laurens understated talent beautiful singer

1292 days ago

caught that    

I saw Pia onLeno outtakes could notbelieve she sang so much and still so one dimensional NEEDS agood writer and her key can do good things hope she does she is beautiful and still good talent left to see what they cook up for end of Idol but signing with Clive Nah where are they now he has a dusty ole barn

1292 days ago


its steve fault because he vote very lowest! people not really like him cuz cuss and dont care about sing life but...... steve go to hell.

1292 days ago


Some people can be so stupid and narrow because Pia is your favorite the save should have been used on her. Pure stupidity in display. Of course there are others who deserve the save too and the judges used it when they deemed it fit. How could they have foreseen that this will happen? I think she deserves going home, at least we wont hear from both her and her fans for the remaining of the season..Pure relief!!!

1292 days ago


hey pia, America got it right. you were just a little to sure of yourself and waited to late to sing an up beat song which you were lousy on. really the audience is sick of the show and the same old crap of randy, jlow pushing each one and steve just salivating over all the girls and guys. this needs to be it. randy go look for another job.

1292 days ago


Had this been a different season, Pia would be cannon fodder.

Simon would have said, "You can sing. Your problem is, is that all your songs sound the same, just with different lyrics."

No uniqueness, no distinctiveness. There are hundreds, if not thousands of Pias out there.

Many of them are lounge or cruise ship entertainers.

1292 days ago


Pia will never be known for anything other than her looks. She possesses the singing talent of a free lounge act. She's one-dimensional and boring, being a drama queen because she lost a televised talent contest. Keep things in perspective, people. How many of you would actually pay $50+ to go watch Pia stand in one spot for 3 hrs and sing? Please. Get real. Not one of you.

It's also very shocking that the LOSER of American Idol can cry and sob her way into a quickly done CD deal with Jimmy Iovine, before even the WINNER of American Idol gets a chance to record and release their own CD. WHY?????? Isn't that a slap in the face to the contestants who are still ON Idol? Pia is a short, talentless pig. She's used to having everything her way because of her looks. She needs dancing lessons and lessons on how to move on stage. Not plant her feet in one spot in front of the microphone and hope her boobs look good while she sings songs that have been sung, re-sung, re-re-sung.....She wants to be Celine so bad. She wants to be Whitney sooo bad. She wants to be Mariah sooooo bad. Guess what. She's not. She's going to end up being used by half of Hollywood, and be known for getting in the tabloids more than singing.

She's already a has-been. Hope the men of Hollywood have a good time passing her around.

1292 days ago


Thanks to Jennifer and Randy for Pia's leaving. They critisized her after every performance even though she is the best singer on the show. And how nice that when the camera showed Halley, she was smiling at Pia's departure. Let's get rid of her next week, please!!!!!

1291 days ago


Casey is authentic and sincere. I was worried about him earlier in the show..thought he might "pop" from lack of anger management. Now I love, love him. Pia was too sure of herself and would make a lovely model. BUT.."just wouldn't listen" when she was WARNED to appeal a different way. Had she donned the black leather and done Joan Jett or Pat Benatar, she would still be there. She may have had to take a few lessons from James on how to rock. NOW, THERE'S a VOICE and true AUTHENTICITY. He's real..and I believe, he will will because of it.

1291 days ago


How can the judges save that bearded screaming spastic weirdo and let a talented Angel get wrongly voted off. I will not watch the remaining episodes of American Idol because the judges are morons and the show has no more redeeming qualitys left to it. it is pure foolishness

1291 days ago


American got it right - yes she can sing...but she's boreing...I would not buy a ticket to see her..move stiff as a robot on the stage and to hear a slow song after slow song after slow song...give me a break

1291 days ago


I'm still dumbfounded that Pia was eliminated. She is amazing and I thought she should have been in the finals and winning. She didn't have the most outgoing personality but its not about that. That's whats wrong with the voting, people are focusing on personality and looks, not the voices. i think the voting system needs to change. They should have a voting process like on so you think you can dance. Pia's in great hands, she already signed a record deal with Interscope. Good luck pia, can't wait to buy your album!

1291 days ago


All I know is...I can't stand that GROWLING Haley. She can't sing anything without growling. It gets so annoying! I think Jacob is the best.....but of course he won't win because he has morals and ethics. I couldn't care less about Pia. I think Stefono's feelings were hurt bad when it seemed everyone wanted him gone instead of Pia.

1291 days ago
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