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Pia After 'Idol' -- 'Everyone Was Sobbing'

4/8/2011 3:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pia Toscano and the rest of the "American idol" finalists were a crying mess after the 22-year-old's shocking elimination last night -- sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Pia Toscano American Idol
"Everyone was sobbing" after the show, says one of our "Idol" spies.  We're told Pia was probably the most popular contestant among the contestants, and, "They were totally bummed out she was leaving."

The contestants -- sans Pia -- showed up for the "Kiss Off Dinner" at a restaurant in L.A.  Pia made her entrance after everyone was seated  ... followed by tears, more tears, and then one of the producers put it in perspective to make it all better, saying, "The point of 'Idol' is to launch careers.  Pia, you're launched."

We're told Pia didn't check out of the "Idol" hotel last night, but she'll be out of there today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Pia ran out of tears, because earlier today she was seen out in L.A. with a big, fat smile on her face.



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upset viewer    

I will stop watching IDOL along with many of my friends and fammily. It is the biggest mistake to vote off PIA. For the young viewers that think she is boring, you just know talent. Her voice is a gift that many people do not have. IDOL is not a singing contest - it is a popularity contest for the young viewers that vote multiple times for there favorite (not based on singing talent). IDOL show is a JOKE. I know that I am not the only one that feels this way about this show. I am telling everyone not to watch the show so it will get cancelled for next season.

1297 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Kind of a kick to the nut sack of the person who beat her out. I bet he feels real great knowing apparently everyone thinks he should be gone. I am one of the people who also think she was a boring ballad singer. The world is full of them. A few women at my church can hold the same damn notes Pia can. Pretty much any decent high school choir singer can sing a famous ballad. They are forgettable. If she won we would forget about her in less than a year just like all the past winners, save Kelly Clarkson.

1297 days ago

CA Girl    

Great point, HOMalley #86. The judges weren't sensitive to the remaining contestants who got enough votes. Golly, why didn't they just spit in the eyes of the remaining contestants? Yes, the judges were "shocked" and "angry" - okay, we get it. Even Seacrest looked like a deer in the headlights when the camera panned out, but they ultimately knew the score. They HAD to. They've all been in the music/show business for years and they all had to pay their dues (in between drug useage and alcohol abuse). Life goes on.

1297 days ago

judy g    

I have enjoyed watching American Idol since the beginning. I have no gripe with the judges. In my opinion this would be a hard season to judge. All of the contestants are fantastic. I don't think there has been a season with as much talent as this one. They are all very gifted. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. I wish Pia the best and would just bet you she will be a singing success. Gods' blessing to all.

1297 days ago


The comments that Pia can't hold a tune and she is boring,you people have no clue. I've been in the biz for years and this gal has it. All she needs is a producer. Guess what, she is better off not to win. She can now do her own thing. She has to do the tour which will help her on her stage mannerism, but after that she is no longer tied to idol. Believe me the contestants who made the tour get paid very well. Was America wrong for voting her off, Yes because there are two contestants who just suck. And one who is border line . You all know who they are. See this is not a vocalist contest,this is a popularity contest for the girls who wooo over the looks of a guy. Look what happened last season, Crystal is by far a better singer then , what the guys name who won? See what I mean. Crystal is on tour, did a commercial with BB King, and her CD sold out in Ohio in one day. I still can't remember the dude who won last year name. Many winners of Idol are heard of anymore. But the ones who came in second, third ect. are doing well. I understand Kelly and Carrie are killing the charts but they should. They have it. So does Pia. She has the pipes, the looks and she is young enough to be molded into a Celine, Mariha, & Pia. So all of you that are the music pros who use street language to say Pia should have been tossed. The joke is on you when you see her on Cribs.

1297 days ago


I blame Randy Jackson for her leaving. Instead of him leaving her alone with her song selections that she was comfortable with, he kept telling her not to do ballads. Not everyone is at their best like that. It is no different than if he had told her to sing opera. That's not where her talent lies. I really have no interest in watching American Idol from this point on because the best singer is gone. Unfortunately. No one else is even close to her talent so good luck with the next American Idol when it comes to selling albums!

1297 days ago


Talented or not ... votes didn't keep her in.
If everyone here (who loves her so much) had voted when they should of ... instead of arguing about her being off (the day after) , she might still be on the show.

1297 days ago


bad call boo hooo hooo :/

1296 days ago

Red in Denver    

She can't carry a tune; but her voice is 'tremendous'? And who's "Jason"?? Are you sure you're watching American Idol?
She can't carry a tune. Her musical interpretation is trite and she has no grip on melody. Her voice is tremendous and she looks great, but I would never buy anything she sings. She tried to pull off a Tina Turner song which required way more artistic talent than she ever dreamt about to ever be able to follow the song.

America voted correctly (except for putting Jason in the bottom 3. He's the best singer on the show)

Posted at 11:59 AM on Apr 8, 2011 by barry

1296 days ago

Red in Denver    

Unless you're a 13-16 year old (girls, mostly) who have all the time in the world to dial, text or vote on-line MULTIPLE times, your favorite doesn't stand a chance.

My neice told me last night that between dialing, texting and casting her vote on the AI website, she had voted for Paul approx. 55 times! She thinks he's adorable.

Talented or not ... votes didn't keep her in.
If everyone here (who loves her so much) had voted when they should of ... instead of arguing about her being off (the day after) , she might still be on the show.

Posted at 1:47 PM on Apr 8, 2011 by pauline

1296 days ago

PRO US    

They all sing very well but they've all got flaws, IMHO.

Pia. Strongest, clearest female voice (except for Jacob).
Great high end. Breathes well. Tall. Stunning. Dressed elegantly. Zero charisma, no personality, no spark, no performance. Ballad singer. One trick pony. Judges' favorite. Teachers' pet. Full of herself. Ready for a nose job (trim). Can guest star on Jersey Shore.

Scotty. Beautiful smooth, country voice. One trick pony. Nice kid. Wholesome looking. Corny smile, holds his head sideways, shakes his right hand through the air. Can become a country star easily in Nashville.

Jacob. Best and strongest voice. Best vocal range. Great gospel singer. One trick pony. Over-sings. Effeminate. Overly emotional. Cries every time he's on stage. Will be in an Oprah Broadway musical with Fantasia and Ruben.

Casey. Great voice, sense of rhythm, unique style. Plays the double bass and guitar very well. Hyper emotional. Not well physically. Funny looking, deep-set eyes. Constant growling and snarling getting old. Needs some transfusions.

Stefano. Beautiful, smooth, rich voice but his phrasing of the words and his accent is off-putting. Tendency to over-sing and over-emote. Sings with his eyes closed. Cannot move audience. Next one to be eliminated.

James. The Total package. Great, strong, clean, smooth voice. Great high end. Charismatic. Moves well. Distinctive look. Knows how to play to audience. Sympathetic. Sincere. Audience identifies with his struggles. Interprets well full out rockers and rock ballads. Exciting.

Haley. Nice, kind of sensual raspy voice and growl. Moves well. Knows how to play to audience. Charismatic. Janice Joplin type. One trick pony. Sensual. Kind of cross eyed. Average looking. Made a mistake smiling on TV while Pia was put in bottom 3. Maybe not the nicest person.

Paul McDonald. Unique moves. Charismatic. Seems nice. Voted whitest teeth. Washed out Rod Stewart type, raspy voice. One trick pony. Tendency to stop singing and only speak words at ends of phrases. Runs out of breath. Weak voice. Kinda old looking. Corny. Can play guitar.

Lauren. Lovely, smooth, rich country voice. One trick pony. Runs out of breath. Cute, sweet kid. Nice smile. Pretty eyes. Fat. Horrible stage outfits. Blue Jean shorts over black leggings when you have a big, fat a-s-s? Cannot move. Not exciting.

Naima was a Reggae singer. One trick pony. Moved well. Very pretty. Tall. Seemed sweet. Audience moved by her story (cleaned toilets) to feed her family. Had trouble singing in tune. Very pitchy. Over the top African/Island inspired outfits.
Could win Jamaican Idol (maybe).

Karen Rodriguez was a good singer. Nauseating, endless self-promotion as the "Latina Idol" and constant singing in Spanish instead of English. Forgot she was on "American Idol".
Not exciting. Zero charisma. Didn't reach audience. Tired of her mother too. Could win Latina Idol.

Thia was pretty. Seemed sweet. Clear, smooth voice. Dressed for the prom. Sang mostly ballads. Boring. One trick pony. Very young. Didn't show the desire to win. Can develop and return.

Jordan Dorsey. Arrogant jerk. Effeminate. Judgmental of fellow contestants. Great voice. Good control. Americans hated his behaviors.

Rachel Zevita. Poor voice. Weird costumes and hair. Take her mother too, please!

Jovany Barreto. Good singer. In shape. Meathead. Ready to guest star on Jersey Shore.

Tatynisa. Nasty.

Clint Jun Gamboa. Funny looking glasses. Fat. Not exciting.

Chris Medina. Great guy. Heartrending story. Good voice. Fat. Not exciting.

Robbie Rosen. Good, distinctive voice. Soulful. Sang only sappy ballads. One trick pony. Funny looking. Skinny. Seemed nice.

1296 days ago


Talented attractive girl that obviously did not connect with the audience. I do wish Paul had gone home as I feel he is the least talented singer!!!

1296 days ago


Agree with #30 that Jacob needs to go next, can't stand watching him and his screamings....PLEASE
Pia was boring as hell and stiff like a tube, she was the judges favorite one but America didn't agree, glad she is gone...
Casey, Lauren, James and Scottie are the most talented and entertaining least for me, my family and friends...

1296 days ago


Very good looking Italian girl, she doesn't look orange.
Thank God.

1296 days ago


JLO is in love with the little kid Stefano. She views PIA as a threat to her mandate. She even convinced Randy to go along with her. Sad. She is not going for the best singer. She wants her boy to win instead.
Voting must be changed so that the judges will decide who stays until the last 3 contestants. then the public will know who their best singer is and get to vote. Unless of course, American Idol wants only teenagers to watch the show.
PIA, in the eyes off all Americans you are America's Idol. You are the winner.
Come back to us with a smashing album.

1296 days ago
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